Thanks to Everyone Sending Nice Comments About Our Dog Molly

I’ve explained a few times that I can no longer post comments or responses to them.  My ElvisBlog “theme” is no linger supported by its creator, so I can’t get it corrected.  It sucks, but I am getting a free ride in 2022 from my blog platform, so I can continue doing new posts and reposts like I have for the past year.

I always enjoyed reading your comments and answering them.  You sent some wonderful ones about my dog Molly’s passing, and I really appreciate your kind words. Special thanks goes to Terri in Missouri for sending me a card of sympathy.


When I posted about Molly, I said that I was going to make a slideshow of her life.  It is now done, and these are the first and last photos in it.




And here is the original photo of Molly that was photoshopped into the the Elvis hound dog picture.

Elvis and Molly. Better than a Hound Dog


I can’t believe I didn’t post anything about Elvis’ 87th birthday. Things have been kind of weird around here.  I’ll try to come up something good about Elvis to post soon.

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Elvis.

Molly, You Were A Great Dog

Elvis and Molly. Better than a Hound Dog


Today we had to put our wonderful dog Molly to sleep. She lived to 15 years, two months, very old for a 55 pound golden retriever.  We are going to miss her so much.

I posted this picture years ago on ElvisBlog.   It was created by Carol Stephens, the graphic artist who did my two book covers. I asked her if she could replace the hound dog in the original photo from the Steve Allen Show with Molly. She did a fabulous job.

I have about a thousand other pictures of Molly without Elvis in them.  I’m spending the weekend making a slide show to share with my wife as we grieve.


May all you readers have a fulfilling year in 2022.

Phil Arnold



Merry Christmas from ElvisBlog


I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great new year ahead.

Phil Arnold

Santa Plays a Mean Guitar

I was really pleased with a post I did back in 2017 titled Rock On, Santa, Rock On.  It took years of collecting pictures of Santa playing a guitar to get enough to think about using them in a post.  Then I Googled like crazy to find more.  It was a lot of work, and deserves to be on ElvisBlog again. 

TSanta Rocking Out

I won’t be writing about my Elvis  this time.  In honor of the Christmas holidays, this post will be all about Santa. Over the years, I’ve built a huge file of unusual Santa Claus images. Like the one above. I just love this picture of him rocking out on a guitar.


Santa Playing Guitar 2

Here’s a totally different take, but equally cool, to me. I hope you like these images of Santa playing a guitar, because I’ve got a lot of them.


Santa withOne Leg, Two Feet

Most of the images have Santa playing electric guitars, but this one is acoustic. I label all my pictures with something descriptive; so I call this one Santa with One Leg and Two Feet.


Santa with Big Black Boots

This Santa doesn’t look like he moves around much playing his guitar. I labelled him Santa with Big Black Boots.


Short Santa

This is the first of several rockin’ Santas wearing sunglasses. I’ve got many pictures of him in different activities wearing shades. They will certainly show up in another ElvisBlog post around Christmastime some year.


Santa with Red Sunglasses

How do you like the square red lenses on this Santa’s sunglasses?


Aging Hippie Santa

I call this one Aging Hippie Santa. It reminds me of an old buddy of mine, and I really like it.


Santa Playing Guitar in the Snow

Hey Santa, where’d you plug that cord in?


Santa and Texas Flag

Based on Santa’s coat and sombrero, I thought this was the flag of Mexico. Actually, it’s the Texas state flag.


Santa Playing Guitar 4

How do you think this Santa can play this guitar with gloves on?


Santa on One Foot

This reminds me of Elvis doing his karate kicks on stage. You need to get that leg up a little higher, Santa.

Santa Playing Guitar 3

More pictures of Cool Santa wearing sunglasses while playing the guitar.


ZZ Top Santa

I labelled this one ZZ Top Santa.


Santa with Green Guitar

Back to full-figured Santa. Missing a finger, though.


Santa the Bluesman

I call this one Santa the Bluesman. He just exudes soul.


Santa Playing Guitar

This Santa’s fingers on the frets make it look like he is really playing the guitar. Most of the other pictures just have him holding the neck.


Campfire Santa

I don’t think you can play an acoustic guitar wearing gloves any better than you could an electric one. I labelled this one Campfire Santa, imagining him sitting around a campfire pickin’ and singin’ songs for the elves.


Coca Cola Santa

I call this Coca-Cola Santa. Doesn’t he look like the images in those old Coke ads? There weren’t any flying V guitars back in those days, though.


Santa with a Flying V Guitar

Here’s a couple more Santas playing Flying V guitars.


Santa Playing Flying V Guitar

They are both among the happiest looking Santas in this pictorial spread.


Santa with Stogie

As you have seen, people have created some wild images of Santa. This is the one of two I have with him chomping on a stogie.


Santa Blowing up the Speakers

Here is the second one. Nobody drew Santa smoking a pipe.


Santa with no legs

How do you like Santa in a muscle shirt and sporting tattoos? I like the Christmas tree guitar. What happened to your legs, Santa?


Santa Slamming Guitar

This is kind of a strange pose. I suppose Santa is slamming his guitar on the stage, like Jimi Hendrix or Pete Townsend.


Santa Rocks - World Tour

We’ll end with this one. I wish the picture was sharper, but it’s a blow-up from a small image. Great concept.


And here is a picture I found since the original posting.

Santa and his reindeer band


Have a Merry Christmas everybody



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Christmas Eye Candy for Elvis Fans

I used to really like doing the Elvis eye candy posts.  Plus they were quicker to do because I already had the pictures in my files.  No need to surf Google Images to find photos that worked for a specific article.

This is probably the only new post on here all year.  I hope you are OK with the reprints you have been getting.

There are currently 64 unanswered Comments on ElvisBlog.  I’m sorry about that. I have never not answered a Comment: 1770 of them over the years. Now, I can read them, but that’s all.  Here’s why. When I explained my desire to change ElvisBlog to a static blog (no new posts, no comments),  I got a free ride from  my blog platform people. But somehow the ability to do Comments clicked off early.


Anyway, let’s get back to some Christmas Elvis Eye Candy.


This may be around in color, but I think Elvis Santa has a special charm in B&W.


Here, they added blue to the black and white.  Nicely done.  I wish it said Christmas at Graceland.


Of course, this is the Christmas tree in the Graceland living room.


And this is the Christmas tree in the dinning room.


And this is the Christmas tree in the Jungle Room.  Elvis must have liked having a lot of Christmas trees in Graceland.


Have you ever seen this alternate shot of the Jungle Room Christmas tree.


I tinkered around with Windows Paint to create this one. Feel free to copy it if you want to set out some subtle hints to your sweetie about your Christmas wishes.


Here we have an Elvis Elf.  Pretty fuzzy, but I blew it up from a tiny original.


Yeah, reindeer Elvis.


And a pretty cool Elvis Santa.  I like the XMAS belt buckle. But that mic chord is too much.


How about a snowman Elvis.


If you are going to print some fake money with Elvis in a Santa hat on it, a million dollars seems perfect.  Nice theme: Blue Christmas with Elvis. The neck on that guitar is way too short.


Ive probably used this twice already, but I really like Elvis Santa in a gold lame suit.


I hope you all are having a fine Christmas season so far.


Paul McCartney Sings Elvis

Folks, I am sorry it has been a while since my last post.  I used to be so good about posting every weekend, but that was back when my wife was in good health.  So, for now, let’s have another look at a pretty cool blog from 2013. For some reason, you may find it takes a long time for the imbedded videos to open. Also, don’t forget to click on Full Screen.


Elvis and Paul McCartney


Recently, the official Elvis Presley website presented their selections for The Top 12 Moments for Elvis Presley’s Graceland in 2013.

Top 12 Moments for Elvis Presley's Graceland in 2013


Some of the selections had nothing to do with Graceland, such as Encore Presents the Elvis Movie Collection in May. (that came in #6). But there were also notable events that actually occurred at Graceland last year. #1 on the list was the voting by USA Today, picking Graceland the #1 Iconic Tourist Attraction. Also, coming in at #5 was Lisa Marie Performs in the Jungle Room.

But, my favorite was #4 – Sir Paul McCartney Visits Graceland for the First Time.

 Paul McCartney Visits Elvis' Graceland


Paul had an interesting visit. He left behind his personal guitar pick, “So Elvis could play his guitar in heaven.” It’s nice Paul thinks someone there at Graceland has a way to get the guitar pick up to Elvis in heaven. Paul also received a rare special private tour of the Graceland archives. That must have been really cool. Finally, he played Elvis’ famous 1956 Gibson 1200 guitar while humming the “Loving You.”

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered once seeing a YouTube video of Paul McCartney singing “Loving You,” so I searched it out. I found it – plus eight other videos of him doing Elvis songs. Here they are, for you to enjoy, too.


Loving You: I guess you still call it a video, even if there is nothing shown but a photo of Paul and Linda McCartney. However, we can hear Paul do a simple version of the song with acoustic guitar.

Paul and Linda McCartneyClick Here


Lawdy Miss Clawdy: This is quite different. Paul is wearing a black leather jacket and he rocks out with a full band. Great piano work, similar to the way Elvis’ song sounded on This Is Elvis.


Let’s Have A Party: I have to admit this performance mirrors Wanda Jackson’s version of the song more than it does Elvis’. The footage is from some sort of BBC program. Joining Paul on stage are David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Ian Paice (Deep Purple, Whitesnake). Can you imagine Elvis singing with that kind of back-up crew? I love you Scotty, but Gilmour is just an incredible guitarist.


That’s Alright Mama: I like this one because someone has spliced footage of Paul singing the song into Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special performance. What tickles me is that Scotty and DJ are on both clips. Well done.

Elvis doing Thats Allright Mama

Scotty Playing That's Alright Mama


Heartbreak Hotel: We’ve all seen singers do an acoustic versions of songs, accompanying themselves on guitar. But for this video, Paul does it on bass. In fact, it is Bill Black’s original upright bass. Paul tells a story about it and then sings a far too short version of “Heartbreak Hotel.”


Blue Moon of Kentucky: This is another too-short video, but it is a treat to see and hear George Harrison and Ringo Starr join Paul on an Elvis song.


Blue Suede Shoes: You will note that Paul properly dedicates this song to Carl Perkins. However he does mention Elvis’ version of the song. The video was filmed in 1999, and the caption credits it to the RockHall Jam Band. You can enjoy Eric Clapton and Robby Robertson (The Band) do their guitar solos. Look closely and you can spot Bonnie Raitt, Paul Shaffer (David Letterman bandleader) and other people you may recognize.


All Shook Up: We will end with another BBC screamer featuring Paul McCartney and David Gilmour. Rock on.


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Celebrating Elvis and Thanksgiving

I have posted “Happy Thanksgiving, Elvis” pictorials seven times since 2010.  I need to keep it simple this year, but at least I’ve got one.


Believe it or not, this the best turkey Elvis picture I have found on the internet. Some of the other ones were pretty bad.


This immediately caught my eye, but the concept confuses me. Is Elvis carrying a cooked turkey outside?  To serve at the picnic table in these gorgeous surroundings?



Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody.  I hope you have much to be thankful for and that all your prayers are answered.

More About the Elvis Picture Disc Tribute Album

I haven’t posted in two weeks, and it feels like more.  But I had two garage sales spread over a couple of weekends, and that was a lot of work. I made $367, so that was good, but I need to get back to posting.

I’d like to do a follow-up to my Nov. 4 article about an Elvis Picture Disc Rarity.


As you learned in the original post, To Elvis: Love Still Burning is an album of 11 tribute songs about Elvis released after his death released by Jerry Osborne, author, publisher, ex-deejay, and avid Elvis collector. That bio is according to a front-page article in Billboard magazine about Jerry.



One of Jerry’s many accomplishments was his bi-weekly newsletter titled Record Digest published for record collectors. He was a huge collector himself, and owned dozens of Elvis tribute 45s. He narrowed down to the best eleven and decided to make an album.

Jerry had to go through many procedures to take his product to market: clearances and licenses, getting the green lights from RCA and the company that controls the rights to Elvis merchandising aids, securing the artwork for the album, and signing on with a company to press the vinyl.  There were no legal hassles because these weren’t songs sung by Elvis but songs sung about him.

Jerry ordered an initial pressing of 8,000 copies to be sold through his Record Digest and collector shops. But they immediately sold out, and soon record distributors ordered 500 and 2,000 copies.  As sales increased, Pickwick Records got involved and ordered 8,000 copies.  At one point, To Elvis: Love Still Burning was backordered 30,000 copies.  Fans really wanted to hear tribute songs to Elvis.


I met Jerry Osborne and hung out with him backstage at a couple of Elvis Week concerts.  He gave my book, BIG E and the SANTA MAN a very positive review.  You might find it fun to visit his website, especially if you are a record collector.


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Remembering Ronnie Tutt

Most of you know I spend much less time doing ElvisBlog now that I am the full-time caregiver for my wife.  I have been reposting old articles from the archives this year because it takes less time.  I also don’t visit a lot of the websites I’ve used for years to get inspirations for new posts.

So, it wasn’t until November 6 that I found out Elvis’ drummer Ronnie Tutt died on October 16.  ElvisBlog has remembered a lot of people in Elvis world who passed away during the last 16 years. It’s time to add a belated remembrance of Ronnie Tutt.



I assume you’ve read all the biographical stuff about Ronnie already, so I’ll do something different.  At a concert in November 1969, Elvis amused himself with the names  Ronnie Tutt and bassist Jerry Scheff during the introductions:

“So that’s Tutt and that’s Scheff.  That’s Tutt Scheff, any way you look at it, boy.”  (Think about that one for a minute.)



I like this picture of Elvis’ two long-time drummers, Ronnie Tutt and DJ Fontana. I believe it was taken at one of Darwin Lamm’s Good Rockin’ Tonight concerts at Elvis Week.  The TCB Band was featured, and DJ was the special guest.  I was backstage, but I can’t remember if Ronnie and DJ played together or DJ took over the drum kit on a few songs. Either way, it was a great show.


Before the concert, I sat in a room backstage where the TCB guys were hanging out.  They were at a table and I was on a chair against the wall, but I caught every bit of their rambling conversations about all kinds of stuff.  Ronnie was the funniest.  A real good ol’ boy.  Toward the end, Glenn Hardin left, so I asked if I could sit on his seat and have a picture taken with them.  I think Darwin snapped it.


How would you like to see Ronnie Tutt do a drum solo?  Click here. You can see by Elvis’ Sundial Jumpsuit that the clip comes from a 1977 concert



Good bye Ronnie Tutt.  We will miss you.  Say hi to Elvis for us.


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A 2010 Repost With An Update

It has been a while since I shared the news that comments (or my replies to them) can no longer be added to ElvisBlog posts.  I feel bad that there are now 43 comments in a kind of limbo on my blog platform.  I can read them, but that’s all. It seems to be related to my transition to a static site (no new posts, no bells and whistles), just the Archives available for reading. 

Recently, a comment came in from one of the most prominent people in Elvis World – Jerry Osborne, the famous writer, collector, and Elvis expert.  His comment was on a blog I wrote back in 2010, in which I wrote about his creation of a very rare and strange Elvis album. I would like to repost part of that and add his comments.

Picture Disc Rarities 

Back in the heyday of vinyl LP albums, the picture disc was a unique variation highly sought by some collectors.  Instead of a plain old black disc, you get a record with a picture of the singer in vibrant color.  I have several picture discs in my record collection, but I’ve never played them.  I want to keep the images as pristine as possible.

Of course, with Elvis Presley, things often went to extremes, and such is the case with some of his picture discs.  Would you believe there exists an Elvis picture disc with songs on it by KC and the Sunshine Band?


This picture disc is visible through the die-cut cover sleeve.  To Elvis:  Love Still Burning features a reasonably accurate painting of Elvis, but look closely at the top of the sleeve.  Inside a box it says KC & The Sunshine Band.   It turns out that the music on this disc is from their album KC & The Sunshine Band – Part 3, which came out in 1976.

So, we have an Elvis picture disc that plays songs by KC & The Sunshine Band.  How weird is that?  

The modified cover was actually designed for an Elvis tribute album with eleven songs by various artists.  After Elvis’ death, many artists wrote and recorded their own tributes to the King of Rock & Roll.  The songs were sought out and assembled by Jerry Osborne, the famous writer, collector, and Elvis expert. 


Here is Jerry’s comment prompted by the above.

Greetings Phil and friends!

Thought I might explain about the Elvis/”K.C. & the Sunshine” LP.

When I sent the reel tape of all the songs I collected for the album, they made one experimental picture LP before they mastered my tracks. So it was handy to use the music from an existing K.C. project on it.

Since I was planning to keep this prototype, I put it in one of the jackets, and added the little “K.C. & the Sunshine Band” banner so that I wouldn’t mistakenly send that copy to someone expecting the tracks listed on the back cover.

Keep up the good work, Phil!


Here is how the finished Elvis album looked

I am not aware of any other collection of Elvis tribute songs on one album, so this is a special compilation.

To Elvis:  Love Still Burning is significant historically, because it was the first commercially issued picture disc LP.  Who but Elvis would be featured on the first album to have a full color image of the artist on the record?

Here is the back cover showing the song list and the eleven singers paying tribute to Elvis almost immediately after his death.



There is another reason I was happy for you to read this old post.  On the back cover is a message to the fans from Jerry Osborne, who conceived and produced the album. 

Of all the words written about Elvis after his death, I think this is the most special praise I have ever read.  Here is Jerry’s message:


To Elvis:  Love Still Burning

The brightest star on earth has now become the brightest star in Heaven, and left us with a love… still burning.

Elvis actually drew his love from us, his fans and friends.  But then he turned right around and let that love flow like a waterfall, back to us, through his music and his personal appearance.  In fact, through his mere presence, we felt more love and magic than words can describe.

                                                                                  Jerry Osborne

Nice sentiment, Jerry.  You folks out there who had a chance to experience Elvis’ presence know it is true.

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