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Postscripts to Earlier ElvisBlog Articles

This the same photo I used to start the last Postscripts article back in April. That time, it was followed by a cropped copy of just the face. This time, it will be followed by three other Cat Elvis T-shirts that have been offered recently.


I’m not crazy about this one. What makes them think fans want a T-shirt with a cat/Elvis face on his US Army profile photo? I also don’t like the name – Elvis Purrsley – but at least it’s better than the first one – Meowvis Pawsley.


I don’t like this one at all.


Please, please… No more cat/Elvis T-shirts.


Back in 2010 I did a 50th anniversary look at Flaming Star. It featured these pictures of Elvis and Barbara Eden looking pretty chummy. However, as I pointed out then, she was actually the wife of Elvis’ character’s brother, played by Steve Forrest.


A few more Elvis and Barbara Eden photos have showed up.

Elvis never got this intimate with his sister-in-law in the film, but it is certainly a good movie promo picture of two beautiful people.


Another photo taken at this session was the inspiration for this famous Andy Warhol silkscreen.


For more on this Warhol artwork, check out this ElvisBlog post from 2010.


I’ve shown many variations on Elvis’ famous pose in Jailhouse Rock, the most recent in 2012. Many of them are very creative, but here’s one in 3D:


Here we have Elvis in fireman gear, hose in hand, balanced on the top of a fire truck. Where do people get their inspirations for this stuff?


Over the years, ElvisBlog has shown the work of artists and Photoshop jockeys that put US presidents in Elvis jumpsuits. Look what I just found.

Does anyone know if there is an Elvis connection to the Flamingo Café?


Once I had found an image of Joe Biden in a jumpsuit, I Googled all the other major Democratic presidential candidates to see if anybody had done them. The only thing I could find is this.

As I’ve written before, someone once said Al Gore was a minus zero on the Elvis Scale. I wonder what they would say about Bernie Sanders?


This is a really amateurish job of inserting Elvis into a photo of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road. I recently read an article on the 50th anniversary of the album, and it said a total of six shots were taken. This is one of the rejects with the Beetles going in the opposite direction from the one we know. Here’s a different rejected photo with a slightly better Elvis insertion.

It looks like Elvis has a spear pushing against Paul’s neck, but it just the sidewalk curb.

I guess the Photoshop guys can’t mess with the famous album cover photo without running into copyright problems. They won’t get into any trouble with this:


There are many images around pairing up Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Humphrey Bogart, but this is different.

The tag on this one said, “Beatles in Elvis Jumpsuits on Abbey Road.” I don’t think Elvis would have been caught dead in three of them, especially Ringo’s.


Just a few weeks ago, I posted these three photos of Elvis looking like a college student on campus. Here’s a new one:



This is a montage of Elvis doing his performance while on stage floors. It was taken from a post in 2017.

Here’s a new one.


I’ve been collecting Elvis photos for 15 years, and I never saw this one before last week. I love it. Doesn’t he looks like an animal on the prowl? Elvis was just so cool.



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Eye Candy (4) for Elvis Fans

I think this is a very cool image, but you’ll never guess where it came from. It is a Christmas tree topper. I blanked out the spiral wire thing that attaches it to the tree.



We started the last Eye Candy with Fozie Elvis, Now it is Gonzo’s turn. There are more Muppets/Elvis to show someday.


I wonder if Scotty Moore’s wife knew he climbed on the roof of her car to tie down gear for road trips. I’ve read that this was primarily for Bill Black’s bass, but I don’t see it here. It looks like DJ is the one in the white shirt, but is the third guy Bill Black or Gordon Stoker?


This is the first of a three-picture sequence. We can see the Graceland music room in the background, then the living room, and an open front door. Now let’s step back a whole lot and get a long view.


You can easily see that this image was taken from the far end of the dining room. At the other end of the shot, it’s a little hard to see, but you can pick up the piano and stained-glass peacocks of the music room. We really can’t see the living room because of all the boxes in front of it. Here’s what the Graceland foyer looks like without them.


The boxes in the previous picture are Christmas decorations, presumably brought in from off-site and stacked in the foyer. I’m sure a crew of many folks got right to work getting Graceland into the Christmas spirit.


Speaking of Christmas, this is a very obscure holiday video done in Claymation style. It’s VHS, but I still have a player hooked up and watch every year without fail. The reason I like it so much is that the “Reindeer who saved Christmas” is named Elvis. And he sings in a group of three reindeer. There’s even a scene that seems to have been inspired by the weird dream sequence in Live A Little, Love A Little.


In Follow That Sleigh, a little boy looks into Santa’s sack of toys and falls in. And, like Elvis did, he freefalls and has a bunch of weird stuff going on when he lands. If you can find this video, buy it. It’s a trip.



This is stupid. A company makes a dish towel with Elvis’ image on it. That’s bad enough.  Then they market it with a picture of the towel not flat and smooth, and Elvis looks like his face is melting or something. Yeah, that’s gonna entice Elvis fans to buy it.


Here’s a way we’d rather see Elvis. Although, I wished they had Photoshopped the crown on an older Elvis. He looks more like a Prince here.


Another Elvis the King image. This looks like graffiti on a brick wall, but it’s actually cropped off a T-shirt. I won’t have another Elvis T-shirt review until next summer, so I’m using it here.


From bad to good to bad. This came from an old issue of Mad magazine. Here’s another Mad image relevant to Elvis fans, but at first glance, you will say “What????”


This was an illustration from a 1956 story about riotous rock and rollin’ teenagers. Elvis is in the top left corner.



There are two swooning fans with Elvis messages on their shirts.


And there are two Elvis records with slightly altered titles (to keep them out of copyright trouble, I guess).



How do you like this Elvis Kaleidoscope image? My dad used to make kaleidoscopes and sell them at craft fairs, but I never thought to ask him if he could make an Elvis one.


We’ll finish with a shot from 1961 that shows how the area across from Graceland has changed drastically (twice).


This is the original guard house. It’s certainly not the kind of structure Graceland has now with hundreds of thousands of people visiting every year.


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Goodbye Elvis Obama, Hello Elvis Trump

Obama as Elvis on Stage

Elvis Trump 2.jpg


Obama and Elvis in Whitehouse

Nixon and Elvis Trump


Obama in Elvis Jumpsuit

Elvis Trump in Las Vegas


Obama in Blue Hawaii

Elvis Trump Girl Happy


Obama Elvis Stamp

Trump with Elvis Hair


Obama as Elvis in Oval Office

Elvis Trump on Stage


Some flashbacks of other presidents and politicians as Elvis:

Ronald Reagan as Elvis

Bill Clinton in Front of Jailhouse

George Bush 43 as Elvis

George Romney as Elvis

Vladimir Putin as Elvis.jpg

Hillary and Obama in Viva Las Vegas


Someone once wrote that Al Gore scored a minus zero on the Elvis Scale.  I wonder what they will say about Donald Trump.

Elvis and Trump Morphed



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Elvis Meets Nixon – Part 3

Elvis Meets Nixon Banner

It is still a week until the premier of the new movie Elvis & Nixon. I hope to hear from some of you who watched it as well as the 1997 version Elvis Meets Nixon on YouTube. It will be interesting to read your comments, and maybe do one more blog post on the subject.

But now I want to share all kinds of miscellaneous stuff I have on this historic meeting.


The Letter:

On the flight from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, Elvis got five pieces of American Airlines note paper and wrote a letter to President Nixon. Elvis planned to take it to the White House gate and ask the guard to see that it got delivered to the president. He thought it would convince Nixon to see him. And it worked out just like Elvis planned.

Elvis' Letter to Nixon

The letter is a classic. Here are some key excerpts with comments. If you have trouble reading Elvis’ penmanship on this next one, a text version follows.

Elvis' Letter to Nixon - The Hippie Element

Elvis' Letter to Nixon - The Hippie Element in Text

Elvis follows that with, “Sir, I can and will be of any service I can to help the country out.”

Elvis was setting the stage for his real purpose for the visit. He wanted to get Nixon to give him a Federal Marshal at Large badge (more on this later).

Elvis' Letter to Nixon - In Depth Study of Drug Abuse

Yes, it really does say, “I have done an in depth study of drug abuse and communist brainwashing techniques.” Incredible stuff, pure Elvis.

Elvis' Letter to Nixon - Love to Meet You

Say, Mr. President, I was just hoping I could pop in for a quick visit.


Elvis' Letter to Nixon - Phone Numbers for Return Call

Elvis wanted Nixon’s staff to call him back and set up the meeting, so it makes sense to give the phone number for the Washington Hotel where he was staying. But why the numbers for his homes in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, and Memphis. He wasn’t at any of them. And three phone numbers for Col. Parker?

But look what it says below the hotel number – “Under the name of Jon Burrows.” If Elvis wanted to check in incognito, why would he show up like this?

Elvis' Outfit when He Met Nixon


The Badge:

Elvis used his best powers of persuasion to convince Nixon to give him a badge as a special agent in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Elvis' Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Badge

If you have taken the Graceland tour, you saw that this badge was the centerpiece of Elvis’ collection of law enforcement badges.

Elvis' Badge from Department of Justic


The Gun Gift:

Elvis' Letter to Nixon - A Personal Gift for You

The gift Elvis referred to was a classic 45 caliber Colt pistol. It had been mounted in a glass case along with seven silver bullets and graced the walls of Elvis’ Beverly Hills home.

Elvis gift to Richard Nixon A 45 Caliber Colt pistol

Before Elvis left to go to LAX, he took the mounted gun off the wall and put it in his baggage (this was 1970, remember, before suitcases passed under x-ray scanners). The turmoil this gift caused with White House security was covered in the 1997 movie and certainly will be in the new Elvis & Nixon.

Gun Elvis gave Nixon on Display at Presidential Library

The Colt 45 gift from Elvis is now displayed at the Nixon Presidential Library.

Guess what the best-selling item there is.

Elvis Meets Nixon - The Official Picture

If you didn’t know, I’ll bet you guessed it.


Noxon's and Elvis' Suits on Display 2007 Nixon Museum

In 2007, Graceland loaned Elvis’ coat from the meeting to the Nixon Presidential library for an exhibit. They shouldn’t have the mannequin arms in the sleeves. Elvis didn’t wear it that way. It opened more draped over his shoulders, showing off that massive belt buckle.


Photoshopped Elvis and Nixon:


In 2009 and 2010, ElvisBlog presenting interesting variations on the historic photo. Here are some of the better ones.


Elvis and Nixon -- Heads Reversed

Heads Reversed

Elvis and Nixon' Faces reversed

Faces, but nnot hair, reversed

Double Elvis

Elvis Meets Elvis

Reagan and George Bush

George Bush Meets Ronald Reagan

Nixon, Elvis and Bubba Ho-Tep

Bubba Ho-Tep gets in the picture

Darth Vader and Elvis

Elvis meets Darth Vader

Nixon and Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello meets Nixon


So, that just about cleans out my file of Elvis and Nixon photos. Here’s something that is actually for sale at the Unites States National Archives:

Elvis and Nixon Snow Globes Snow Globes


One last thought. Rather than the official photograph of Nixon and Elvis, I much prefer this one.

Elvis Presley shakes hands with President Nixon

This one wasn’t posed. Elvis had just entered the Oval Office, still wearing his famous sunglasses and carrying pictures of Priscilla and Lisa and other stuff he wanted to show the President. Much cooler photo.



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Elvis and Nixon Shades and Flag

We are about to see a flurry of promos and media buzz for a new movie about Elvis’ famous December 21, 1970 meeting with President Richard Nixon. It is titled Elvis & Nixon and will premiere on April 22.


Elvis & Nixon Poster

As a big Elvis fan, I really want to see this film; and I really, really hope to like it a lot. But I have some doubts. For instance, the guy they chose to play Elvis is Michael Shannon. In the preview clips I have seen, he does not look like Elvis at all.

Michael Shannon Plays Elvis Presley

So, what do you think? See much Elvis there? Maybe he looks better wearing an Elvis wig and shades and clothes.

Michael Shannon as Elvis

Sorry. To me he looks more like Evil Elvis living a parallel existence in an alternate universe. Or maybe Keith Richards.

To be fair, Michael Shannon has been in dozens of movies and is an excellent actor. In 2008, he was nominated for an Academy Award — Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet movie Revolutionary Road. But he primarily plays intense, scary, bad guys, so why pick him to play Elvis?


President's Day Kevin Spacey as Nixon

The choice to play Nixon is perfect – Kevin Spacey. He is going great guns in House of Cards, and he’s excellent playing all those characters on the E-Trade commercials.

Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon

My worry after watching an Elvis & Nixon featurette on You-Tube, is that Spacey will dominate the movie with an inspired portrayal of Nixon. That won’t bother the casual movie-goer, but we Elvis fans want our guy to be the center of attention.


Elvis and Nixon in Oval Office

One thing we can count on to keep the story on track is that Elvis’ good buddy Jerry Schilling is an Executive Producer of the movie. He was with Elvis on the trip to Washington DC and was inside the Oval Office for part of the time Elvis was with Nixon.

Sonny West and Jerry Schilling with Nixon and Elvis

Sonny West and Jerry Schilling between Nixon and Elvis

This picture was one of 28 taken by the White House photographer that day. The public is very familiar with the famous one of Nixon and Elvis shaking hands. It is the most requested photo from the US National Archives

The Official Photograph of Elvis and Nixon

To see all the photographs taken, click here.

Colorized Photo of Elvis Meeting Nixon

They were all black and white, but here is a colorized version of one of them.

Photographer Taking Official Photograph of Elvis Meeting Nixon

And this is the scene from the movie where they posed for the famous photo.


Elvis and Nixon - Historical Drama

The key thing to me in the heading of this article is “Historical Drama.” This implies that they will be playing it straight. However, the whole story of Elvis’ visit to Nixon is bizarre and surreal. There’s little drama to it. To me, the best way to tell this story is with humor, and, in fact, that has already been done.

Elvis Meets Nixon -1997 vrs 2016

The above composite shows this is not the first time a movie has been made about Elvis and Nixon. I absolutely love the 1997 version, and will devote the next ElvisBlog post to it. It is one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen, and there are three You-Tube video clips that will show you what a great fun romp it is. Next week is going to be a really great post.


Elvis & Nixon Title Block



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Celebrities with Connections to Elvis Who Died in 2015

Donna Douglas:

Elvis and Donna Douglas in Frankie and Johnny

Donna Douglas passed away on January 1, 2015 at the age of 82. Most of the memorials to her reference her role as Elly May Clampett on the TV show  The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971).

Donna Douglas in the Beverly Hillbillies

However, we Elvis fans remember Donna Douglas for her role as Frankie in the movie Frankie and Johnny. During the 1966 summer hiatus of The Beverly Hillbillies, she made the movie with Elvis. It was her only starring feature film appearance.

Sue Ane Langdon, Donna Douglas, Nancy Kovack in-Frankie and Johnny

Sue Ane Langdon, Donna Douglas, and Nancy Kovack in Frankie and Johnny


B. B. King:

Elvis and BB King

B. B. King passed away on May 14, 2015 at the age of 89. There are photos that show him and Elvis together on two different occasions. The photo below of Elvis, Claudia Ivy, and B.B. King was taken at the WDIA (Memphis radio station) Goodwill Review on December 7, 1956. Elvis and George Klein hung out backstage. Elvis made a brief emergence from behind the curtain, and received rousing applause from the audience.

Elvis, Claudia Ivy and BB King

Here’s a great quote from B.B. King about Elvis: “I remember Elvis as a young man hanging around the Sun Studio. Even then, I knew this kid had a tremendous talent. He was a dynamic young boy. His phraseology, his way of looking at a song, was as unique as Sinatra’s. I was a tremendous fan, and had Elvis lived, there would have been no end to his inventiveness.”

To read other quotes from B.B. King about Elvis, click here to read a May 2015 ElvisBlog article posted a few days after the blues master’s death.


Kirk Kerkorian:

Elvis and Kirk Kerkorian Signing Contract at International Hotel

Elvis and Kirk Kerkorian Signing Contract at International Hotel

Kirk Kerkorian died on June 15, 2015 at the age of 98. He was a very successful businessman, investor, and developer. In 1969, he opened the largest hotel in Las Vegas at the time, the International Hotel. Barbara Streisand was the first entertainer he signed to perform in the hotel’s showroom. But he signed Elvis to be the second act, and Elvis set a new Las Vegas record by bringing in 4,200 people a day for 30 straight days.


Jerry Weintraub:

Jerry Weintraub

Jerry Weintraub died on July 6, 2015 at the age of 77 after a hugely successful career as a talent agent, concert promoter, and film producer He may not be a familiar name to many Elvis fans, but he had a significant role in Elvis’ career. In 1970, after Elvis had returned to live performances at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Jerry Weintraub convinced Elvis and Col. Parker that Elvis should take his show on the road and do concerts in 18-25,000 seat venues. It was a bold move at that time, and Weintraub had to come up with a $1 million cashier’s check to convince Col. Parker to close the deal. From that point on, the three men made a lot of money together.


Yvonne Craig:

Elvis and Yvonne Craig in Kissin' Cousins

Yvonne Craig died on August 17, 2015 at the age of 78. Like Donna Douglas she was more noted for her acting career on TV than for her parts in Elvis’ movies.

Yvonne Craig in Star Trek

In a Star Trek episode in 1967, “Whom Gods Destroy,” Yvonne Craig played Marta, a green-skinned inmate at the Federation asylum on Elba ll. She was delusional, seductive and skilled in exotic dance. The evil Garth of Izar coerced her to carry out a plot to assassinate Captain Kirk.

Yvone Craig as Batgirl

Her biggest TV success was in the role of Batgirl in the 1967 season of the Batman.

Yvonne and Elvis in Kissin' Cousins

Regular readers of ElvisBlog know that Yvonne Craig is my favorite Elvis co-star. Here she is as Azalea Tatum in Kissin’ Cousins.

Elvis and Yvonne Craig in It Happened at the World's Fair

But it is this scene from It Happened at the World’s Fair that I could watch over and over. Craig’s part is small, but she makes the most of it. Elvis is all over her trying to score, but she wiggles away somehow. Very hot scene.

To read more ElvisBlog articles on Yvonne Craig, click here and here.


Dean Jones:

Dean Jones, Elvis and Judy Tyler in Jailhouse Rock

Dean Jones died on September 1, 2015 at the age of 77. He had a successful movie career, especially while working in Walt Disney films for thirteen years. He co-stared with Elvis in Jailhouse Rock, playing disc jockey Teddy Talbot. In addition to helping Elvis’ character Vince Edwards’ singing career, Jones also served as another suitor for Judy Tyler that gave Elvis a little competition.


Fred Thompson:

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson died on November 1, 2015 at the age of 73. He is well know as an actor, Senator, and Presidential candidate. What isn’t well know is that he is kin to Elvis Presley.

Specifically, they are eighth cousins once removed, according to research by Washington genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner. Thompson’s late father, Fletcher Thompson, and Elvis shared a set of great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents, Jasper Hood and Tryntje Andries. For what it’s worth, Elvis is Jimmy Carter, sixth cousin once removed.


George Barris:

Elvis and George Barris

George Barris died on November 5, 2015 at the age of 90. While Elvis was the King of Rock, Barris was the king of customizes cars.

SeptembSept 2010 George Barris poses next to a 1966 Batmobile

George Barris in 2010 with the Batmobile he designed for the TV show

Perhaps you are familiar with Elvis’ customized Cadillac that toured all over Australia in 1968. It has an interesting story. Elvis wanted to have his own classic-styled luxury limousine, so he bought a 1960 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood for $10,000, and he took it to Barris Kustom City in North Hollywood, California.

Elvis told Barris what features he wanted, and Barris gave him many designs, artist renderings and engineering drawings before the modifications were decided. The price tag was $65,000, which is $487,000 in today’s dollars.

Elvis' Gold Cadillac on Display in Australia

It is not recorded just how much Elvis used his dream car, but souvenir-seeking fans caused enough damage to the car that he ultimately stopped using it. He sold it to RCA who used it for promotional purposes across the country from 1965 to 1967. Next, the car was shipped to Australia for a tour to raise money for the Benevolent Society of New South Wales. It made almost four-dozen stops and was viewed by almost 400,000 people.

Interior of Elvis' Gold Cadillac Designed by George Barris

This is one of six photos showing the innovative touches George Barris gave Elvis’ Gold Cadillac. Click here to see them all and read more about the story.


Happy New Year, Everybody



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Snoopy and the Presidential Election

Did you recently get an email from Graceland Insiders that gave you a link to this?

Vote for Elvis for President

In spite of what it says, they do not offer a way to do this vote. However, you can submit your email address and possibly be one of 60 winners of a prize. What would you win?

Elvis Presidential Campaign Kit

Graceland really goes all out for prizes, don’t they? This is a picture of the button.

Elvis for President 2016

And here’s the banner. I think we can imagine what the magnet will look like.

Elvis for Present Banner


The promotional release contained the familiar photo of Elvis and President Nixon, as well as this candid shot.

Elvis for President Cropped

I can’t figure out why they cropped down this photo that shows so much more.

Elvis Presley for President


ElvisBlog has run four posts over the years connecting Elvis and the presidency. Check these out for lots more photos.

Elvis for President?

Elvis and the 1992 Presidential Election


Elvis at the Clinton Presidential Library


I have added a few more Elvis/President photos to my files since the last of these was posted.

Elvis Presley shakes hands with President Nixon

This is my favorite Elvis/Nixon photo. Who but Elvis would wear sunglasses in the oval office? And look at the handful of goodies he got from Nixon. Elvis actually came around and looked in Nixon’s desk drawer containing the parting gifts for visiting dignataries and asked for more stuff. Only Elvis.


Don't Blame Me I Voted for Elvis

Elvis Running for President DVD

Roosevelt and Elvis Bust

Elvis Sworn in as President

Elvis for King

I like this slogan the best. I also liked it better when it was Elvis Insiders, not Graceland Insiders like it is now.


Do you remember the title of this post? It is Snoopy and the Presidential Election. However, there is no connection between the two. It just indicates that there are two topics for you to enjoy. The second was inspired by the release of the new Peanuts movie this past Friday.

Snoopy elvis in red


Jailhouse Rock Snoopy

Snoopy with Elvis heart


Snoopy and Elvis Cartoon

I Miss Elvis

We miss you, too, Elvis.



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Romney and Obama Election Images — Elvis Style

Election Day is just about here, and we have all seen about as much of the two candidates as we can handle.  Sorry, but ElvisBlog has some images you may not have seen yet — Romney and Obama in Elvis gear.  They are offered here without partisan comment.








The practice of morphing President’s (or Presidential candidate’s) heads on the jumpsuited pictures of Elvis didn’t start with Romney and Obama.  Here are three good ones of earlier chief executives.




Be sure to vote.  Hope your candidate wins.


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Elvis and the 1992 Presidential Election

2012 is an election year, and already it has been the catalyst for one article connecting Elvis and politics.  Well, now I have found a source that inspires another.   It is the text of a 1993 San Francisco Examiner column by Greil Marcus.  That name should be familiar to you, because Marcus is the author of two famous Elvis books: Mystery Train (1997) and Dead Elvis.

Elvis Books by Greil Marcus


Marcus reported that during the 1992 Presidential campaign, the press corps started comparing Bill Clinton to Elvis, although the candidate never did this himself.  The press even made references to Clinton’s campaign plane as “Air Elvis.”

Clinton and Elvis Stamp from the Republic of Chad in Africa

His opponent, George H W Bush, felt compelled to respond to this linking of Clinton and Elvis, by stating this in a campaign speech:

“Clinton is on all sides of every issue.  He’s been spotted more places than Elvis Presley.  I guess you’d say his plan really is ‘Elvis Economics’.  America will be checking into Heartbreak Hotel.”

Bush didn’t get much traction with these assertions.

Autographed 1973 Photo of Elvis and George H W Bush


In fact, the “Heartbreak Hotel” reference may have worked in Clinton’s favor.  Many believe he turned the race around when he wore dark glasses and played the song on the Arsineo Hall Show.

Bill Clinton Playing “Heartbreak Hotel” on Arsinio Hall show


Marcus contends that an Elvis reference in any politician’s campaign speech is a guaranteed sound-bite on the evening news, although there is no guarantee what the public’s response will be.  This quote is said to have lost votes for former President Bush in his re-election campaign:

“I finally figured out why Clinton compares himself to Elvis.  The minute he takes a stand on something, he starts wiggling.”

The funniest thing in the Marcus column is this quote from noted dull and stiff politician, Al Gore, as he accepted the 1992 vice-presidential nomination at the convention in New York.

 “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I was a kid – that one day I’d have a chance to come here to Madison Square Garden and be the warm-up act for Elvis.”

Yep, that would really get the fans revved up.  Dream on, Al.

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Elvis for President?

If you live in Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina (as I do), you have withstood a barrage of political pitches on TV, in the mail, and on the telephone.  After a while, it gets to be too much, and you can’t wait for it all to move on to the next state.

So, with politics taking center stage around here this week, it reminded me that I have a pretty good file of pictures about Elvis running for President.  As impossible as that idea is, it is fun to see how the concept has intrigued people for over 50 years.



Café has a selection of Elvis for President T-shirts including this long sleeve black one for $32.50.  There are several other models all using the same graphic design.



The idea of Elvis for President isn’t limited to clothing.  Here are examples of books, CDs and DVDs.



The title of this DVD is misleading.  It has nothing to do with Elvis running for President.  It is simply another bootleg concert video, primarily the March 20, 1976 show in Charlotte, NC, plus snippets from Syracuse, Buffalo, Memphis, and Macon.  The closest thing to politics on it is Elvis walking across the stage carrying an American flag.


Here’s a variation on the Presidential Seal.  If Elvis can’t be President, at least he will always be king.


The idea of Elvis for President can be traced all the way back to 1956.


This picture was taken at the Los Angeles airport as Elvis arrived to begin filming “Love Me Tender.”  According to the Graceland archives, Elvis received 5,000 write-in votes for President in the 1956 election.


I like this idea.  After the madness of these last two weeks with back-to-back-to-back TV ads and unending robo-calls, if Elvis was on the ballot here in South Carolina, he would get a large backlash vote.



Presumably, this shot was taken during the election years of 1972 or 1976, because the hat says “Elvis for President.”



This Weekly World News cover story was the topic of an interesting ElvisBlog article a few years ago.  The image is the best artist’s depiction I’ve ever seen of what old Elvis might have looked like.



Here’s an interesting attitude that probably appeals to some folks.  It might be the result if we get to a deadlocked convention.   If that happens, I have the perfect compromise candidate:



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