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Elvira and Elvis

I mentioned ten ago that Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira will be a special guest at Elvis Week 2022.  She will speak and answer questions at two events, but I’m not sure she will have that much to say. Her history with Elvis lasted just one night, and that event was completely covered in an old post from the ElvisBlog archives.  Here it is.



Cassandra Peterson created the Elvira persona in 1981. Prior to that, she was a Las Vegas showgirl.


It was during this period Cassandra Peterson met Elvis.

“I had been patterning my whole life after Ann Margaret in Viva Las Vegas. So, Yeah, luckily, really, I met Elvis, and it was kind of my dream come true because by the time I went to Vegas, and I did meet Elvis, it was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s coming true! The whole movie’s coming true, you know!’ And, so, I did hang out with Elvis for a while, and he was wonderful and charming and nice, very down home, very sweet, innocent kind of person. He was so different than what anybody would ever think. Not like Mr. Show Biz Time, just a nice, really charming, wonderful guy, very funny sense of humor.”



Cassandra Peterson got started as Elvira in 1981, but back in 1969 she was just a 17 year old, struggling showgirl, when a friend of Cassandra’s managed to get them both invited to a party at Elvis’ penthouse suite in the Las Vegas International Hotel.



Elvis liked to be around showgirls, and on this night he took an interest in Cassandra.

“Elvis singled me out. I sat at the piano and he played songs for me. We were singing together and he said, ‘Oh, you have a good voice. Why don’t you go take some singing lessons, learn how to sing, and get out of here?’ He said, ‘Because this is a real short-lived career, being a showgirl.’ So, next day, I mean, really, the next day, I went out and I signed up for singing lessons, and within just a few months I got a singing part in the show. It really was the thing I needed to kind of get me out of there.”

Later, in a more private setting, they talked all night, and a variety of subjects were broached. Elvis told her he was very spiritual and discussed numerology. He showed her a jewel-encrusted belt buckle — a present from President Richard Nixon.

“It was the biggest, gaudiest things I had ever seen, and he was just so thrilled with it, like he was a little kid.”

She told him she smoked marijuana and that she was a virgin and both revelations had an effect on Elvis. He lectured her on the evils of pot, and marveled that there was actually a showgirl virgin in Las Vegas. After a while, she came to a realization.

“It was clear that he was not going to, like, hit on me. I could kick myself now for telling him. It would have been great to have him as my first lover. If it’s got to be somebody, it might as well be Elvis.”

How’s that for an understatement?


So, Cassandra Peterson has an interesting little story to tell about Elvis and her.  She will probably be in her Elvira getup and camp it up with risque comments. I know a few of you fans do not see her as a suitable guest, but I think she will add some spice to Elvis Week.  I wish I could find the old magazine article where all these facts and quotes originated, but it was a long time ago, and I forget. 


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Elvis Week 2022 Announcements

I’m sure most of you have received email about this year’s Elvis Week.  One came in today announcing the addition of a new special guest – Cassandra Peterson, better known a Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. I think EPE deserves praise for adding an intriguing element to the proceedings.


Conversations on Elvis has been a staple of Elvis Week for decades, but this Sapphire Collection is something new… and expensive.

The Sapphire Collection Event is free as long as you have purchased the special six 45s and other goodies for $600.  The Conversations on Elvis cost $70 for two sessions.


I have posted twice in the past about Elvira and Elvis, and I will repeat one of the in a few days.