Elvis Is Everywhere

I’ve said it many times on ElvisBlog — Elvis is everywhere! And I’ve posted many blogs that validate that thought.

Here I am in the kitchen of my best friend, Curtis Piper. I am standing in front of his refrigerator, and you can see Elvis performing.  The screen is built into the door. You can program many different things on it, but Curtis always puts on Elvis YouTube videos when I am visiting.  So, Elvis is everywhere…. even on refrigerators.

My friend Curtis’ has just published a new new novel, The Shogun’s Gold—Solving a Historical Mystery. He manages to slip in an Elvis reference here, too. Curtis is a retired Foreign Service Officer. He speaks Japanese, having spent two years at a Japanese university. He has the perfect background to write this story.

One exciting scene in The Shogun’s Gold takes place in Shinjuku, Tokyo’s famous entertainment quarter, where there are said to be over 5,000 bars per square mile.

It is also a big hang-out for cosplayers, short for “costume players.” Anime characters inspire many cosplayers, but in Shinjuku, you can find superman, Dracula, demons, etc. And this is where Elvis pops up.

Two criminals, intent on murder, are stalking Jason Tanaka, one of the featured characters. Tanaka and his niece Terry escape by renting outfits in a cosplayer costume shop. Terry dresses up as Raggedy Ann, and Jason disguises himself in an Elvis jumpsuit.

Another exciting scene occurs with GODZILLA, a “life-size” figure that leers over the top of a high-rise hotel. It is one of Shinjuku’s main attractions.

The Shogun’s Gold highlights fascinating information about the Japanese language, customs, and traditions. I found the plot quite riveting, one populated with several intriguing characters. Curtis did a great job with this novel.

For more information on my friend’s book, use this link to Amazon:

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