Another Thursday Night Elvis Movie — Blue Hawaii

Hi folks.  I know this is being posted late, but hopefully it will remind you that there’s an Elvis movie on Turner Classic Movies tonight at 8 0’clock.  Not just any movie. Blue Hawaii.

Let’s mark the occasion with another look at the 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorial for Blue Hawaii.  I did this back in 2011, so the movie is now 60 years old.



Blue Hawaii was released fifty years ago in November 1961.  It was Elvis’ seventh film and was his most commercially successful movie, in spite of a rather skimpy plot.  There is lots of great scenery, and 26-year-old Elvis looked in top form in his skin-tight swim trunks. Plus, there’s no shortage of skimpily-clad young ladies cavorting on the beach.


Movie Posters:



Lobby Cards:


 Scenes from the Movie: 

Elvis arrives in Honolulu and stages this kiss to make girlfriend Maile (Joan Blackman) jealous.   Elvis kisses three other co-stars in Blue Hawaii.


Elvis and buddies play music while Maile is stuck in the surf with no bathing suit top. 

The famous wedding on a raft moving down a canal.


Down Time on the Set:           




Foreign Posters: 


German Posters


French Poster  

                      Italian Poster

Movie Press Book: 

Cheese Cake Photos:           


Joan Blackman looking good

Elvis Kissing His Co-Stars:

Rebellious teenager Ellie plants a kiss on Elvis

The teenagers’ chaperon has a strange way of telling Elvis she has fallen in love with his father’s boss.  Maile sees it and gets the wrong idea, of course.

Elvis and Maile sort out the confusion and get married

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I hope you all enjoy Blue Hawaii tonight.


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