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Now in it’s eleventh year, ElvisBlog has presented “All the Cool Stuff Out There in Elvis World” in almost 600 articles.   The emphasis is on Elvis the pop culture icon, but news and commentary about Elvis frequently appear, as well.

Elvisblog receives over 26,000 hits (page views) every week, and has been translated to over two dozen languages.

About Phil Arnold

I never met Elvis Presley; never even saw him in concert.  But, I do have one genuine connection with Elvis.I was in the 8th grade when Elvis burst on the scene.   All through my high school years, one Elvis hit after another took over the music charts.  I bought every new Elvis 45 record, played them for endless hours in my room, and danced to them at dozens of parties.  Elvis changed everything — music, hair styles, fashion, attitude — and I was there for every bit of it.

The connection with Elvis waned after my college years.  Marriage, career, and the changes in Rock & Roll music in the late 60s and 70s pretty much pushed Elvis into a forgotten corner of my consciousness.

During the mid-eighties, I started collecting old record albums and recording the favorite songs of my youth on tape.  Those wonderful old Elvis albums of the late 50s and early 60s rekindled my interest in the King, and this led to a desire to write about Elvis.  A few years later, my first submission to the magazine Elvis International magazine was accepted.  Soon my work would appear in every issue.  In 1999, Editor/Publisher Darwin Lamm made me a Contributing Editor. In total, my articles have appeared in Elvis Internationalover 50 times.

In February 2005, I launched ElvisBlog, the first internet blog devoted to Elvis Presley.  My goal was to write short articles I knew other Elvis fans would enjoy.  It turned out just that way.

Phil Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister




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