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Be Sure Not to Offend Anyone with Your Halloween Costume

Two weeks ago, the dean of the University of Colorado – Boulder sent a letter to students condemning offensive Halloween costumes.  “If you are planning to celebrate Halloween by dressing up in a costume, consider the impact your costume decision may have on others… “  The letter criticized any costumes that “reinforce negative representations and crude stereotypes.”  Yes, now even Halloween has to be PC. Well, take a look at this:

 68 Special Haloween Elvis Costume - Back

As a loyal Elvis fan, I’m offended.  If this isn’t a negative representation of Elvis’ in his ’68 Comeback Special black leather outfit, I don’t know what is.  Here’s what the real deal looked like.

 68 Special Black leather Suit - Back


Here’s a front view of this lame costume:

68 Special Haloween Elvis Costume - Front

This is supposed to be a one-size-fits-all costume, but it sure doesn’t fit this guy.  Compare it with the sharp-fitted original:

Elvis 68 Special Black Leather  Suit  - Front

The college wants people to consider the impact a costume may have on others.  Well, for those skeptics who look down on Elvis fans, this black leather costume will just make them even more smug.  However, the impact on us Elvis fans is to make us want to cringe.  What we need for costumes depicting the King is not PC, but EC (Elvisly Correct).

EPE has sued several manufacturers of Elvis merchandise, contending their products are detrimental to the image of Elvis.  Graceland slipped up on this one and let it be offered by ShopElvis.com, their marketing partner.


Because we are on the subject of Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special, here are some of my favorite images of that great black leather outfit.

 Elvis Backstage in Black Leather Suit

This photo of Elvis relaxing backstage with a young boy reminds me of the casual, off-guard shots Al Wertheimer took back in 1956.  Elvis certainly didn’t pose for this one.

 Elvis 68 Special Black Leather Suit - Image for Standee

This shot was later turned into a life-sized cardboard standee you can buy for about $40.

 Elvis Black Leather Standee


How about a really cool profile shot.

 Elvis 68 Special Black Leather Suit - Back


 Special Warhol-Type Print

This multi-image print wasn’t done by Andy Warhol, but it sure was inspired by some of his Elvis creations like this:

Andy Warhol Print- Multiple Elvis


If there was such a thing as a Halloween Tree, this black leather Elvis ornament belongs on it, not a Christmas tree.

68 Special Elvis Christmas Tree Ornament


It looks like something from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, and hopefully no Elvis fan has ever wasted their money on one.


The University of Colorado – Boulder also railed against Halloween costumes that portray particular cultural identities as overly sexualized, such as geishas and squaws.  I wonder what they would think about this one.

 Sexy Female Elvis

She’d get lots of candy if she came Trick or Treating to my house.


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