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A Belated Goodbye to George Klein

Yesterday I checked back with Graceland.com to see if the ticket prices for Elvis Week had been announced, but they weren’t. While there, I clicked on the News tab, and was surprised to learn that Elvis’ buddy George Klein had passed away. For those of you who have not read that post, here is what EPE had to say:

Graceland.com - Remembering George Klein

Nicely done. George Klein was one of the good guys. Unlike the others in Elvis’ Memphis Mafia, George was never on the payroll. He had his own career as a radio DJ. When he hung out with Elvis at Graceland or traveled to movie sets with him, George did it because they were buddies.

Elvis, Larry Geller, George Klein, Alan Fortas.

Elvis, Larry Geller, George Klein, Alan Fortas.


So, I did a search to see what I had written about George Klein on ElvisBlog over the years. He has been mentioned dozens of times, but I never wrote an article just about him. The closest I did was a funny story in a post about Elvis and Ann Margret. Here it is from August 28, 2005, just seven months after the blog was launched (and years before I started adding pictures).

Elvis and Ann-Margret ElvisBlog Post

Here is the rest of that article:

One night, during the filming of Viva Las Vegas in 1963, Elvis invited Ann-Margret over to his house. He specifically told all his buddies to disappear before she arrived, but Alan and George Klein asked if they could stay if they promised not to leave their rooms. Elvis agreed, but he should have known better.

After Ann-Margret had been there awhile, Alan and George snuck on to the patio and peeked into the den. According to Alan, “They were dancing and cuddling and talking, and George and I were going crazy.”

Then, Elvis left the room to get something and walked around to another part of the house. From this vantage point, he could see the two spies plain as day. When Alan and George realized they had been caught peeping, they panicked. George tried to run off and slammed right into the glass patio door, nearly breaking his nose.

 Alan Fortas, Lamar Fike, George Klein, and Elvis

Alan Fortas, Lamar Fike, George Klein, and Elvis



This is George Klein’s autobiography. The text above the big ELVIS is a quote by Priscilla, “You told your story with class, mister. Elvis would be proud.” I agree. This is not a tell-all of bad stuff about Elvis. If you haven’t read it, you should. My copy has a cover price of $29.95 on it, but you can get a copy for as low as $6 on Amazon. A great book at a low price.

The photo on the book’s cover was taken at George’s wedding to Barbara Little. Here are some other pictures of this event from my files.

Elvis at George Klein's Wedding 1970

I liked this one because Elvis is holding a gun to George’s head. Please note he does not have his finger on the trigger.


The Presleys and the Kleins

The Presleys and the Kleins. I have read often that Elvis didn’t smoke, but there are quite a few pictures around showing Elvis with a stogie in his mouth.


This photo is both good and bad. I like the shot of George and Barbara’s hands on their Certificate of Marriage. However, the certificate showed up for bid at auction a few years ago, probably because it had Elvis’ signature on it. Kind of sad.


1954 Humes High School Class Officers

As the press release said, George Klein and Elvis became friends at Humes High School. The above picture from their 1954  yearbook shows that George was senior class president.


George Klein Text about Elvis

George is not in this picture, but the text has an interesting quote from him.


Elvis Palbearers Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, George Klein, Lamar Fike, Billy Smith, Charlie Hodges, Gene Smith, and Dr. Nick

This shot had a caption identifying Elvis’ pallbearers as Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, George Klein, Lamar Fike, Billy Smith, Charlie Hodges, Gene Smith, and Dr. George Nichopoulos. I believe George is the second on the right. He had longer curly hair in 1977.


George Klein and Elvis 1957

The tag on this simply says 1957. Backstage at a concert? Or maybe on a movie set?

Speaking of movies, George Klein had bit parts in at least four Elvis movies.

George Klein in Elvis movies


Here are a few other photos of Elvis and George Klein.

George Klein and Elvis Leaning on Car


set of Speedway- Standing – Jerry Schilling, Marty Lacker, Larry Jost (sound department), Elvis, Don Sutton, and Richard Davis. Kneeling – George Klein and Joe Esposito

On the set of Speedway. George with Elvis, four Memphis Mafia buddies, a sound guy, and baseball pitcher Don Sutton (second from right).


Elvis on train to NY to embark on the SS Randall for Germany. The train stopped briefly in Memphis which is why George Klein is in the picture. Elvis is kissing a fan

This strange shot was taken in 1958 when Elvis was on the train to NY before embarking on the SS Randall for Germany. The train stopped briefly in Memphis which is why George Klein is in the picture. Elvis is kissing a fan.


Red West And George Klein with Elvis first guitar

Red West and George Klein with Elvis first guitar. This photo was taken just two years ago.



George Klein - Elvis Presley's Friend


Good bye, George Klein. We’ll miss you. Say hi to Elvis for us.



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Having Fun with Elvis Movie Stills

If you want to discover a cool Elvis website, please check out ELVIS – Echoes of the Past.  The content is mostly images with a little narration.  Ger Rijff and Bob Pakes have accumulated a vast collection Elvis photos, news articles, and memorabilia, and we fans now get to peak into the scrapbook.  My favorite section is Movie Stills, which contains the complete sets of movie studio film stills.  So far, Bob has covered seven movies.  After I checked out all seven recently, twelve of the shots caught my attention as something fun to write about.

Change Of Habit  --  The Smile

Like this one from Change of Habit.  I’ve never seen it before.  Doesn’t it look like he’s saying, “After I ditch Mary Tyler Moore, what do you say we have a little party?”  And she certainly looks interested.


Charro  --  Snake in Nose 1

I can’t believe they used this shot as a promotion for Charro.  The guy’s got a long stick coming out his nose.  Eeeeuuu.


Charro  --  Snake in nose 2

Oh, no.  Now Elvis is doing it.


Jailhouse Rock  --  Bill, DJ and Scotty

I must admit I cropped Elvis out of this Jailhouse Rock still.  He was sitting at the right end of the bar.   Over the years, I have emailed photos to Karen Fontana and Gail Pollock that show their men, DJ and Scotty, in scenes from Elvis movies.  This time, I thought they might get a lick out of seeing their guys in a movie shot that doesn’t include Elvis.  It may be the only time they were filmed on a stage when he wasn’t right there in front of them.


Wild-In-The-Country  --  Load of laundry

Check out this exciting, action-packed still.  I can’t believe they thought it would make a good promo for Wild in the Country.  Hope Lange is loading a basket of folded laundry into a car.  That really makes you want to see the movie.  Gimme a break!


Viva  --  Ann in Baathing Suit

I don’t believe I’ve ever previously seen this shot of Ann Margret promoting Viva Las Vegas, but it’s a good one.  She certainly looks fine.

Ann Nargret on Bike

Here’s another solo shot of Ann Margret that’s pretty cool.  This Viva Las Vegas film still set contains nineteen shots of Elvis and Ann Margret together, more pairings than for any of the other movies covered so far.

Viva  --  Dancing on a Pedestal

I picked this one because it is different, but also because Elvis and the dancer are on that little pedestal.  It reminds me of those collectible Elvis figurines that have him standing on some kind of base.


Loving-You  --  Groupie

I love this shot of Elvis and the groupie from the Loving You stills.  That is one determined girl.  How did he ever turn her down?  Man of steel?


Loving You - Black, hairy thing on collar

Yikes!  What’s that hairy black thing behind Elvis’ collar?  Is it a little kitten?


Flaming Star -- Campfire with Groupies

For some reason, this still of Elvis around the campfire in Flaming Star tickles me.  It’s hard to see in detail, but Elvis is passing a peace pipe to one of the tribal elders.  If you study the picture closely, maybe you will see the two long-haired blondes sitting across from Elvis.  Nothing better than Kiowa groupies after the campfire.


Wild-In-The-Country  --  Red takes a beating

Elvis had several fight scenes with Red West in his movies, like this one from Wild in the Country.   Whenever I see a shot like this, I imagine my own caption:  “I’m going to beat the crap out of you for writing that rotten book about me.”


Elvis Echoes of The Past Banner


My thanks to Ger and Bob for graciously encouraging me to have fun with a few Elvis movie stills.  Click on the image above to check out all of them, plus lots of other cool Elvis stuff.

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Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection — Part 6

Thirty-one straight nights of Elvis movies.  A big thank you goes to cable channel Encore for the Elvis Collection they presented in May.  This was a rare treat for Elvis fans.  The last week featured repeats of three of the best Elvis movies from earlier showings, which is good if you missed any of them (or gives you a few nights to do other stuff if you don’t want to see them again so soon).

Movies Presented Last Week That I liked:


Elvis With Punks

King Creole – This was a repeat from three weeks ago, so I didn’t watch.  That will be the last time I’ll ever skip it when King Creole is shown commercial-free on cable.  It is probably Elvis’ best movie and the cast of supporting actors is great.  I like the way Elvis handled his character Danny Fisher.  He would never again get to portray such a conflicted and tortured soul.  King Creole was discussed in Random Thoughts Part 2.


Elvis and Shelly Fabares

Girl Happy – One of those silly happy Elvis movies I love so much.  I really like the vibe between Elvis and Shelly Fabares in Girl Happy.  Plus, lots of lovely girls in bikinis and several good songs.  I can’t figure out why Encore didn’t repeat Girl Happy, instead of the lame Girls, Girls, Girls.


Elvis and Juliet Prowse

G.I. Blues – Another of the fun Elvis movies with pretty good music.  The two dance sequences by Juliet Prowse are different and interesting.  This was another repeat and has be covered in Random Thoughts Part 2.


Elvis and Judy Tyler

Jailhouse Rock – I love this movie, but I skipped it because it was another repeat from the first week.  It is discussed in the first Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection. It’s a serious film that manages to have the best soundtrack of any Elvis film.


Elvis and Joan Blackman

Kid Galahad – I haven’t watched this one very often, but I’m glad Encore included it in their Elvis collection.  It grows on me each time.  Elvis plays a modest, well-adjusted young man, who gets to sing, box and romance, while his co-stars Gig Young, Lola Albright, and Charles Bronson grapple with their serious problems.

I noticed that unlike most Elvis movies, he and love interest Joan Blackman never had a break-up before coming together at the end.  A very smooth romance.  I also noted that Elvis’ hair was dark brown – a distinct change from the jet black he sported the previous night in Roustabout.

The Ones I’m Tired of Watching:


Elvis and Mary Ann Mobley

Harum Scarum – Well, it was different, but I get bored watching it.  The plot and action were pretty weak.  The bad guys (including Red West) weren’t very believable, nor was Elvis dropping a tiger with a single Karate chop.  I did like Mary Ann Mobely, though.


Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore

Change of Habit – I know other reviewers think this is pretty good movie, but I don’t.  It certainly wasn’t a fun movie.  Elvis was almost a bit player compared to the tribulations that Mary Tyler Moore and two other nuns encountered.  There was little music, and except for “Rubberneckin,’” it was forgettable.


Elvis and Teri Garr

Roustabout – This one isn’t too bad, but it certainly would have been improved with a better love interest than Joan Freeman.  The most interesting female in the cast was Sue Ann Langdon as the carny fortune teller, Madame Mijanou.  She nearly duplicated this roll as Mitzi in Frankie and Johnny – both characters were busty, love-starved women on the prowl.

There is one reason I still watch Roustabout.  A teenaged Raquel Welch appears in an early bar scene, and a young Teri Garr is the dancer to Elvis’ left when he sings on the outdoor stage.


Some Things I’ve Noticed Watching Twenty-four Different Elvis Movies in Four Weeks:

Lots of Elvis movie opening credits have him driving a car (motorcycle, helicopter, etc) while singing a song.  Change of Habit may have been the only one that used graphics for the credits.  No shots of Elvis at all.

Lots of actors show up in more than one Elvis movie.  We all know about the leading ladies with rolls in multiple films: Yvonne Craig, Delores Hart, Joan Blackman, Shelly Fabares, Mary Ann Mobley, etc.  But a series of consecutive viewings allows you to spot other actors.  Ed Asner made his film debut in Roustabout and also played a cop in Change of Habit.  Arthur O’Connell was the father figure in both Follow That Dream and Kissin’ Cousins.  Jeremy Slate was a soldier buddy of Elvis’ in G.I. Blues and the nasty boat company owner in Girl, Girls, Girls.  Bill Bixby competed with Elvis for the girl in Clambake, and was Elvis’ partner in Speedway.  This list could go on and on, all the way down to bit players (Teri Garr actually danced in four Elvis movies).

Elvis’ Memphis Mafia buddies are in many movies.  As I said before, when I know the story and dialog so well, I amuse myself studying the background characters for Joe Esposito, Red West, Charlie Hodge, Jerry Schilling and others.  Try it yourself.  The next time you watch an Elvis movie with a club scene, scan the audience and see who you can spot sitting at the tables.

My enjoyment of some Elvis movies is enhanced because of his fine costars in them.

Ann Margret  — Viva Las Vegas

Barbara Eden — Flaming Star (not in Encore collection)

Yvonne Craig — It Happened at the World’s Fair and Kissin’ Cousins

Tuesday Weld — Wild In The Country (not in Encore Collection)

Michele Carey — Live A Little, Love A Little

Anne Helm  — Follow That Dream

Donna Douglas — Frankie and Johnny


There are several costars that decrease my enjoyment in watching an Elvis movie.

Laurel Goodwin —  Girls, Girls, Girls

Ursula Andress — Fun In Acapulco

Joan Freeman — Roustabout

Annette Day  — Double Trouble (not in Encore Collection)


And finally, this is the Elvis movie not included in the Encore collection that I missed the most.

"Tickle Me"

“Tickle Me”


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