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Searching for the Graceland Exhibition Center

This is an article in the April 8 issue of the Wall Street Journal. The title is wrong. It should say, “EPE Pressures Memphis to Dig Deep to Keep Graceland.” For two years EPE has been trying to get tax … Continue reading

Elvis Photos in the American Cool Exhibition

On this date in 2014, the Smithsonian Institution  wrapped up a long-running exhibition  titled  American Cool.   Here is another look at the ElvisBlog post it inspired.   This is the picture chosen to represent Elvis in the American Cool … Continue reading

Graceland Introduces Elvis Unplugged

It’s hard to believe that Elvis Week starts next Friday. Festivities kick off on August 9 and continue until Sunday, August 18. That’s a long 10-day week, and I’m always interested to see what EPE comes up with to lure … Continue reading

Soundstage A — The New Epicenter of Elvis Week

I posted this aerial shot last week to show how much bigger Elvis Presley’s Memphis is compared to Graceland Plaza. Then I got curious about what the different buildings are. So I went to and found this: Wow, there’s … Continue reading

Graceland to Muscle in on the Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapels

  Did you see this recent announcement on Part of it could be good for Elvis fans going to Las Vegas… if you bring enough money. “Elvis Is Back in the Building” refers to a partnership between EPE and … Continue reading

More Elvis Photos Worthy of American Cool Exhibition

This is the picture chosen to represent Elvis in the American Cool exhibition presented by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition shows photographs of 50 men and 50 women selected as typifying cool during the last century in America. … Continue reading

Do You Remember This?

  Seven weeks ago, I searched for photos of the new Graceland Exhibition Center, and couldn’t find any. Well, look what showed up last week. The email from offers a link to the Exhibition Center – click here –  … Continue reading

Postscripts to Earlier ElvisBlog Articles

Do you remember the t-shirt I panned because the cat Elvis looked like he had a broken neck? Well, it turns out you get something good if you crop the picture just right. How difficult is the challenge to draw … Continue reading

Elvis in The Smithsonian

This is a post from 2009. It is one of the more serious efforts I have produced for ElvisBlog.   Hopefully, you will find it interesting to read as we continue to shelter-at-home.   Did you know you could find Elvis … Continue reading

Elvis and the Ed Sullivan Shows

There was some interesting history leading up to Elvis’ appearances with Ed Sullivan, just the kind of stuff that makes a good blog article. Early in 1956, as Elvis’ career took off, Ed Sullivan was not interested in booking Elvis … Continue reading