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Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 10

Elvis getting served Milk

I like this because it showed Elvis drinking milk. Then I noticed that his jacket looked familiar. Before I tell you, do you want to guess where he wore it?


The answer is Elvis‘ first appearance on the Milton Berle Show, April 3,1956.

Elvis and Milton Berle walking on his Ankles

According to ELVIS: From A to Z:

[Elvis] and Berle did a brief comedy sketch, with Berle playing his “twin brother,” Melvin Presley. During the sketch Berle mistakenly referred to Elvis as “Elvin.”

I’ve never read that Elvis made a stink about the lack of sensitivity with the twin brother bit and Berle screwing up his name. Elvis had better manners than that.


Elvis Jailhouse Rock

I’ve seen lots of posters for Jailhouse Rock, but this is new to me. I like it because of the big four actions that we’ve never seen like this before:


There were only two movies before Jailhouse Rock — Love Me Tender and Loving You, so is this claim true?

Love Me Tender rates lower in singing, for sure. Fighting, too, because we’re talking about swinging fists, not getting shot and dying. Love Me Tender also had zero romancing and dancing.

Loving You had some great singing, but not the equal of Jailhouse Rock. Pretty much the same with fighting. Loving You had little romancing and no dancing.

Looks like the ad called it right. We hadn’t seen Elvis in action like this before Jailhouse Rock.


Ruffled Elvis

Isn’t this an interesting shot? You don’t often see Elvis’ hair look like that.


SpectraVision Video discs of Elvis' Movies

These are SpectraVision Video Discs of three Elvis Movies. If you are too young to remember video discs, here’s how far back they are in the evolution of watching movies at home. Before Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS, and BetaMax, there were video discs. But they’re a good Elvis collectible because they’re rare and have big color pictures on them.


Priscilla and Elvis getting ready for a motorbike ride in LA, 1965-66.

The tag on this picture said, “Priscilla and Elvis getting ready for a motorbike ride in LA, 1965-66.” I have read quite a few times that Elvis didn’t like wearing blue jeans because they reminded him of his poor upbringing. However, I keep seeing pictures like this covering a long time period showing him wearing them, so I don’t know.


I didn’t know Elvis ever had a green jumpsuit. I thought I had something unique in my book when Big E wore one.

Big E in Green Jumpsuit


Elvis in Shirt Tied at the waist

This was taken between July 9 to 19 in 1956 when Elvis was on vacation with family and a few close friends in Biloxi and Ocean Springs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A lot has been written about Elvis as a fashion icon, so I wondered what my friend Zoey Goto, famous fashion reporter, would think about this outfit.

I asked her, and she sent back this:

For me,. the way Elvis styled his shirt – knotting it at the front to expose both his chest and navel would have been very shocking within the context of the time, when gender stereotypes were more rigid.

But I actually feel Elvis was so ahead of the curve, that we still haven’t quite caught up with his style. Menswear is still pretty conservative and wary of appearing too “feminine” by putting men in pink or exposing the male body. Elvis just didn’t care about this rule book. He had such confidence within himself, he managed to wear these risky outfits in the ’50s, and later the body skimming bejeweled jumpsuits, and was still seen as a very macho and desirable man.

This outfit in particular, topped off with the sailor’s hat, would end up looking camp on pretty much every guy apart from Elvis!


Thank you Zoey.

I’ve plugged her book before when she gives me insightful stuff to use in the blog, but also because it is totally different than any other Elvis book. Please check out Elvis Style


Elvis Linda Joe and Dick Grob

This is probably a fan photo. How cool would it have been to get that close to Elvis strolling through a parking lot and snap a photo of him?


Elvis and Cissy Houston

This is Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s mom. She was a member of the Sweet Inspirations, but left the group in August 1969.


Aloha from Hawaii Concert

This shot was taken during the filming of Aloha from Hawaii. I love the cameraman out on the end of that crane. This was a big-time production.


Elvis Peeled Back

There was some text on this picture, but I took it off. I like the image of a shiny metallic surface being peeled off to reveal Elvis.


Elvis Speedway Poster

Usually Elvis movie posters are full of exclamatory phrases, but this has just two words, Speedway and Elvis. I don’t think any other movie poster had a larger image of Elvis’ costar than him, but having him dancing on top of the race car is pretty clever.


Elvis TCB Money Clip

Elvis owned and gave away a lot of lightning bolt TCB jewelry. But his custom made money clip here has an interesting variation on the design. I think I like it better. The clip sold for $20,755 at auction.


Elvis - TV room before 1974

This is the downstairs TV Room as it looked before 1974. Here it is after remodeling.

Elvis TV Room after 1974

Three TVs now, gold records are gone, much more modern. I’ve never read anything that said what percentage of his time Elvis spend in the various rooms of Graceland. But I’ll bet he spent a lot of good times down here.



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Artwork on Foreign Posters for Elvis Movies

Hertitage Ultimate Elvis Auction PosterHertitage Ultimate Elvis Auction 2012

This Heritage auction had over 300 Elvis items up for bidding during Elvis Week 2012. They even commissioned their own Elvis drawing to publicize the event. It’s easy to imagine that the folks at EPE checked it out and realized this was popular with the fans and a good way to make money. So, Graceland got into the Elvis auction business, and Heritage hasn’t been back to Memphis since.

The Auction at Graceland March 4, 2017

Yet another Auction at Graceland was held this weekend, purposely scheduled to compliment to opening of Elvis Presley’s Memphis. In the past eight months, there have been three other of these –coupled with Elvis Week, the opening of the Guesthouse at Graceland, and Elvis’ birthday celebration. The proliferation of theses auctions at Graceland have completely sucked the Elvis market away from other companies that present entertainment memorabilia auctions.


Elvis Girl Happy Romanian Movie Poster

For some reason, the latest Auction at Graceland has over 40 Elvis movie posters, and most of them are from foreign countries. Like this Romanian poster for Girl Happy. I thought it was interesting that they chose to show Shelly Fabares doing her drunken striptease dance and Elvis and the guys looking through the blinds of the motel room window.  Almost looks like they are in jail.


Elvis The Trouble with Girls Belgian Movie Poster

Most of the foreign Elvis movie posters had artwork rather than screen shots from the film. This one above from Belgium for The Trouble with Girls has a terrific drawing. But most of the others were a little off the mark. (Some were off by a lot.)

Elvis Easy Come, Easy Go Australian Movie Poste

Like this Australian poster for Easy Come, Easy Go. Check out the close-up.

Does this look like Elvis to you?


Elvis It Happened at the World’s Fair Spanish Movie Poster

This poster from Spain for It Happened at the World’s Fair has both a good Elvis image and a bad one.

Elvis It Happened at the World’s Fair Spanish Movie Poster - Close-up 1

This is pretty good.

Elvis It Happened at the World’s Fair Spanish Movie Poster - Close-up 2

This is definitely not a good reproduction of Elvis.


Elvis Kissin’ Cousins Italian Movie Poster

This Italian poster for Kissin’ Cousins also has two drawings of Elvis.

Elvis Kissin’ Cousins Italian Movie Poster - Close-up

Soldier Elvis looks a little better than mountain-man Elvis.


Elvis Roustabout Argentinean Movie Poster

This Argentinean poster for Roustabout is the first of two showing Elvis on a motor cycle.

lvis Roustabout Argentinean Movie Poster - Close-up

Doesn’t quite cut it. For me anyway.


Elvis Clambake Belgian Movie Poster

And this is a Belgian poster for Clambake.

Elvis Clambake Belgian Movie Poster - Cl

It’s fair, I guess. But what is she wearing? Is that supposed to be a helmet?


Elvis Jailhouse Rock Australian Movie Poster

This is a better Elvis on an Australian poster for Jailhouse Rock. At least they did a terrific job on the hair. While the movie was in black and white, most American posters were color. I guess the Aussies thought it was artsy to do the poster in B & W also.


Elvis Easy Come, Easy Go German Movie Poster

Here’s another poster for Easy Come, Easy Go, this time from Germany.

Elvis Easy Come, Go German Movie Poster - Close-Up

This guy sort of reminds me Elvis. I don’t like the brown smudge on his cheek and chin.


Elvis Speedway Turkish One Sheet Movie Poster

Elvis movies even played in Turkey. The artist for Speedway liked Elvis skinny and Nancy Sinatra buxom.

Elvis Speedway Turkish One Sheet Movie Poster - Close up

Handsome guy. Sort of looks like Elvis.


Elvis Fun in Acapulco Australian One Sheet Movie Poster

Another Australian poster. The Elvis image this time isn’t near as good as their one for Jailhouse Rock.

Elvis Fun in Acapulco Australian One Sheet Movie Poster - Close-up

Sorry. Not so much.  Looks like he has a knife wound on his cheek.



Elvis Roustabout Belgian Movie Poster

Let’s end with a good one. This is a Belgian poster for Roustabout.

Elvis Roustabout Belgian Movie Poster - Close-up

Looks like Elvis to me.


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Passes and Snubs at the Auction at Graceland

Lot 41 One of the Movie Posters in set

There were twelve lots that did not sell at the January 7 Auction at Graceland. Four items had a minimum bid so high that not one person bothered making a bid. The other eight all had the minimum bid covered and five to ten additional bids running the price up even higher, but the sellers decided it wasn’t enough and told the auctioneer to pass. Some of these items have an interesting story, so here is a review.

Guitar Elvis Used for the January 14, 1973 Aloha from Hawaii Special:

Lot 24 Stage-Used Guitar from January 14, 1973 Aloha from Hawaii

In all the pre-auction publicity, this guitar was ballyhooed as the cream of the crop. The auction website had ten paragraphs of praise, history, and technical details. This is the third one:

“Elvis Presley’s 1969 Custom Gibson Ebony Dove guitar is certainly one of the most culturally significant and celebrated guitars in all of music history. Elvis wielded this iconic instrument in dozens and dozens of concerts from November 1971 until September 1973 and then again in July of 1975, before famously handing it to a fan in the front row one night in Asheville, North Carolina. The Ebony Dove was the most photographed and widely seen of any of Elvis’ guitars as he played it during the January 1973 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite concert broadcast.”

The website also gushed this praise, “There is no more important icon of rock ‘n’ roll history than Elvis’ beloved Gibson Ebony Dove.” As if to prove their point and boost up the bidding, the website chronicled the top-selling guitars in history. Some are:

John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E Acoustic Guitar — $2.4 million

Jimi Hendrix 1968 Stratocaster from Woodstock — $2 million to Paul Allen of Microsoft

Eric Clapton’s Fender Stratocaster “Blackie” — approximately $959,500

Stevie Ray Vaughn’s 1965 Fender Stratocaster “Lenny” — $623,500

George Harrison’s 1964 Gibson SG — $570,000

Lot 24 Stage-Used Guitar from January 14, 1973 Aloha from Hawaii

The minimum bid on this guitar was $150,000, and the estimate was $300-500,000. The minimum was passed easily, and a total of ten bids ran it up to $270,000. When it stalled there and the auctioneer was about to finalize, “Going once, going twice,” there was a pause as a message came into his earbuds. Then he announced, “This is a pass.” The owners weren’t happy with $270,000 and pulled it out of the auction.


1969 Agreement Letter Signed by Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker:

Lot 76 Agraaement Letter Signed by Elvis

This has to be one of the dullest examples of an Elvis autograph you will ever find. The full name of the auction listing was, “1969 Agreement Letter Signed by Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker Regarding Advances and Royalties for 4 RCA Camden Albums to be Released in 1970 and 1971” Need I say any more?

Lot 76 Agraaement Letter Signed by Elvis - Pg 2

The owner must have been really proud of this item. He set a minimum bid of $4,000, which costs the buyer $5,000 counting the auction premium. Potential bidders probably thought they could get several other good Elvis autographs for $5,000 and never bid at all. Way overpriced.


Movie Poster Collection:

Lot 41 All of the Elvis Movie Posters

When I first saw this collection, I thought it would easily blow past the minimum bid of $6,000. After all, it contained the posters for all 31 of Elvis theatrical movies plus the two documentaries Elvis: That’s the Way It Is and Elvis on Tour. It had to be a long, huge endeavor to collect all of these individually.

My enthusiasm dropped when I read the lot details. Only eighteen of these are full sized movie posters, but at least that includes the most valuable ones Love Me Tender and Loving You.

Lot 41 Love Me Tender Poster

But there were also a lot of half-sheet posters like Jailhouse Rock and King Creole.

Lot 41 Two Half-Sheet Elvis Movie Posters

In addition to Viva Las Vegas, there were three other half-sheets oriented the other way and called inserts.

Lot 41 Viva Las Vegas Insert Poster

The rest were even smaller lobby cards like these four.

Elvis Movie Lobby Cards

This collection easily generated the minimum bid, and a total of ten bids pushed the price even higher. But the seller had expected to get the estimate of $12-15,000 and wasn’t ready to let it go for less, so he pulled the lot from the auction.

If they were all full sized movie posters, the price tag would be $20,000 or more. Maybe the owner will replace some of those small lobby cards with posters and put it up for auction again with a higher tab.

1977 Tour Book and Promotional Poster:

Lot 122 1977 Promotional Poster

Different Elvis items are often combined to make a more attractive offering, but this combo is strange. The promotional poster is a large image of Elvis and seven smaller drawings of him surrounding it. I can’t remember ever seeing this drawing before. It contains the printed signature of Fred Rothenbush 77,” is numbered 985/1200. It is nicely presented in a wooden frame and measures approximately 25 by 30 inches. So, it is a pretty good collectible.

Lot 122 1977 Tour Folder

The second item in this lot has no connection to the poster. It is yellow folder used by Col. Parker and is labeled “Elvis Presley Concerts 1977 Tour #2.” It contains all of the pertinent information on the concert dates, locations, and show times. The folder is further divided by tabbed sections for each city with more specific information, including details for the building, box office contact, concessions, security, hotel, and transportation. Some pages include handwritten notes.

The minimum bid for the set was $1,500 and nobody bothered to bid. The seller may have been better off to sell each item separately. They seem like they might appeal to collectors with two different priorities.

Poker Chips Used on the Lisa Marie Plane:

Lot 99 Poker Chips Used on Plane the Lisa Marie

Sam Thompson, Elvis’ bodyguard, ended up with these poker chips after Elvis died in 1977. They are accompanied by a letter of authenticity from him that said, “I flew on the Lisa Marie, Elvis’ personal aircraft, many times, and these poker chips were on that plane for Elvis’ use.”

It surprised me when this item got a total of ten bids running the price well past the $1,500 minimum bid, and then the seller pulled it. Seems like Graceland would have purchased it to put on display in the Lisa Marie.


Collection of Elvis Presley Christmas and Eater Cards:

Lot 22 Collection of Elvis Christmas Cards

The auction website does not state that this is a complete collection, but it does include seventeen Christmas cards and three Easter cards. I figured it would have no trouble meeting the minimum bid of $1,500, but I was wrong. I’m surprised no collectors valued them that much.


September 1, 1957 Seattle, Washington Concert Ticket Stub and Other Goodies:

Lot 19 Ticket, Button and Other Stuff

Elvis’ career was going full blast when he appeared at Sick’s Seattle Stadium wearing the famous gold lame coat. One fan assembled some items to save with her ticket stub from the concert — an “I Like Elvis” button, a souvenir photo folio, and several newspaper articles and ads for the concert. I love the way one newspaper writer put it.

“A shrieking, screaming mass of ‘tingling’ teen-age worshipers squealed their devotion last night to their idol, the writhing, wiggling country-singer, Elvis Presley, at Sick’s Seattle Stadium. … From the tensely awaited moment when Presley made his first quivering bump to his last vigorous grind, wave on wave of crazed female shrieks arose from the stadium. At the climax of his performance with his smash hit ‘Hound Dog,’ which Presley described as ‘the Elvis Presley national anthem,’ he wiggled himself flat on his back. The reaction to this gymnastic was unimaginable bedlam.”

A shrieking, screaming mass of ‘tingling’ tean-age worshippers. What a great line.

Lot 19 Concert Ad for Elvis at Sisk's Seattle Stadium

I don’t remember seeing this ad before. It’s interesting that hey used a drawing of Elvis rather than a photo.

So, this eclectic lot had no trouble going past the minimum bid of $600 with a total of six bids. However, as with the other items noted here, the seller wanted something in the estimated range ($1,200 – 1,500) and when he saw that wasn’t happening, he pulled the lot. I’m not sure that was a smart move, but we’ll find out when the items shows up again.


Unless there is some interesting Elvis news in the next week, there will be another article on the Auction at Graceland coming up.


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