Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 7

No Rings:

We took a look at Elvis’ Fabulous Rings back in May.  In the article, I suggested you check out Elvis’ hands in any of his jumpsuit pictures, because he would usually have three or four on each hand.  Now, look at the picture below.   There are no rings on his right hand.

Elvis is wearing the Sundial jumpsuit, so we know this photo was taken at the end of his career.  During that period, he often suffered through swelling problems, and on this night, none of his rings would fit the right hand.



Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor – Not:

This post last April pretty well decided that Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor never met.  The one internet photo of them together turned out to be a fake.  So, I guess there is not one photo in existence showing Elvis and Liz together.  Except maybe this one of them holding hands on the cover of Movie Mirror.  Did they have Photoshop back in 1969? 




An article titled Tony Curtis, Elvis, and Ducktails, posted back in October 2010, had several good photos showing Elvis’ classic ducktail hairdo.  Here is another one.  For you younger readers, he is reaching for the needle arm on his 45 RPM record player.  Every kid had one.



Shreck – A Hunka Hunka Burning Ogre:

There never has been an ElvisBlog article that mentioned Shreck, but I’ve had this picture for over a year and never had a reason to post it.  Shreck Forever After has been playing on one of the cable movie channels recently.  Does that count?



Two Better DVD Covers for Lonely Street:

We looked at the film Lonely Street in an April 2010 post titled Mr. Aaron Has Left the Building.   I criticized the studio for not including a picture of 75 year-old Elvis on the DVD cover.  After all, the whole plot revolved around him. 

Now, we find that there were two alternate covers featuring Elvis that were not selected.  What marketing idiot thought the cover they used would appeal to more folks than one with Elvis on it.  Not only photos of him, but great tag lines:  “Elvis Has Not Left The Building.” and “The King is Alive… and Everyone Wants A Cut.”   If you haven’t seen the movie, one of the best scenes is when the young hottie in the white tank top comes totally unglued when old Elvis takes her in his arms.



DEA Sweat Suit:

Last February, we started our Elvis Scrapbooks series.  The caption under a newspaper clipping in the scrapbook revealed something I didn’t know.  The night before Elvis died, he had a dentist visit around 11 PM wearing a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) sweat suit.  The photo below is certainly not from that night, but that’s an older Elvis, and that is a DEA sweat suit.  So, this is probably the DEA shirt he wore to the dentist that night (packing heat, too).


Elvis on Abbey Road with the Beatles:

I did a Mini Elvis Blog in August 2009 containing just three altered pictures.  Ever since then, the one of John Lennon and Elvis together has consistently stayed one of the most viewed pictures on the blog.  Also in the mini-blog was a shot showing Elvis going one way across Abbey Road, and the Beatles coming back from their iconic crossing.  The Elvis picture comes from his arrival at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas in March 1958.

Now there are two more Elvis poses on Abbey Road to share with you.  Don’t you like 70s Elvis in his Karate gi prodding the Beatles to get across the street?


The picture below is a set of stamps from some country I have never heard of.  There have been quite a few paintings of Humphrey Bogart, Elvis, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe together.  Usually they are at a bar, or playing pool, or something similar, but I love the idea to incorporate one more pop culture reference by having them cross Abbey Road.  Elvis' pose is okay as a shot of him dancing in a movie, but as a style of walking, it’s pretty lame.  If he keeps it up, Bogart is going to punch him out.



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Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 6


It’s interesting how I regularly uncover pictures on the internet that would have made great illustrations for stories posted just weeks or months earlier.  I guess that is the inevitable result of spending too much time cruising around looking for Elvis content.


Too Busy in the Army to Take in the Opera:

In the June 20 ElvisBlog column, we quoted Elvis’ response in the New York Times when a reporter questioned if he had been to any opera while a soldier stationed in Germany.  He replied, “I was just too tired at night to go anywhere.”  Well, he did have time for a different kind of musical theater.

image            image 

Elvis and Friends at Lido club in Paris, 1959


They had some pretty good seats, didn’t they?


If You Don’t Like Mr. Potato Head Elvis, How About This?

I noticed that some of the other blogs about Elvis thought the Elvis Mr. Potato Head was a terrible idea.  If so, then what is this?

image               image 

This is LEGO’s Custom Minifigure, Las Vegas Edition, and it can be yours for just $13.  It will not be joining Pez Elvis, M&M Elvis, and Mr. Potato Head Elvis in the display above my writing desk.

Somebody Already Thought of a Silly Bandz Elvis:

In that ElvisBlog story about Mr. Potato Head Elvis, I made a suggestion for an Elvis silhouette that would make a good Silly Bandz.  It turns out that a competitor already had an Elvis shape as part of their “Guess Who” set.



Dead Elvis for Bassoon:

Back in April, we looked at a symphony orchestra performance of “Dead Elvis.”  In many cities where this composition is performed, it features the bassoon player wearing an Elvis jumpsuit.   I showed two examples, one had a minus zero on the Elvis scale and the other was a bit better.  Here is a much better looking bassoon-playing Elvis.



What Elvis Would Look Like at 75:

A lot of time has passed since January 8, but the post with the above title consistently shows up in the daily list of most popular ElvisBlog articles.  Fans really seem to be interested in what Elvis would look like at 75 years old.  Here are two more images I have found.

image             image


The Champagne Flowed at Elvis’ Wedding Reception Redo:

On May 30, I posted a story on the second wedding reception Priscilla and Elvis had at Graceland to make up for not inviting many of their friends to the original event in Las Vegas.  We noted that the Memphis party had lots of champagne.  Some smart guest had the sense to get Elvis to autograph one of the empty champagne bottles.



Variation on the Elvis Wedding Cake:

In the wedding reception redo article, we compared the cakes at each one.  However, I guess you could also call this another Elvis wedding cake variation.  One of the newlyweds is obviously a huge Elvis fan.  How would your spouse have liked it if you had asked to have an Elvis figurine on your wedding cake?  Mine would have killed me.




In Search of Historic Elvis:

The first picture is from a December, 2009, ElvisBlog story.  It appeared in Rolling Stone magazine and was obviously a joke.  The second picture didn’t have any descriptive text with it on the web page where I found it, but this has to be a joke too, right?

image                         image


In the movie Loving You, which we covered here in a June 6 blog column, there is a major character portrayed by actor Wendell Corey.  As I viewed the movie to capture certain shots, I was struck with how much this country singer reminded me of another movie character in the theaters now.  See if you see the resemblance.

image                         image  

Wendell Corey in Loving You                          Woody in Toy Story 3          


While we are doing look-a-likes, do you remember Martin Short’s classic character on Saturday Night Live?  This is kind of freaky.

image                           image

    Ed Grimley                                         Elvis Grimley?


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Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 5

LEGO Elvis:  Last August we looked at Mixed-Media Elvis Art, featuring Elvis images made from an incredible variety of materials.  Since then, the photo of an interesting Elvis bust showed up.  It is made entirely of LEGOs:

Old Elvis:  To commemorate Elvis’ birthday in January, we looked at what some artistic people thought Elvis would look like at 75.  It has continued to one of the most popular Google search topics bringing people to ElvisBlog.  Here’s a new image I found, but it’s not very flattering:

Wrong Elvis:  Another Google search that brings lots of folks to this blog is Elvis Meets Nixon from October 2008.  In that article we looked at Photoshopped versions of the classic photo taken in the Oval Office.  I guess it was just a matter of time until someone stuck Elvis Costello into the frame.  Yuck!

Bobble-Head Elvis:  The December 2008 post called The Tiny Elvis-Head Challenge included six Elvis bobble-heads, but none of them had the Gold Lamé theme.  This void has now been corrected.

Impossible Elvis:  Back in April 2009, we looked at Strange Elvis Searches on Google.  Since then, Bing has joined the search engine market, and they have had some strange Elvis topics, too.  This one obviously came from somebody who doesn’t know their Elvis timeline very well.  He died 35 years ago, and his grandson is now 18.

Embarrassed Elvis:  In that article about strange Google searches, one of the topics was Elvis Splits His Pants.  It turns out there is a short fan-filmed video about the event.  Although this is pretty fuzzy, it does show how Elvis covered the split with a towel and finished the song.


Pistol-Packing Elvis:  In November 2007 ElvisBlog covered the Strange Odyssey of Elvis’ Shot-Up TV.  It seems Elvis fans are intrigued with Elvis getting upset with Robert Goulet and shooting his TV.  The blog article was before I included photos, so this recent altered picture has been added to it as an illustration.

Nipper Elvis:  In November 2008 we looked at a Los Angeles columnist’s assertion that 6000 Fans Cheered Elvis’ Frantic Sex Show.  He made the ridiculous claim that Elvis mimicked the sex act on stage with the RCA iconic dog Nipper.  I have presented what I thought were all the available photos showing what a huge exaggeration that was, but here is one more.

Staff Sergeant Elvis:  Last February, the post titled Sergeant Elvis A. Presley covered the ranks he achieved in the Army.  We also showed the dress blue uniform Col. Parker had specially tailored for Elvis to wear on the train trip home to Memphis after his discharge.  It had the stripes of a Staff Sergeant on the sleeve, a rank he did not achieve.  Well, this little white lie was stretched a bit more in the 2005 two-night mini-series Elvis.  The photo below shows Elvis (Jonathon Rhys Meyers) as he departed from Germany.  On that day, Elvis had not yet been discharged, and he wore the official Army issue uniform. Of course he wore his actual rank of Sergeant on his sleeve, as seen in this discharge press conference photo. 



Blog Elvis:   On four different occasions, my friend Tygrrius provided guest columns for ElvisBlog.  Ty is the chief blogger honcho of TheFilmFrontier, and he has often written about Elvis there.  Now he has started another blog, The Mystery Train, and somehow he finds a way to write about new Elvis stuff two or three times a week.  Ty is particularly good at reviewing Elvis videos and CDs.  Do yourself a favor and check out


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Postscripts to Earlier ElvisBlogs — 4

It’s been four months since the last Postscripts, and lots of interesting photos have cropped up that relate to earlier blogs.  Here’s a look at several of them.  Click on the titles below to see the original columns.


Elvis Birthday Cakes:  Three weeks ago, we looked at Elvis birthday cakes, including the one presented to him on the set of King Creole when he turned 23 in 1958.  Elvis was also filming a movie on January 8, 1961, when he turned 26.  Here is Elvis and the cake, along with costar Hope Lang, during the filming of Wild in the Country.

More NodNiks:  Back in December, we zoomed in on the heads of various Elvis figurines, bobbleheads and Christmas ornaments available at   I was not particularly charmed by the two NodNiks, mainly because their marshmallow-shaped heads looked kind of stupid to me.  However, the promo text said they were the next big thing with young collectors.  Perhaps this isn’t just wishful thinking.  Certainly, they will have better success with these other choices.


Giant Elvis Pez:  In that same blog article, I stated that my favorite little Elvis collectible was Jumpsuit Elvis Pez from the three-pack gift tin.  However, not all Elvis Pezes (Pez Elvises?) are small.  How about a three-foot tall Giant Elvis Pez?  The one on the right is available in the Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis gift shop in Las Vegas.  The one with the TCB shield actually has a chip in it that plays an Elvis song.


Mixed Media Elvis Art:  Back in August, we looked at Elvis Images constructed of various unusual materials.  Google Images picked up several of them, and the Elvis bust made of matchsticks has brought many folks to ElvisBlog.  Now we have a similar bust made from colored matchsticks:

The same article contained an Elvis Statue made entirely of butter.  Since then, we have found another Elvis butter statue which includes a hound dog.  To keep this fair and balanced, here is a butter statue of Michael Jackson and his pet chimp.


Again, in that old article, we looked at two Elvis images done on toast.  One was scratched out on one piece of toast; the other contained hundreds of pieces.  Here is one in between with Elvis’ face on thirty pieces of toast.


Elvis M&M Ornament for Christmas:  Prior to Christmas 2008, we looked at the wide variety of Elvis M&M Christmas tree ornaments that were available.  Now, the selection is even better, expanding to free-standing models.  Here is “A Little M Conversation” M&M Elvis.  Sorry to be a critic, but what’s with the eyebrows up on the top of the head?  Kind of looks like Groucho Marx hair, doesn’t it?  And what’s that thing he is holding in his left hand?  At $20, I’ve got to pass on this one.


Pick the Better Elvis Image:  Last fall, this article contained two Photoshopped pictures depicting Elvis as Superman.  Here’s one more with young Elvis as Superboy.  I still don’t know why nobody has done Elvis as Captain Marvel Jr., who was the super hero that young Elvis admired so much:


Look at all the things Elvis copied from Captain Marvel Jr. and his alter-ego Freddy Freeman:  the hairdo, the lightning bolt (in his TCB Logo), the cape, and the white scarves around the neck.

In Search of Historic Elvis:  This column from early December 2009 was a little short on pictures.  Here is a photo of an ancient Elvis petroglyph that could have fit right in.

Like we’ve said here many times before, Elvis is everywhere.

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Postscripts to Earlier ElvisBlogs — 3

It’s starting to look like Postscripts will be an ElvisBlog feature every three months or so.  New stuff keeps popping up that relates to old columns.  That is likely to happen now with over 300 articles posted since February, 2005.  It would have been nice to know about these items back when I did the original writing, but it’s also fun to go over them here.  Plus, where it is appropriate, I’ll go back into the archives and add any new photos to the old article.


An Elvis T-Shirt in Braille:

Back in July, 2008, I posted a column on my 15 favorite Elvis T-shirts.  If this one had been available then, the list would have increased to 16.  This is a real T-shirt, not a joke, but I don’t know how many people who read it will know that is Braille spelling Elvis on front (unless they get real close and see (elvis) in small print.  And blind people can’t use their fingers to read it, because the dots are printed on, not embroidered or something where you can feel it.  Anyway, this is a clever, unusual idea.


Elvis in the Funny White Hat, Again:

Just last week, I posted a photo of Elvis in a floppy white hat, and I mentioned that there were other pictures out there showing him wearing the hat in different scenes.  Well, how about this one?  We can’t see who the woman is, but Linda Thompson does appear in one of the other white hat pictures.


Another Aid for Hosting the Perfect Elvis Party:

Three weeks ago, we looked at, which has decorations, games, recipes, puzzles and everything else Elvis fans could want.  Well, now we find that there is also a kit titled, “Host Your Own Elvis Night Tribute Party.”  Included is an audio CD with Elvis Karaoke sing-alongs and Elvis memorabilia/trivia games.  But my favorite item in the party kit is “tips to turn your house into Graceland’s Jungle Room.”   You can get yours for just $19 at



How To Make A Painting of Elvis Using Crushed Cheese Puffs:

Last month, one of the features in “Mixed Media Elvis Art” was a portrait made from Cheese Puffs.  Recently, I discovered a U-Tube video showing how the artist, EclecticAsylumArt, did it.





A Super Memento from Elvis’ Last Concert:

Three months ago we looked at Elvis’ last concert on June 26, 1977, at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.  The article mentioned a time capsule erected on the site, and one of the articles a fan donated to put in it.  It was a scarf Elvis threw to her during the concert.  I wonder if it was autographed like this one:


Elvis and Nipper:

An article from May, 2008, took a look at a review of Elvis’ first live concert appearance in Los Angeles on October 28, 1957, by LA Mirror-News entertainment editor Dick Williams.  Williams titled his review, “6000 KIDS CHEER ELVIS' FRANTIC SEX SHOW,” and he made the ridiculous assertion that “Elvis writhed in complete abandon, hair hanging down over his face.  He got down on the floor with a huge replica of the RCA singing dog and made love to it as if it were a girl.”  Months later, I found a photo of Nipper (the RCA dog) and went back and added it to the article.  Here is another one I will be adding.



Better Photo of TCB Band Member John Wilkinson:

Back in May, I campaigned for all members of the TCB Band to be enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the Sideman category.  Guitarist James Burton has been a member of the Rockhall since 2001, so drummer Ronnie Tutt, piano player Glen D. Hardin, bassist Jerry Scheff and rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson should be recognized as well. I illustrated the article with photos of Elvis with each of the band members.  Unfortunately, the only one I had of John Wilkinson was dark and fuzzy.  This one is much better.

Elvis and Michael Jackson Spotted in Hiding Together?:

As mentioned twice previously, I’m not crazy about having the count of visitors to ElvisBlog swelled by Michael Jackson fans linking from Google.  However, there are lots of MJ fans that keep wanting to know about him and Lisa Marie, a subject I covered in an article back on June 28, 2009.

Also, I don’t really like the “Elvis is still alive and living incognito” thing anymore.  It was fun for a few years after his death, but now it is just silly.  However, some clever person came up with a picture that really made me laugh.  I will delete this one pretty soon, before the Michael Jackson fans start linking to it.



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Postscripts to Earlier Elvisblogs — 2

With 287 articles now posted on ElvisBlog, it is pretty common to run into something on the web or elsewhere related to a topic we have already covered.  Here are some interesting ones:


Elvis’ Grandson Benjamin Keough:  A regular ElvisBlog reader, who doesn’t want her name mentioned, has sent me a recent photograph of Benjamin Keough.  I don’t know how she gets them, but I sure am glad they are coming here.  Lisa Marie’s only son and Elvis’ only grandson will be seventeen in October, and he looks much different than the younger photos we last posted.  What do you think, does he look like Elvis?


It’s a little late to wish Benjamin’s sister a happy birthday, but Danielle Riley Keough turned 20 on May 19th.  She already has a successful modeling career, and maybe someday we’ll be writing about Ben’s musical career.  I sure hope so.


Strange Elvis Searches on Google:  Shortly after posting this column in April, my eleven-year-old twin grandsons visited for the weekend.  We had fun in many ways including some time playing around on the computer.  I showed them ElvisBlog and filled them in on what it was.   They were already well versed in using Google, so I told them, “Google ‘elvis pimples,’ and see how high Grampa Phil’s blog comes up.  When they saw it was Number 2, they laughed and thought that was so cool.
You should have seen the fun we had when they typed in “elvis ripped his pants” and “elvis picked his nose.”  Believe it or not, it seems my grandkids have now become Elvis fans.  It’s nice to have something to share with them.


Strange Elvis Photos on Flickr:  Somebody linked to ElvisBlog from this picture on Flickr.  It was featured in Elvis Commentary Mini-Nuggets # 14.  As you can see, it is a roll of toilet paper that Elvis autographed.




The Flickr category was “Elvis on the Toilet,” and I couldn’t resist checking out the other photos they showed.  Here are a few:




Don’t you just love the Elvis toilet paper dispenser?  I’ll bet that doesn’t have the official EPE seal on it.  Here is my favorite photo from the Flickr series:



Parade Float with Elvis on Giant Inflatable Toilet


Buddy Holly and Elvis:   Here is a great quote by Buddy Holly that should have been in the February article:

 “Without Elvis, none of us could have made it.”

Bare-Chested Elvis:  Although this is a doctored photo, it would have been a nifty addition to the photo essay a month ago.


Do you women wish Elvis had a bod like this when he filmed all those beach movies?

One More Last Hall of Fame Pitch:  I read arguments in magazines and on the web about who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and who doesn’t belong.  The argument against some singers is that they didn’t sing rock, they did soft pop.  Today, with all the options bringing us music, there are distinctly different broadcasts specializing on these two musical types and many more, like hard rock, rap, etc. But, back in the late 50s, all we had was AM radio, and every city had a rock and roll station.  I was 14 when I discovered Elvis and rock and roll music in 1956.  I listened to one of those rock and roll stations through all my high school years.  If it played on that station, it was rock and roll.  Including all the slow songs, as we called them, but now referred to as ballads.

So what’s the point?  Simply, that Pat Boone and Connie Francis belong in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Please don’t tell me no, no, they sang soft pop.  Wrong.  It was rock and roll back when it originally was played, so it should still be considered that today.  They belong in the Hall.

More From the Elvis Auction:  In March, we looked at the more significant items offered at the recent auction of Elvis memorabilia, but here is something else that’s pretty cool: Elvis Eau de Parfum

It was estimated to bring $100-200, but it went for $547.  No doubt the price was high because of the unique designer bottle.

DJ Fontana in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:  Here is a picture of DJ and his lovely wife Karen walking on the red carpet into the induction ceremonies last month.  Don’t they both look great?  DJ probably wished they would have just sent him the award, but I know Karen enjoyed every minute of the event.



Hello, My Name is F#@+&#  Y#@&:   Johnny Cash has been mentioned on ElvisBlog a few times, but this picture has nothing to do with any of the articles.  I don’t think I’ll ever come up with a logical Elvis-connected reason to post it, so here it is, anyway.

There must have been some bad hecklers in the crowd that night.

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Postscripts to Earlier Elvisblog Columns

Recently, I have accumulated additional information or photos related to past articles on ElvisBlog.  Here are some updates you may find interesting:

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Benjamin Keough Photos:  This is the title of a blog I posted on December 23, 2007.  It contained three photos of Elvis’ grandson Benjamin Keough, and it has been a consistent source of traffic to ElvisBlog ever since.  Whenever his mother Lisa Marie is in the news, there is always a big spike in hits.  News accounts that she married Michael Lockwood, that she was pregnant, and that she would be having twins, all mentioned she had a daughter Riley and son Benjamin from her first marriage to Danny Keough.  And when people started Googling Benjamin Keough, the search results brought many of them to ElvisBlog.  Well, Lisa Marie gave birth to twin girls by Caesarian section yesterday, and it happened again.  So far, 1115 visitors have linked to this site to learn more about Elvis’ grandson.  He turns 16 this month, and his sister Danielle started her modeling career at that age.  Do you think we might see Benjamin doing anything in the music business soon?  I sure hope so.


Elvis’ Frantic Sex Show:  Back in May, I wrote a blog to debunk the assertion printed in the LA Mirror-News that Elvis was a sexibitionist at his October 28, 1957 concert in Los Angeles.  I quoted two lines from competing columnist Wally George in the LA Times as verification.  Recently, I discovered another quote from Mr. George’s column when he discussed Elvis’ pre-concert interview:

“All in all, he was a pleasant, mild-mannered person who might have been any other 22-year-old young man, were it not for the high gleaming pompadour, the rhinestone belt, and the gold jacket.”

Yeah, that might give you a clue.  Hedda Hopper also had a favorable report on the concert, and I love her assessment of Elvis’ psyche as he performed.

“He knew what he was doing… You felt he was mentally saying to himself: ’Do you know an easier way of making a million a year.’”


Elvis & Johnny Cash Concert Poster:  Back in an August ElvisBlog column, we discussed the unique concert on December 12, 1955, that featured Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.  One illustration was a photo of a poster supposedly advertising the event, but the wrong date on it proved it to be a fake.  Alert reader Paul MacPhail sent a Comment concerning where the photograph on the poster came from.  I’m not sure where he gets his information, but he states:  The photo was taken backstage at the Grand Ole Opry December 13, 1957. Elvis was visiting the Opry and Cash was appearing on it at the time.” 

A little research in the great book “Elvis: Day By Day” shows that Elvis did in fact visit the Grand Ole Opry eight days later, and he bought a tux for his brief appearance on stage to wave at the audience.  Note that the bogus concert photo shows Elvis wearing a tux.  So, Mr. MacPhail certainly has the loctation and circumstances right, but he might want to change that date to December 21, 1957.  Either way, the photo was taken two years after the concert supposedly promoted in the poster.



Rock Around The Dock:  This June blog covered Elvis’ 1956 concert aboard the SS Mount Vernon, docked on the Potomac River in Washington, CD.  I mentioned the promoter of the concert was Connie B. Gay, and I referred to her.  Well, it turns out that Connie is a he.  Hopefully, I can be excused for the error, because there aren’t many male Connie’s around (I do remember famous baseball manager Connie Mack).  Anyway, I received a nice e-mail from Jack Burnish setting me straight.  He knows what he’s saying; Connie B. Gay is his wife’s uncle.  Jack also said I do a great column, so I thank you, sir.


A Look at Elvis Websites, Circa 1997:  Last month, we took a look at a list of Elvis websites in existence back in 1997 and noted which ones thrived until 2008 and which ones went away.  Of course,, the official site of Elvis Presley Enterprises, still continues to this day.  In the column, I said, “I wish I could go back and see what the site was like in 1997.”  Thanks to my buddy Ty, head blogger honcho at, I learned this is possible.  In fact, we can go back to December 21, 1996, by clicking here.  It appears that it was called Elvis Presley’s Graceland back then and had a slightly different URL, but this is the official EPE site that evolved into today’s  The Homepage sure isn’t much, and when you click to enter, you are taken to a page of links.  “Elvisology” is the best one, particularly the “Trivia” and “Elvis on The Screen” features.  I also liked “News from Graceland,” because it gives you a historical perspective of the state of Elvisworld in 1956.  It announced a substantial volume of Elvis movie, concerts, and specials coming up on VH1.  I gave up on that channel a long time ago, but I’ll bet you won’t see much Elvis on VH1 now.

Anyone who would like to check out archived versions of your favorite websites through the years, go to and kill a few hours.  As my friend Ty said, “Have a ball surfing in the past.”


Pappy and Elvis (Elvis Commentary Mini-Nuggets -11):  This Mini-Nugget covered a 1966 Foghorn Leghorn cartoon with two chicken hawk characters named Pappy and Elvis.  I was not too pleased to report that both were depicted as ignorant rednecks, and Elvis was a total air-head.  Well, it turns out that the cartoon’s producer smeared The King the same way years earlier.  In “Backwoods Bunny,” his 1959 Bugs Bunny cartoon, two hungry vultures chase after Bugs while he tries to vacation in the Ozarks.   The buzzards where just as stupid as the chicken hawks, and their names were Pappy and Elvis.  I hope I don’t discover any more offensive portrayals like these two.


Fun With Gold Lame:   If you surf the internet as much as I do looking for interesting Elvis stuff, you will constantly run into variations on famous photo of Elvis in the gold lamé suit.  I showed eight of them in a column a month ago.  Now, I have found one more that must be shown.  The British music magazine Mojo included a free bonus CD with their May 2006 issue.  It is titled Hail To The King, and it contains 15 versions of Elvis songs done by other rockers.




The artists in gold lamé above are, from left to right, Roy Orbison, Link Wray, Jeff Beck, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis.


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