Are You Ready For An Elvis Movie Marathon

For years cable channel Turner Classic Movies has featured a marathon of Elvis films. This year, TCM will do it again starting at 6AM on Monday, August 1. Here is the complete schedule.  Have a great time watching as many as you can,


6AM       This Is Elvis

8AM       The Trouble With Girls

10AM      Speedway

12:00      Double Trouble

2PM       Elvis on Tour

4PM       Kissin’ Cousins

6PM       Girl Happy

8PM       Viva Las Vegas

10PM     Elvis: That’s The Way It Is

12PM     It Happened at The World’s Fair

2AM      Spinout

4AM       Live A Little, Love A Little


Well, its a pretty good selection.  TCM must not have the rights to Jailhouse Rock or Blue Hawaii, because these two personal favorites never seem to show up in their Elvis marathons.  I will probably start watching at 4PM with Kissin’ Cousins, followed by Girl Happy at 6PM and Viva Las Vegas at 8PM. That will take me right up to bedtime.

Hopefully, this post will alert a lot of folks who weren’t aware of the Elvis movie marathon.  I hope you all enjoy as many Elvis movies as you can.



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