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Graceland’s Elvis Pumpkin Contest Winners Announced

ElvisBlog Pumpkin Entry

No, this is not the the contest winner.  It is the ElvisBlog entry. Because there were actually three winners, the best I call it is the unofficial 4th place winner. Here are the top three:

Winner Graceland Pumpkin Contest 1

This appears to be carved on one of those foam craft pumpkins mentioned in the post two weeks ago (especially in the Comments). This medium certainly does offer enhanced design possibilities with all the variety of colors possible depending on how deep into the foam you cut.


Winner Graceland Pumpkin Contest 2

I’ve got this figurine and several others, so maybe i’ll get an inspiration on how to use one without totally plagiarizing this concept.  I particularly like the hole in the top allowing Elvis to be lit from below.  Pretty clever.


Winner Graceland Pumpkin Contest 3

I’m ambivalent about this one.  It probably isn’t up to the caliber of the other two winners, but it is certainly ahead of the losers.


Speaking of losers, I have a photo file called Elvis Impersonator Losers (some are featured here). I think I should start one called Elvis Pumpkin Losers, and this group from the 2014 contest should be in it:

Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 1

How do you like the stem growing out of Elvis’ head?  Or the pink lips?  I always wondered why anyone would buy the fake Elvis shades with black sideburns hanging down.   Now I know.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 2

OK, how about Albino Elvis?   Just love the hair.


Graceland Pumpkin Contest Loser 3

So, maybe Magic Marker hair is even worse.  The blue suede shoes are a nice touch.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 4

Is this Elvis or the Pillsbury Dough Boy?  With that huge nose, its hard to tell.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 5

Another weird nose.  And hair line.  Interesting pendant and colorful collar, though.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 6

If you showed this one to ten people on the street, how many do you think would recognize this as Elvis?


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 7

The mouth on this one is way better than the ones above.  But the hair?


Presumably, there will be another Elvis Pumpkin Contest next year.  All, I can say is that hopefully Elvis fans will up their game and make better submissions.

Hope you all had a great Halloween.

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The Elvis Pumpkin Carving Contest

If you are a member of Elvis Insiders or have recently checked the news on Elvis.com, you know that EPE is sponsoring an Elvis-themed pumpkin carving contest.  You can carve your pumpkin, post a photo of it on the Elvis Facebook page, and maybe you’ll win $250 worth of merchandise from ShopElvis.com.

You may be surprised to know how popular Elvis pumpkin carving has been even prior to Graceland getting involved.  Elvisblog did a Halloween photo essay of Elvis pumpkins back in 2009.  I didn’t pick a winner at the time, but probably the best of the bunch was this:

You will notice a big difference between these two styles.  The pumpkin on the contest image is what I guess we would call the old-style carving where the knife cuts go all the way through and light from a candle shines out.  The other seems to be the popular style now where only darker, outer skin is carved out to create detailed designs.


Here’s an Elvis pumpkin we featured in 2010 that is a terrific example of a carved-through design.  This is impressive.


And here is a more recent discovery that shows an unmistakable image of Elvis using the outer skin cut out style.


Now, it seems we have reached a new level in pumpkin-carving technology or skill, or both.  It’s hard to believe the vivid images on these next two were achieved by just cutting away the orange outer skin.  Their creators are real artists.


And check out the level of detail on these three.  How do the carvers do it?  I would love to see these pumpkins in person.


And, finally, here is an Elvis pumpkin using another unique technique – carving away all the outer skin and using what’s left as an artist’s medium to create a sculpture with depth as well as detail.

 This one gets the ElvisBlog award for the best Elvis pumpkin of 2012.


Now, just for fun, here is a four-way tie for the worst.


I can’t resist showing the strangest picture that comes up when you Google Elvis pumpkin — some jerk in an ill-fitting Elvis jumpsuit cutting a pumpkin with a chain saw.


Check out the belly showing below the too-small shirt.  And the pumpkin is lop-sided and discolored.  This is just wrong in so many ways.


Here’s something that’s just right.

NEWS FLASH:   Here is the winner of the EPE Elvis Pumpkin Carving Contest:

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