Daily Archives: December 15, 2021

Christmas Eye Candy for Elvis Fans

I used to really like doing the Elvis eye candy posts.  Plus they were quicker to do because I already had the pictures in my files.  No need to surf Google Images to find photos that worked for a specific article.

This is probably the only new post on here all year.  I hope you are OK with the reprints you have been getting.

There are currently 64 unanswered Comments on ElvisBlog.  I’m sorry about that. I have never not answered a Comment: 1770 of them over the years. Now, I can read them, but that’s all.  Here’s why. When I explained my desire to change ElvisBlog to a static blog (no new posts, no comments),  I got a free ride from  my blog platform people. But somehow the ability to do Comments clicked off early.


Anyway, let’s get back to some Christmas Elvis Eye Candy.


This may be around in color, but I think Elvis Santa has a special charm in B&W.


Here, they added blue to the black and white.  Nicely done.  I wish it said Christmas at Graceland.


Of course, this is the Christmas tree in the Graceland living room.


And this is the Christmas tree in the dinning room.


And this is the Christmas tree in the Jungle Room.  Elvis must have liked having a lot of Christmas trees in Graceland.


Have you ever seen this alternate shot of the Jungle Room Christmas tree.


I tinkered around with Windows Paint to create this one. Feel free to copy it if you want to set out some subtle hints to your sweetie about your Christmas wishes.


Here we have an Elvis Elf.  Pretty fuzzy, but I blew it up from a tiny original.


Yeah, reindeer Elvis.


And a pretty cool Elvis Santa.  I like the XMAS belt buckle. But that mic chord is too much.


How about a snowman Elvis.


If you are going to print some fake money with Elvis in a Santa hat on it, a million dollars seems perfect.  Nice theme: Blue Christmas with Elvis. The neck on that guitar is way too short.


Ive probably used this twice already, but I really like Elvis Santa in a gold lame suit.


I hope you all are having a fine Christmas season so far.