A Long Overdue Message

It has been quite a while since I wrote about my personal situation. Thankfully, I have struggled back from several physical side effects caused by the incredible stress of caring for my dying wife. I have sold my house in South Carolina, disposed of almost everything in there, and moved in with my daughter and son-in-law in North Carolina. I am very happy here, and it is the right place for me to be at this point in my life (I turned 80 in June).

I will be in contact soon with the owner of my blog platform. I do not intend to add any new posts after my current contract ends in January.  If it can be done, I would prefer ElvisBlog becomes a static site where people can still read the 17-years worth of posts on it.  I can pay to renew my URL each year, because that doesn’t cost very much. But, I don’t want to keep paying the annual renewal charge for the blog platform, which is much higher.  We’ll see what I can work out.

Here is something you may find interesting. Back in 2018, when I was posting weekly, ElvisBlog had between 8,400 and 8,700 user visits per month. This past September with no posts, there were 11,500 user visits.  My blog has become something of an Elvis reference source. There are posts on just about every imaginable Elvis topic, and searches on Google keep ranking them high and bringing lots of folks to the site.

I will end this on a lighter note.  Perhaps you remember the fun I had several years in the past with articles on “Crummy Elvis Shit.”  I just Googled it, and ElvisBlog is still #1.

If this message evokes any comments, please send them on.  But remember, I cannot post them or reply (a partial step toward the static site).  I still like reading them, though.


Your friendly ElvisBlogmeister,

Phil Arnold

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