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50th Anniversary Elvis Movie Pictorial: Roustabout — 1964


Elvis’ 16th movie, Roustabout, opened on November 11, 1964. It used to be more fun doing these pictorials on the early Elvis movies that were mostly pretty good. But, I found it hard to get cranked up for Roustabout, because I just don’t really care for it.

Elvis and Joan Freeman in Roustabout

Part of the problem for me is Elvis’ love interest in this movie. Joan Freeman just doesn’t work for me as woman Elvis would be attracted to. Or, maybe she just didn’t have the attributes needed to keep my interest. You women get to oogle at Elvis, but us male fans need our eye candy, too. Girls like Ann Margret, Yvonne Craig, Barbara Eden, Shelley Fabares, Tuesday Weld and Michele Carey. These love interests added some sizzle.

Elvis and Sue Anne Langdon as Madame Mijanou in Roustabout

In Roustabout, the only sexual tension came from Sue Ane Langdon, who as fortune teller Madame Mijanjou wanted Elvis badly, but he pushed her away for Joan Freeman. Stupid move.

Speaking of Sue Ane Langdon, Elvis must have liked her, because she later appeared in Frankie and Johnny with him.

Sue Ane Langdon, Donna Douglas, Nancy Kovack in Frankie and Johnny

This publicity photo shows Sue Ane Langdon, Donna Douglas, and Nancy Kovack. Now that’s some eye-candy.

So, what else does this dull movie have interesting enough to put in this article? How about the opening credits? Think about how many Elvis movies start with him travelling down the highway (or the air or the water) singing the title song. Here are some examples:

Elvis Singing Title Song - Follow That Dream

Follow That Dream

Elvis Singing Title Song - Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls

Elvis Singing During Opening Credits - Kid Galahad

Kid Galahad

Elvis Singing Title Song - It Happened at the World's Fair

It Happened at the World’s Fair

Elvis Singing Title Song - Fun in Acapulco

Fun in Acapulco

So, when Roustabout starts, we hear the title song and see a convertible coming down the road.

Roustabout Opening Credits

Naturally, we think it’s Elvis behind the wheel. But, no, it’s four college kids. Surprise.

Elvis Singing Title Song - Roustabout

See the dark haired girl in the back seat? This is Raquel Welch in her first movie role.

Raquel Welch in Roustabout

Raquel had one line. She says to this waitress, “How can you call this a teahouse, dear?

Raquel Welch and Guy from Girl Happy

See the guy next to Raquel in the blue letter sweater? He also showed up later in Girl Happy.

Elvis and Wolf Call O'Brien in Girl Happy


Roustabout has another actor in it with duel credits in Elvis movies.

Elvis and Jack Albertson - Roustabout

Jack Albertson as stage manager/MC at the roadhouse where Elvis performed in Roustabout.

Jack Albertson as Captain Salbo in Kissin’ Cousins

Jack Albertson as Captain Salbo in Kissin’ Cousins

And there is on person who appeared in Roustabout and five other Elvis movies as a dancer.

Elvis and Teri Garr - Roustabout

That’s Teri Garr to the right of Elvis. Check her out in other Elvis movies by clicking here.

Here’s some other Roustabout tidbits.

Elvis Winning Fight with Karate Chop in Roustabout

Elvis beats up on these two college smart-asses using karate. He used that a few more times in his movies, didn’t he? In Roustabout, Elvis actually has four fights. Seems like that should be a record, but I’m not going to watch all the movies again to find out for sure.

Elvis in Jail - Roustabout

Uh, oh, Elvis landed in jail. How many times has that happened in Elvis movies? Let’s see, Jailhouse Rock, Girl Happy… probably more.

While looking for photos of Joan Freeman, I came across this one:

Joan Freeman and Roy Orbison

Joan looks hotter here, but who is that with her? Give up? It’s Roy Orbison in his one and only movie role, The Fastest Guitar Alive.

Fastest Guitar Alive Poster

The movie was made in 1967 and is thought by some to be a classic because it is so weird.

Hidden Rifle in Fastest Guitar Alive

How’s this for a plot device? Turn that little knob and a rifle barrel comes out of a secret compartment and you’re ready to shoot-‘em-up.

Roy Orbison and Girls in Fastest Guitar Alive

In this promo shot both Roy and Joan look pretty good.

Roy Orbison Kissing Joan Freeman

And this is them kissing.

I always end these Elvis movie pictorials with a shots of him kissing his leading ladies, so here’s Elvis and Joan Freeman.

Elvis Kissing Joan Freeman in Roustabout

Frankly, I think Roy got the better kiss from her.

But, don’t worry, Elvis. You got this one from Sue Ane Langdon.

Elvis Kissing Sue Ane Langdon in Roustabout

You should have given in, Elvis, and enjoyed the sizzle.



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The Movie Theater: One Building Elvis Will Never Leave — Part 6

Elvis Cinemas

Have you noticed how Elvis continues to loom so large in American pop-culture? One significant example of this is his presence in a dozen or so movies every year. Not necessarily as a character, but in more subtle ways, like his name being used in dialog, or his image in video clips or photos visible in a scene, or his songs playing in the background (or over the credits), or familiar Elvis trappings like jumpsuits and those famous sunglasses, or even his well-known moves and mannerisms.

Every August I enjoy going to  Memphis Commercial Appeal’s website and reading John Beifuss annual report on movies that contain something, anything, about Elvis in them.

 john beifuss

John Beifuss is a reporter and movie critic for the Commercial Appeal, and this nifty job has him watch every movie that comes to town.  And, because that town is Memphis, Beifuss makes note of every Elvis connection he sees in them.  As Elvis Week is going on each year, he posts his annual report on Elvis allusions in the movies during the past twelve months.

Beifus should have a wider audience for this unique chronicle.  Since 2010, ElvisBlog has helped to spread the word by highlighting his annual discoveries and offering a link so readers can read his original comments.  In 2014, he found sixteen movies with Elvis allusions, but half of them were low-budget local productions or documentaries.  Let’s take a look at the ones you could actually find on the on-demand cable channels or Netflix and might want to watch.


The Art of the Steal:

The Art of the Steal

This is the only one of the eight movies I have seen, and it’s pretty good.  Kurt Russell plays a former get-away driver for a group of art thieves.  He’s trying to stay straight as a motorcycle daredevil, until his age and injuries take their toll.  As we remember with Evil Kneivel, he wears a jumpsuit for his performances.

 Kurt Russell on The Art of the Steal

 It looks a good bit like an Elvis jumpsuit, and he does a series of Elvis-like moves to pump up the crowd before doing his big jump.




Turns out Godzilla isn’t the only terrifying creature in this movie.  A giant winged-creature dubbed MUTO is unleashed from a massive cocoon-like structure that feeds on radiation.  When the fierce insectoid attacks Las Vegas, Elvis’ song “Devil in Disguise” can be heard in the background.

 MUTO in Godzilla

I’m not sure that’s really an appropriate theme.  That MUTO thing is definitely not in any disguise.


Devil’s Knot:

Devil's Knot

I like Reese Witherspoon, but must admit I never heard of this movie.  Possibly, it was really crappy and had a very short run.  Witherspoon’s character has an eight-year-old son in the movie, and they have several references to Elvis in their dialogue.

 Reese Witherspoon and Son from Devil's Knot

As she walks him to school, the boy sings “That’s All Right, Mama.”  Later, he tells her, “I’m gonna buy you a Graceland, Mama, just like Elvis has got.”  She replies, “How ’bout you buy me a Promised Land since he’s got the other one?”

After the son is murdered, the boy’s “Merry Christmas from Elvis” tree ornament is featured in two scenes.  She sings “That’s All Right” and caresses the ornament to console herself.  Later, when she moves on and cleans out the boy’s mementos including the ornament, we hear him singing the song again in the background.


I Origins:

I Origins

Despite a successful screening at the 2014 Sundance Music Festival, this movie also seems to have had a limited run in theaters.  It centers on medical student who specializes in the evolution of the human eye.  The Elvis allusions does not appear in the movie, but in a post-credits sequence where retinal scans of famous people in history are compared to living people for matches.  Elvis’ eye shows up here in a shot from “Jailhouse Rock.”


Muppets Most Wanted:

 Muppets Most Wanted

 You have to be alert or you’ll miss this brief Elvis reference.  When the Muppets start to organize a talent show, Fozzie Bear says, “I can do an Elvis impersonation.”  You know, I’d actually like to see that.



Birth of the Living Dead:

 Birth of the Living Dead

 AllMovie.com says this movie examines the volatile social climate that gave birth to George Romero’s highly-influential horror classic Night of the Living Dead, while paying tribute to the staunchly independent filmmaker and his unconventional methods.  That’s not going to entice me to watch it, so I’ll miss the scene where a famous film critic says, “The electricity generated by a first encounter with [Night of the Living Dead] was like… seeing Elvis Presley for the first time.”


The Wolf of Wall Street:

The Wolf of Wall Street

When Leonardo DiCaprio dances with his new wife at their wedding in the Bahamas, guess what’s playing?  An Elvis classic – “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

 Wedding Scene in The Wolf of Wall Street


Unfortunately, this has not been a classic year for reference to Elvis in the movies.  Maybe there will be a better collection for John Beifuss to discover next year.



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Elvis Movies 50th Anniversary Pictorial – Viva Las Vegas: 1964

Viva Las Vegas on Screen Title 

Since October 2009, ElvisBlog has run 50th Anniversary Pictorials each time an Elvis movie reached that historical milestone. Looks like EPE saw the value of these tributes and decided to celebrate Viva Las Vegas themselves. The picture below is from the News Feed at the website Graceland.com, a spin-off of Elvis.com.

 Graceland.com 50th Anniversary of Viva Las Vegas


The Elvis Insiders email newsletter of May 23 announced the release of a new Premium Blu-Ray Digibook version of Viva Las Vegas.

Elvis Insiders Announcement May 23, 2014

Also, you can go to a link to see photos of some sites used for the filming of the movie, or to an exhibit of original Viva Las Vegas posters in various languages.

Viva Las Vegas Film Locations and Posters

And finally, Graceland.com offers a look at the original preview trailer for Viva Las Vegas.

Graceland.com Viva Las Vegas Preview

Wow, after a blitz like that from EPE, it seemed like something more than the usual ElvisBlog movie pictorial was in order. So instead we will do a retrospective of blog posts done over the years that featured Viva Las Vegas. There were sixteen starting back in 2005, the first year for ElvisBlog. Here are the best.


Viva Las Star Wars: Posted July 8, 2008

A very original post on The Film Frontier website compared the similarities of the race scenes in Viva Las Vegas and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. My friend Troy Yeary graciously allowed me to reproduce his very time-consuming analysis on ElvisBlog. Troy matched up frames from Elvis racing in the Las Vegas Grand Prix and young Anikin Skywalker at the controls of a pod racer in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace in the Tatooine desert.


Elvis and Anikin Skywalker

Here’s our two racers. Although these photos don’t show it, both vehicles were silver-grey while their mail rivals had orange-red.

Supporters watching races with mounting dred

Here are shots of supporters of the two racers looking on with mounting dread.


Elvis at the Clinton Presidential Library: Posted May 3, 2012

From its beginning over a decade ago, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock has always contained dozens of Elvis items. They were accumulated over the years by Bill Clinton, a self-proclaimed lifelong fan of Elvis. Then in 2011, a large exhibit of Elvis memorabilia from the Graceland archives was loaned to the library. The framed lobby poster below was one of three Viva Las Vegas items.

Viva Las Vegas Poster at Clinton Library

The other two shown below are the original script and a red shirt Elvis wore in the movie.

Viva Las Vegas Shirt and Script


Dancing Elvis (In the Movies): Posted March 11, 2012

This pictorial essay showed photos of Elvis dancing with a number of leading ladies in his movies. This one from Viva Las Vegas is probably my favorite, as you can see by the comments under the photo.

Elvis and Ann-Margret Dancing


Elvis Clothing at the Most Recent Auction: Posted May 8, 2011

The auction mentioned was the March 2012 Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction from Gotta Have It Auctions. It was loaded with articles of Elvis clothing and thirteen were featured in the blog article.

Red Jacket Black Pants from Viva

Note: Even though the colors are the same, this is not the item on display at the Clinton Library. However, the yellow version of this jacket is worn in the dancing picture above.


Turner Classic Movies Delivers an Elvis Bonanza on August 16: Posted August 10, 2012

As a treat for fans during Elvis Week 2012, cable channel TCM offered fourteen consecutive Elvis movies. I thought it would be interesting to show the rankings and comments for each in the book Hollywood Rock by Marshall Crenshaw.

Hollywood Rock

Here’s the book’s ratings for Viva Las Vegas in three categories, plus its choice for the favorite scene in the movie.

Ratings for Viva Las Vegas in Hollwood Rock

According to the total of the multiple stars rating system, Viva Las Vegas tied Kissin’ Cousins tied for the highest rating. ElvisBlog agreed, but said Viva should have four stars for Music.


Elvis Movie Bloopers: Posted June 16, 2012

The inspiration (and many of the photos) for this blog post came from the wonderful website Too Much Monkey Business. There were two bloopers from Viva Las Vegas, including this one with Elvis wearing that yellow coat again.

Bandaid on Elvis' Finger

Bandaid on Elvis' Finger


Strange Google Searches that Brought People to ElvisBlog: Posted April 26, 2009

The original blog platform for ElvisBlog had a neat feature. It enabled you to trace back to Google and see what people were searching for when they clicked on the link to ElvisBlog. There were several about Viva Las Vegas, and this one seemed too stupid to be true.

Strange Google Searches on Elvisblog


The Elvis / Star Trek Connection: Posted August 23, 2009

This blog post featured actresses that appeared in both Star Trek episodes and Elvis movies. Teri Garr starred in Star Trek episode # 55 titled “Assignment Earth.” For years before this she was a dancer trying to break into acting. She appeared in six Elvis movies, including Viva Las Vegas.

Teri Garr Viva Las Vegas

Can you pick her out? Second girl from the left.


Fans Speak Out on Product Tie-Ins: Posted July 29, 2007

I regularly read the News link on Elvis.com, and frequently the news is about new Elvis tie-in products. It is sometimes interesting to read the thoughts of Elvis fans on Comments, such as these concerning the commercial where the Elvis’ famous song lyrics were changed from “Viva Las Vegas” to “Viva Viagra.”

Teri Garr Viva Las Vegas


Caption Contest # 4 Winner: Posted December 8, 2008

This is probably my favorite shot from Viva Las Vegas.

Elvis Caption Contest #4 Winner


Bonus Picture:

I found this on the internet recently. It was new to me, so it may the same for other fans.

Ann-Margret With Gun


That’s it. Hope you enjoyed our 50th anniversary tribute to Viva Las Vegas.


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Actors Playing Elvis

Buz Luhrmann To Direct Elvis Movie

Two weeks ago, the website The Wrap reported that Australian director Baz Luhrmann is negotiating to do an Elvis movie biography for Warner Brothers. If you are not familiar with his name, Luhrmann’s credits include The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. Supposedly, the script has already been written by Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter of Saving Mr. Banks.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Two days later, the website DNA reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was the director’s first choice to portray Elvis. Oh, boy. I hope this never happens. DiCaprio is a great actor, but I just can’t see him as Elvis. Please, find somebody else.

Eric Bana

A few years ago, Eric Bana was touted as the next actor to play Elvis in the movies. As stated in a November 5, 2011 ElvisBlog article, I was much more positive about this choice.


The topic of actors portraying Elvis has been covered by Wikipedia, and believe it or not, they have a list of 37. Here are some of the most significant.


Kurt Russell – Elvis, The Movie (TV movie) – 1979:

Kurt Russel in Elvis the Movie

My vote goes to Kurt Russell for the best portrayal of Elvis. Shelly Winters does a great job as Gladys. Susan Hubley played Priscilla. I guess the role didn’t do much for her career.

Kurt Russel in Elvis the Movie-DVD

If you ever get a chance to see Elvis, the Movie, be sure to watch it.


Don Johnson – Elvis and the Beauty Queen (TV Movie) – 1981:

Don Johnson in Elvis and the Beauty Queen

Kurt Russell had the most successful acting career of anyone who played Elvis, but Don Johnson didn’t do too bad either, later starring in the hit TV show Miami Vice.

Elvis And The Beauty Queen DVD Cover

I’m not too crazy about the image they chose for the DVD cover. Stephanie Zimbalist did well after playing Linda Thompson, starring in the TV series Remington Steele for six seasons.

When Don Johnson Was Elvis

While Don Johnson didn’t look just like Elvis, he had the facial features that made him believable as The King.


Johnny Harra – This Is Elvis – 1981:

Johnny Harra as Older Elvis

In this movie, four different actors played Elvis at various stages in his life, but Johnny Harra got the role of the older, fatter Elvis.

This is Elvis DVD

Johnny Harra seems to be the only actor who portrayed Elvis in a significant movie that also made a living as an Elvis Tribute Artist.

Johnny Harra in Car


Dale Midkiff – Elvis and Me (Four-Hour TV Miniseries) – 1988:

Dale Midkiff as Elvis

Dale Midkiff had a few other acting rolls during his career, but Elvis and Me seems to be the highlight of his career.

Elvis and Me Book

This movie was based on Priscilla’s 1985 book of the same title. Susan Walters portrayed Priscilla in her first major roll. It didn’t seem to do much for her career.


The love scene in this movie (where they don’t actually make love) is rather interesting. Check it out.


David Keith – Heartbreak Hotel – 1988:

David Keith in Heartbreak Hotel

All movies mentioned so far are biographies. However, Heartbreak Hotel is a fictional story about Elvis being kidnapped by a teenager for a present to his mom.

DVD Cover Heartbreak Hotel

I love this movie. David Keith does a great job as Elvis, and Tuesday Weld is superb as the mom with a crush on Elvis.

Tuesday Weld in Heartbreak Hotel

If you haven’t seen Heartbreak Hotel, you’re missing a good one. I highly recommend it.

 David Keith in Heartbreak Hotel


Michael St. Gerard – Elvis (Ten-Episode TV Mini-series) – 1990:

Michael St. Gerard as Elvis

Michael St Girard actually had experience portraying Elvis prior to getting this role. He appeared in the Jerry Lee Lewis bio-pic Great Balls of Fire the year before.

Elvis the Series 1990

Thirteen half-hour episodes were filmed, but the series was cancelled after just ten due to declining ratings. I stayed with it until the end, and thought it was pretty good. It covered just 1954 and 1955, so there was no Col. Parker or Priscilla, but a lot of Scotty, Bill and DJ. It deserved a better fate.

Michael St. Gerard  and Elvis

Michael St. Girard had a few more acting rolls, then gave it up and became a preacher.


Rick Peters – Elvis Meets Nixon (Made-for-Cable Movie) – 1997:

 Elvis Pulling Gun in Doughnut Shop  - Elvis Meets Nixon

This movie played for laughs, and it certainly succeeded. Rick Peters’ twist on Elvis was such a gas. This is another movie about Elvis I would recommend.

Elvis Meets Nixon DVD Cover

The whole story about Elvis’ trip to see President Nixon is so bizarre anyway, it didn’t take much exaggerating in parts for comedic effect.

Elvis Meets Nixon - Smoozing the Srewardesses

I don’t think any other movie showed Elvis smoozing the ladies like this one does, and Rick Peters nailed it. Too bad his acting career didn’t take off after this role.


Bruce Greenwood – Bubba Ho-Tep – 2002:

Bruce Campbell as Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep

Bruce Campbell is a delight as a cranky old-geezer Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep.

Bubba Ho-Tep DVD Cover

This is another fictional movie about Elvis, and if you haven’t seen it, you should. Yes, it is kind of strange, and there is a bit of horror in it, but Elvis is portrayed as a hero. When you finish the movie, you will be very proud of Elvis.

Young Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep

This is how Bruce Campbell looks in a flashback about Elvis in his younger days.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers — Elvis – The Mini-Series (CBS) – 2005:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Elvis

I guess two two-hour segments are enough to call it a mini-series, but this was more like a two-part movie. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an English actor, which seems a strange choice to portray Elvis, but he pulled it off fairly well. He has had an active career since.

Elvis, the Mini Series DVD cover

I’ve had the opportunity to watch this a second and third time, but I limited it to part 1 only. I know conflict is essential to great movies, but I just don’t care to dwell of Elvis and Priscilla’s troubles, or his decent into prescription drug problems.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Elvis with Ann-Margret

No other Elvis movie delves into Elvis’ relationship with Ann-Margret like this film does. A highlight of the film.


Robert Patrick – Lonely Street – 2009:

Lonely Street - Robert Patrick as Elvis

This is another fictional movie about Elvis as a senior citizen. Thanks to hours in the make-up chair, Robert Patrick looks very believable as 75 year-old Elvis.

Lonely Street  DVD Cover

Lonely Street was a minor movie at the time, but it’s another one I recommend. It has comedy, mystery, and Elvis is a hero again.

Robert Patrick as T-1000 from Terminator 2

Robert Patrick has had a substantial acting career, but none of his rolls are more memorable that playing T-1000 in Terminator 2.

Lonely Street - Elvis Holding Young Hottie

One of my favorite scenes in Lonely Street is when Elvis totally charms a hottie one-third his age.


So, that’s the Elvisblog Top Ten list of actors playing Elvis. I never thought about it before, but I seem to prefer the fictional movies about Elvis more than the bio-pics. Maybe that’s because Elvis’ history is a familiar story that has been told many times. And it looks like it will be done again soon. Hopefully, without Leonardo DiCaprio as Elvis.


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Was She a Stalker? A Middle-aged Groupie? No, She Was a Tinseltown Reporter

 Elvis and May Mann - King Creole

Although this lady doesn’t look like the typical Elvis fan from the late 50s, she sure seems smitten by him, doesn’t she? If you wanted to add a caption to this shot, it could easily be, “Hey, look in my eyes, you hot young stud.”

I found this photo on a wonderful website I follow called The Elvis Forum. It is subtitled Too Much Monkey Business, and the 714 people who have joined are called Monkey Members.

The photo appeared in a forum thread called “Who Is This Woman?” I had no doubt that the question would be answered. Some of the most proactive members of this forum have incredible knowledge of Elvis minutia, and if they are stumped, they have the extensive collections of Elvis books for looking stuff up.


Elvis and May Mann - Flaming Star

According to Jove, the Elvis Forum member who supplied it, the first photo was taken on the set of King Creole. This next one was shot during filming of Flaming Star. She sure is getting up close and personal, leaning her body in tight against Elvis. Another caption idea – “I’m all over you. What’s it gonna take to get you to look at me?”

Jove inserted some humorous asides about her being a stalker. However, a middle-aged groupie was the first thought that entered my mind.


Elvis and May Mann - G.I. Blues

Here’s another shot of the mystery woman with Elvis during the filming of G.I. Blues. How does somebody get on so many movie sets?


Elvis and May Mann - Follow That Dream

Whatever it took, she had plenty of it. Here she is with Elvis again on location during Follow That Dream. You can actually figure out the movies’ titles from the outfits Elvis wore in these shots.


Elvis and May Mann - Blue Hawaii

Okay, can you deduce the movie title on this one?


Elvis and May Mann - Girls! Girls! Girls!

One more, this time from Girls, Girls, Girls. She finally got Elvis to look at her, without even pressing her body against his.

The Elvis Forum thread did reveal the woman’s name – May Mann. And it was suggested she gained access to Elvis because of family connections. She was married to Buddy Baer, former heavyweight boxer who also appeared as Ursus in the movie Quo Vadis and as the giant in Abbott and Costello’s Jack and the Beanstalk.

The Free Lance-Star - May 26, 1949

This newspaper clip adds two interesting things to the May Mann story. She won Miss Utah 1938, when Elvis was just three years old. And by age 30, she was into her third marriage.


Elvis and Max Baer Jr

Elvis and Max Baer Jr. (right)

May Mann’s brother in law was Max Baer Sr. father of Max Baer Jr. who playedJethro in the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies.  Baer often played football with Elvis (note the cleats on the shoes)


All of this history still didn’t sound like enough juice for her to get access to six Elvis movie sets. So, I rooted around a bit on Google and Wikipedia and found out that May Mann was a Hollywood gossip columnist and reporter. She wrote over 400 articles in publications like this:

Movieland magazine - January1961


May Mann was able to parlay a job as society columnist for her hometown paper The Ogden Standard-Examiner to the glamorous position of syndicated entertainment columnist in Hollywood. Between 1936 and 1981 she wrote her “Going Hollywood” columns for fourteen different magazines and newspapers.

When Elvis started making movies, May Mann seems to have latched on to him, ultimately becoming a close friend and a big fan, as evidenced by the very pro-Elvis books she wrote about him.


Elvis and The Colonel

This book came out in 1975, making it notable as one of the few books written while Elvis was still alive (compared to the millions of Elvis books that have come out after his death). The subtitle’s fine print teases that it comes from the Intimate Diaries of May Mann. Hmmm, maybe there is something to those stalker/groupie ideas.

You can still buy it on Amazon, both hardcover and paperback, new and used. Amazon had just one review of Elvis and the Colonel: “An absurd, fawning account with obvious errors.”


The Private Elvis

Shortly after Elvis’ death, May Mann’s book was rushed back into the market under a new title: The Private Elvis. Also, note the inclusion of “The Entire New York Times Obituary.” Amazon has eight used paperback copies available for 1¢ ($3.99 postage). Lots of new copies, too.


Elvis Why Won't They Leave You Alone

In 1982, May Mann came back with another pro-Elvis book: Elvis, Why Won’t They Leave You Alone. Amazon has three used copies available for 1¢, and new copies available for $49.95. One fool has a copy available for $2,432.64. Good luck with that.

Back Cover of Elvis Why Won't They Leave You Alone

Here’s the back cover. Jove assures me that this is an untouched photo of May Mann and Elvis from 1969, but somehow she made herself look a lot younger. Maybe it’s the bangs.

There were no reviews of this book on Amazon, but someone calling herself TCB-girl had a balanced assessment on Topics.com. It gives great detail on what we can find in the book.

“Mann is totally pro-Elvis in the book, and in the end, proved to be a loyal friend to him. The picture she paints — His business dealings are scrupulous. He is generous to a fault. Although admittedly hot-tempered, he is forgiving. He uses only prescription medication, and abstains from alcohol.

“He revers his parents, especially his mother. He is devoted to his wife and especially to his daughter. Extra-marital sexual activity (euphemistically, “natural biological urges”) are admitted to but presented as infrequent and rather proper. Emphasis on nothing “kinky”, and never taking advantage of “groupies”, which apparently those around him do greatly, and Elvis abhors.

“He is considerate of others to an unusual degree. He is extremely intelligent and moral. He is increasingly ill and even predicts his death at a young age due to hereditary factors.
“I believe that all of the above is generally, if not precisely true. Mann would have known, and I’m assuming she was not telling whole cloth lies. Whitewashing … I suspect so.
The aspect of the book that made the biggest impression on me: I believe that Mann realistically portrayed the sad isolation in which Elvis lived. It was the price for his fame. He apparently dreamed of travel, as a common tourist, and seeing the world.

“I accept Mann’s portrayal of a sensitive, talented, good man that lived in many ways as a de facto prisoner within the walls and gates of his own home. An exceptionally intelligent person, by her account he was also a studious and observant Christian, even replying to his dubbing as “King of Rock and Roll”, that there was only one king, Jesus Christ. Quite remarkable.”

Elvis and May Mann

Elvis and May Mann on set of Blue Hawaii

So, we can add one more option to the choices presented in the title of this article. May Mann was indeed a friend, and her book research came from direct contact with Elvis, not from interviews with all his ex-buddies.


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Elvis Movies 50th Anniversary Pictorial: Kissin’ Cousins – 1964

Serious reviews of Kissin’ Cousins lament that it was the start of a bad trend in Elvis movies – low-budget, quickie-filmed, light-weight fluff. Some even call it his worse movie. I don’t care. I like Kissin’ Cousins for one reason: Yvonne Craig.

Elvis Kissing Yvonne in Kissin' Cousins

I don’t think any other actress sizzled on screen with Elvis as hot as she did. Those two radiated lust in Kissin’ Cousins and also in It Happened at The World’s fair.

Elvis Kissing Yvonne Craig in World's Fair


Although Kissin’ Cousins was filmed after Viva Las Vegas, it was released first on March 6, 1964, making it Elvis’ 14th movie. Sources say it was filmed in three weeks at a cost of only $800,000. By comparison, Viva cost $4,000,000 and took two months to film. Guess which one made more profit for the studio, Elvis, and Col. Parker. After Kissin’ Cousins, the dye was cast for future Elvis movies.


Movie Posters:


 Kissin Cousins 3


Shots from the Movie:

Elvis as Josh and Jody

Elvis Presley plays a dual role in Kissin’ Cousins. Dark-haired Elvis plays Air Force officer Josh Morgan, but as blond-haired Jodie Tatum, he appears as a girl-chasin’ mountain Romeo. Josh is assigned the task of persuading the Tatums, his distant relatives on his mother’s side, to sell their Tennessee mountain land for use as a missile site.


Yvonne and Pam Standing in Jeep

Jodie’s two cousins are Selena and Azalea Tatum, played by Pam Austin and Yvonne Craig. Both vie for Josh’s attention, but Azalea wins out about halfway through. Josh pulls off a little match-making with one of his Air Force buddies and Selena, getting her out of the competition.


Tatum Girls Painting Their Nails

Most Elvis movies have pretty girls parading around in scanty bikinis, but they are usually on a beach in Hawaii or Florida. In Kissin’ Cousins we get them in the Smokey Mountain woods and inside the Tatum cabin.


Lobby Cards:

 Lobby Card 1

Lobby Card 2

 Lobby Card 3

 Lobby Card 4

 Lobby Card 5

 Lobby Card 6

 Lobby Card  7

 Lobby Card  8


Publicity Shots:

 Elvis Picking Up Yvonne and Pam

Oops, there’s those bathing suits again.


Elvis Running with Yvonne and Pam

Hey, this is starting to be a trend.


Elvis With Lovlies in Kissin' Cousins

Come on. Is this the only kind of publicity shots they took? (No, just the ones I chose)

Elvis as Jodie and Josh in Kissin' Cousins

Okay, okay. Here a little trick photography of the two characters Elvis played.


Back Stage Photo:

Elvis On Set With Pam and Yvonne

If you study this photo for a moment, it appears Yvonne might have had some designs on Elvis away from the script, too.


Foreign Posters:


French Poster

French Poster

German Poster

German Poster

I used Google Translate to look up the translation of this title to English. They said it is The Wild Broads of Tennessee. Seriously – check it out.

Italian Poster

Italian Poster

This one translated to The Mount of Venus.


Strange Language

I don’t know how to type this title into Google Translate, so who knows what it means.


Kissing the Co-Star:

 Elvis Kissing Cynthia Pepper

Both of Elvis’ characters wound up with the girl. Here, Jodie is kissing Army Corporal Midge Riley, played by Cynthia Pepper.

Elvis Kissing Yvonne Craig in Kissin' Cousins

And Josh about to lock lips with Azalea. But you have to go back to It Happened at the World’s Fair for the best kiss between Elvis and Yvonne Craig.

Elvis kissing Yvonne Craig  in World's Fair

Well, that’s it. Did I mention that I really like Yvonne Craig?


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Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials: Fun in Acapulco – 1963

You can tell from the title of this post that I am a little late getting it out. Fun in Acapulco actually premiered in November 1963. So, 2014 will be a big year for 50th anniversary movie pictorials on ElvisBlog, with Kissin’ Cousins, Viva Las Vegas, and Roustabout coming up.


Movie Posters:

Fun in Acapulco Poster 1

All of the posters have some variation of Elvis with his sombrero and colorful blanket, plus Ursula Andress in her bikini giving a looking-over-the-shoulder pose.

Fun in Acapulco Poster 2

Here, both images are flipped

 Fun in Acapulco Poster 3

The other thing all of them have is the long shot of someone (presumably Elvis) diving off the cliff. Okay, let’s look at one more variation.

 Fun in Aculpulco Poster 4


Shots from the Movie:

Elvis and Fun in Acapulco Co-stars

Here’s Elvis with his two leading ladies – Ursula Andress and Elsa Cardenas. I kind of liked the competition between these two to win their man.


Elvis and Raoul in Fun in Acapulco

This is Raoul, a street smart eight-year-old who functions as Elvis’ manager by getting him singing gigs and extracting maximum pay for them. Some have suggested that the screenwriters modeled Raoul’s tactics after those of Col. Parker. This was the second film in a row where Elvis had a kid as co-star, but I liked Raoul a lot more than five-year-old Sue-Lin in It Happened at the World’s Fair.


Elvis and Checking Out Ursula in Fun in Acapulco

Here’s an interesting shot of Elvis and Ursula. Looks like he is admiring something about her.


Elvis and Ursula Poolside in Fun in Acapulco

Here’s another wet-body shot of them with something for the males in the audience to admire.

 Fun in Acapulco - Elvis Performing

Elvis sang eleven songs in Fun in Acapulco – in nine different locations and wearing a different outfit for each one.


Lobby Cards:

For some reason, there were two different sets of lobby cards for Fun in Acapulco. Here are some that feature full size photos with no accompanying graphics.

Fun in Acapulco - Lobby Card 1

Fun in Acapulco - Lobby Card 2

Fun in Acapulco - Lobby Card 3

Then, there is the set that incorporates the familiar poster images of Elvis and Ursula Andress.

 Lobby Cards - 1

 Lobby Cards - 2

 Lobby Cards - 3


Behind the Scenes Shots:

Elvis with Ursula Andrees in Curlers

Here are four off-stage shots of Elvis and Ursula Andress. There don’t seem to be any shots of Elvis and Elsa Cardenas together.

 Elvis and Ursula - Off Screen Hug

 Elvis and Ursula Off Screen

 Elvis Getting Cozy with Ursula

 According to the book Elvis: His Life from A to Z, Ursula Andress “was once romantically linked to Elvis.” Hmmm. What do you think?


Elvis Practicing Fight Scene

Here are Elvis and Alejandro Rey practicing their fight scene. In the movie, it occurs in a hotel lobby and they are fully clothed.


Fun in Acapulco - Elvis Climbing Fake Cliff

Elvis’ big break-through moment in the film comes when he conquers his fears and dives off a 136 foot cliff into the ocean. Here is how they filmed him climbing up the cliff.


Foreign Posters:

Spanish Poster - Fun in Acapulco

This Spanish poster has the familiar Elvis image, but Ursula Andress is missing. Instead, we get a black-and-white cut-out of Elvis and Elsa Cardenas, his Hispanic co-star.

Spanish Poster - Fun in Acapulco 2

Here’s another Spanish poster with a totally different concept.


German Poster - Fun in Acapulco

Yet another different concept for this German poster.


Mexican Lobby Cards - Fun in Acapulco

This Mexican poster is loaded with a total of seven images, although it is strange that the pair of Elvis-and-girlfriend shots aren’t in color.

Elvis and Aggressive Teenage Girls:

 Fun in Acapulco Elvis and Teenager

The movie starts with Elvis working on a yacht, and the owner’s daughter makes a move on him. Elvis spurns her advances, and she gets revenge by lying about him and getting him in trouble. If this sounds familiar, it is. Remember these scenes from Loving You and Blue Hawaii?

 Loving You -Elvis and Groupie

 Blue Hawaii - Elvis and Teenager


The Kiss:

Following tradition, this movie pictorial will end with a photo of Elvis kissing his love-interest.

Elvis Kissing Ursula in Fun in Acapulco


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Having Fun with Elvis Movie Stills

If you want to discover a cool Elvis website, please check out ELVIS – Echoes of the Past.  The content is mostly images with a little narration.  Ger Rijff and Bob Pakes have accumulated a vast collection Elvis photos, news articles, and memorabilia, and we fans now get to peak into the scrapbook.  My favorite section is Movie Stills, which contains the complete sets of movie studio film stills.  So far, Bob has covered seven movies.  After I checked out all seven recently, twelve of the shots caught my attention as something fun to write about.

Change Of Habit  --  The Smile

Like this one from Change of Habit.  I’ve never seen it before.  Doesn’t it look like he’s saying, “After I ditch Mary Tyler Moore, what do you say we have a little party?”  And she certainly looks interested.


Charro  --  Snake in Nose 1

I can’t believe they used this shot as a promotion for Charro.  The guy’s got a long stick coming out his nose.  Eeeeuuu.


Charro  --  Snake in nose 2

Oh, no.  Now Elvis is doing it.


Jailhouse Rock  --  Bill, DJ and Scotty

I must admit I cropped Elvis out of this Jailhouse Rock still.  He was sitting at the right end of the bar.   Over the years, I have emailed photos to Karen Fontana and Gail Pollock that show their men, DJ and Scotty, in scenes from Elvis movies.  This time, I thought they might get a lick out of seeing their guys in a movie shot that doesn’t include Elvis.  It may be the only time they were filmed on a stage when he wasn’t right there in front of them.


Wild-In-The-Country  --  Load of laundry

Check out this exciting, action-packed still.  I can’t believe they thought it would make a good promo for Wild in the Country.  Hope Lange is loading a basket of folded laundry into a car.  That really makes you want to see the movie.  Gimme a break!


Viva  --  Ann in Baathing Suit

I don’t believe I’ve ever previously seen this shot of Ann Margret promoting Viva Las Vegas, but it’s a good one.  She certainly looks fine.

Ann Nargret on Bike

Here’s another solo shot of Ann Margret that’s pretty cool.  This Viva Las Vegas film still set contains nineteen shots of Elvis and Ann Margret together, more pairings than for any of the other movies covered so far.

Viva  --  Dancing on a Pedestal

I picked this one because it is different, but also because Elvis and the dancer are on that little pedestal.  It reminds me of those collectible Elvis figurines that have him standing on some kind of base.


Loving-You  --  Groupie

I love this shot of Elvis and the groupie from the Loving You stills.  That is one determined girl.  How did he ever turn her down?  Man of steel?


Loving You - Black, hairy thing on collar

Yikes!  What’s that hairy black thing behind Elvis’ collar?  Is it a little kitten?


Flaming Star -- Campfire with Groupies

For some reason, this still of Elvis around the campfire in Flaming Star tickles me.  It’s hard to see in detail, but Elvis is passing a peace pipe to one of the tribal elders.  If you study the picture closely, maybe you will see the two long-haired blondes sitting across from Elvis.  Nothing better than Kiowa groupies after the campfire.


Wild-In-The-Country  --  Red takes a beating

Elvis had several fight scenes with Red West in his movies, like this one from Wild in the Country.   Whenever I see a shot like this, I imagine my own caption:  “I’m going to beat the crap out of you for writing that rotten book about me.”


Elvis Echoes of The Past Banner


My thanks to Ger and Bob for graciously encouraging me to have fun with a few Elvis movie stills.  Click on the image above to check out all of them, plus lots of other cool Elvis stuff.

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Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection — Part 6

Thirty-one straight nights of Elvis movies.  A big thank you goes to cable channel Encore for the Elvis Collection they presented in May.  This was a rare treat for Elvis fans.  The last week featured repeats of three of the best Elvis movies from earlier showings, which is good if you missed any of them (or gives you a few nights to do other stuff if you don’t want to see them again so soon).

Movies Presented Last Week That I liked:


Elvis With Punks

King Creole – This was a repeat from three weeks ago, so I didn’t watch.  That will be the last time I’ll ever skip it when King Creole is shown commercial-free on cable.  It is probably Elvis’ best movie and the cast of supporting actors is great.  I like the way Elvis handled his character Danny Fisher.  He would never again get to portray such a conflicted and tortured soul.  King Creole was discussed in Random Thoughts Part 2.


Elvis and Shelly Fabares

Girl Happy – One of those silly happy Elvis movies I love so much.  I really like the vibe between Elvis and Shelly Fabares in Girl Happy.  Plus, lots of lovely girls in bikinis and several good songs.  I can’t figure out why Encore didn’t repeat Girl Happy, instead of the lame Girls, Girls, Girls.


Elvis and Juliet Prowse

G.I. Blues – Another of the fun Elvis movies with pretty good music.  The two dance sequences by Juliet Prowse are different and interesting.  This was another repeat and has be covered in Random Thoughts Part 2.


Elvis and Judy Tyler

Jailhouse Rock – I love this movie, but I skipped it because it was another repeat from the first week.  It is discussed in the first Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection. It’s a serious film that manages to have the best soundtrack of any Elvis film.


Elvis and Joan Blackman

Kid Galahad – I haven’t watched this one very often, but I’m glad Encore included it in their Elvis collection.  It grows on me each time.  Elvis plays a modest, well-adjusted young man, who gets to sing, box and romance, while his co-stars Gig Young, Lola Albright, and Charles Bronson grapple with their serious problems.

I noticed that unlike most Elvis movies, he and love interest Joan Blackman never had a break-up before coming together at the end.  A very smooth romance.  I also noted that Elvis’ hair was dark brown – a distinct change from the jet black he sported the previous night in Roustabout.

The Ones I’m Tired of Watching:


Elvis and Mary Ann Mobley

Harum Scarum – Well, it was different, but I get bored watching it.  The plot and action were pretty weak.  The bad guys (including Red West) weren’t very believable, nor was Elvis dropping a tiger with a single Karate chop.  I did like Mary Ann Mobely, though.


Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore

Change of Habit – I know other reviewers think this is pretty good movie, but I don’t.  It certainly wasn’t a fun movie.  Elvis was almost a bit player compared to the tribulations that Mary Tyler Moore and two other nuns encountered.  There was little music, and except for “Rubberneckin,’” it was forgettable.


Elvis and Teri Garr

Roustabout – This one isn’t too bad, but it certainly would have been improved with a better love interest than Joan Freeman.  The most interesting female in the cast was Sue Ann Langdon as the carny fortune teller, Madame Mijanou.  She nearly duplicated this roll as Mitzi in Frankie and Johnny – both characters were busty, love-starved women on the prowl.

There is one reason I still watch Roustabout.  A teenaged Raquel Welch appears in an early bar scene, and a young Teri Garr is the dancer to Elvis’ left when he sings on the outdoor stage.


Some Things I’ve Noticed Watching Twenty-four Different Elvis Movies in Four Weeks:

Lots of Elvis movie opening credits have him driving a car (motorcycle, helicopter, etc) while singing a song.  Change of Habit may have been the only one that used graphics for the credits.  No shots of Elvis at all.

Lots of actors show up in more than one Elvis movie.  We all know about the leading ladies with rolls in multiple films: Yvonne Craig, Delores Hart, Joan Blackman, Shelly Fabares, Mary Ann Mobley, etc.  But a series of consecutive viewings allows you to spot other actors.  Ed Asner made his film debut in Roustabout and also played a cop in Change of Habit.  Arthur O’Connell was the father figure in both Follow That Dream and Kissin’ Cousins.  Jeremy Slate was a soldier buddy of Elvis’ in G.I. Blues and the nasty boat company owner in Girl, Girls, Girls.  Bill Bixby competed with Elvis for the girl in Clambake, and was Elvis’ partner in Speedway.  This list could go on and on, all the way down to bit players (Teri Garr actually danced in four Elvis movies).

Elvis’ Memphis Mafia buddies are in many movies.  As I said before, when I know the story and dialog so well, I amuse myself studying the background characters for Joe Esposito, Red West, Charlie Hodge, Jerry Schilling and others.  Try it yourself.  The next time you watch an Elvis movie with a club scene, scan the audience and see who you can spot sitting at the tables.

My enjoyment of some Elvis movies is enhanced because of his fine costars in them.

Ann Margret  — Viva Las Vegas

Barbara Eden — Flaming Star (not in Encore collection)

Yvonne Craig — It Happened at the World’s Fair and Kissin’ Cousins

Tuesday Weld — Wild In The Country (not in Encore Collection)

Michele Carey — Live A Little, Love A Little

Anne Helm  — Follow That Dream

Donna Douglas — Frankie and Johnny


There are several costars that decrease my enjoyment in watching an Elvis movie.

Laurel Goodwin —  Girls, Girls, Girls

Ursula Andress — Fun In Acapulco

Joan Freeman — Roustabout

Annette Day  — Double Trouble (not in Encore Collection)


And finally, this is the Elvis movie not included in the Encore collection that I missed the most.

"Tickle Me"

“Tickle Me”


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Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection — Part 5

For the second week in a row my new laptop spent four days in Data Transfer Hell at Geek Squad.  It’s back home now and almost everything is working.  So, let’s continue with the random thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection.

Movies Presented in the Past Week That I Liked:

Follow That Dream Lobby Poster

Follow That Dream — I will always be thankful to my buddy Alan Hanson over at the Elvis-History Blog for pointing out the subtle nuances of this film.  The more I watch it, the more I like it – especially the courtroom scene where Elvis utterly charms the judge and outsmarts the spiteful child protection lady.  And I just love the end where Anne Helm transforms into a woman and nuzzles Elvis into realizing his feelings for her.

In many of his movies, Elvis plays characters with various flaws.  Here he is initially presented as a country bumpkin, but he comes out on top in every situation.  I found his character thoroughly likeable.  On a similar note, I usually dislike the cutesy child actors in Elvis’ movies, but Eddie and Teddy in this were kind-of cool.


Easy Come Lobby Poster

Easy Come, Easy Go — My reasons for liking this probably wouldn’t sway the folks who slam Elvis’ later movies when he was pretty much just going through the motions.  For one thing, I hadn’t viewed it a bunch of times, so it seemed kind-of fresh.  The second reason I liked it was that Pat Priest spent half her screen time in bikinis.  She was hot as Marilyn Munster, but she is something else in this movie.  And finally, there was a song I really enjoyed: “You Gotta Stop.”  After some of the dogs Elvis had to sing in his 1967-68 movies, it was a pleasant surprise to find a good one.

The Movies I’m Tired of Watching:

Clambake Lobby Poster

Clambake – I’ve watched this one a lot, mainly because I like Shelly Fabares so much.  However, she is much better in Girl Happy, where her character was more likeable than the spoiled rich girl she played in Clambake.  So, I amused myself watching for Elvis’ Memphis Mafia buddies in bit parts.  Did you notice Charlie Hodge giving Elvis’ character’s dad a shave early in the movie?  You could hardly miss Red West as the ice cream vendor.  You had to look pretty close to spot Jerry Schilling and Richard Davis at the clambake-themed pool party.

Hey, this movie takes place in Florida.  Where'd the mountains come from?

Hey, this movie takes place in Florida. Where’d the mountains come from?

My favorite scene in the movie is when Elvis moves down the line kissing all the pretty women who helped put the hardening goop on the racing boat’s repaired body.


It Happened  at the Worlds Fair Poster

It Happened at the World’s Fair – As I said a month ago in the 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorial, “By this time, Col. Parker and the producers had given up any pretense of putting Elvis into quality movies, and this one was a real stinkeroo, in my opinion.  The plot was very thin, there was way too much of five-year-old Sue-Lin, and the songs were weak (especially the four Elvis sang to Sue-Lin).


Harum Scarum Lobby Poster

Harum Scarum – This is one I wish I could like more, because I am a big Mary Ann Mobley fan.  At least she got better treatment from Elvis compared to all the double dealing he subjected her to in Girl Happy.

 Harum Scarum - Elvis and Mary Ann Mobley

Unfortunately Harum Scarum doesn’t get better with repeated viewings.  Mighty weak plot.  I did notice something watching it again – by the time the movie was fourteen minutes old, Elvis had already sung four songs.  And they were all very forgettable.  The scene with the little girl doing a belly dance for Elvis totally freaks me out.


Repeat Showing — Already Discussed:

This Is Elvis

King Creole


Coming Up:

Sunday, May 26 – Girl Happy:

 Girl Happy Lobby Poster

My third chance to see Shelly Fabares, and this is the best one.  I love watching her sing “I’m Evil.”

I'm Evil

I also get a kick out of Elvis escaping from jail in drag.


Monday, May 27 — Change of Habit

Tuesday, May 28 — G.I. Blues

Wednesday, May 29 — Jailhouse Rock

Thursday, May 30 – Roustabout

Friday, May 31 — Kid Galahad

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