Daily Archives: January 10, 2022

Thanks to Everyone Sending Nice Comments About Our Dog Molly

I’ve explained a few times that I can no longer post comments or responses to them.  My ElvisBlog “theme” is no linger supported by its creator, so I can’t get it corrected.  It sucks, but I am getting a free ride in 2022 from my blog platform, so I can continue doing new posts and reposts like I have for the past year.

I always enjoyed reading your comments and answering them.  You sent some wonderful ones about my dog Molly’s passing, and I really appreciate your kind words. Special thanks goes to Terri in Missouri for sending me a card of sympathy.


When I posted about Molly, I said that I was going to make a slideshow of her life.  It is now done, and these are the first and last photos in it.




And here is the original photo of Molly that was photoshopped into the the Elvis hound dog picture.

Elvis and Molly. Better than a Hound Dog


I can’t believe I didn’t post anything about Elvis’ 87th birthday. Things have been kind of weird around here.  I’ll try to come up something good about Elvis to post soon.

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Elvis.