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Keep Those Links Coming In

Elvis Singing Unchained Melody 2

My family and friends all know I am a big Elvis fan and have been doing ElvisBlog for ten years. So, when they come across something Elvis-related on the internet, they send me a link by email. Sometimes one of these will result in enough good stuff to turn into a blog post. Most don’t. However, the four links I’ve received over the past month are interesting, so here they are all together in one post.


Unchained Melody:

Elvis Singing Unchained Melody 3

How many of you have seen this footage of Elvis singing “Unchained Melody” on April 24, 1977, barely four months before he died? If you have, you’ll never forget it. Elvis was bloated, sweating profusely, and performing through a cloud of painkillers. And yet, he gave an utterly moving rendition of the song. A great triumph for Elvis.

Elvis Singing Unchained Melody

I’ve seen it several times over the years, so it seemed like old news when both my son and an old high school friend sent me links to it recently. However, there was something new. Instead of just the film of Elvis singing to his own piano accompaniment, the new video included two minutes of Elvis getting ready to sing. He and Charlie Hodge talked, got the coke cup put where Elvis wanted, fiddled with the mike, and other little stuff. Realizing the delay, Elvis asked the audience, “How do you like it so far?”

So, the plan was to give you readers a link to see this very rare video. Sorry, look what comes up now:

Elvis Video No Longer Available

Come on Graceland. Give the fans a break. We know Elvis wasn’t well when this was filmed, but seeing it won’t diminish him in our minds one bit.

At least they haven’t removed the shorter video of Elvis’ performance. Click here to see a video that has been viewed over 1,300,000 times. (However, I believe they show the wrong date)


CMT All Time Top 40:

CMT All Time Top 40

Country Music Television conducted a poll among the biggest stars in country music to find out what artists influenced them the most. The top influence was Merle Haggard, followed by Hank Williams and Elvis. Then CMT interviewed some of the country stars that voted for each of the winners. In addition to Lisa Marie, the artists who spoke about their personal Elvis connection were Wanda Jackson, Trace Adkins, Brenda Lee, Charlie Daniels, and a pretty young lady I’m not familiar with named Ashley Monroe. However, when she said she has “Elvis” tattooed on her hip and “Love Me Tender” tattooed on her back, I became a big fan. Click here to view the Elvis video.


Could Elvis Be Alive in a Parallel Universe?

Sounds like a cover story on the National Enquirer, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, this is the title of an article on BBC online.

Elvis Alive in Parallel Universe

Instead of the article being an absurd tabloid story, this is actually a highly scientific tome talking about fast-moving protons and other boring stuff. They could have used anybody’s name in the title, but there’s nothing like another “Elvis is alive” theme to suck in unsuspecting readers. I’m not going to bother putting a link here.


Your 10 Favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll Stars of All Time:

AARP  - Ten Favorite Rock and Roll Stars

Over the years, I’ve studied many varied Rock and Roll polls and even posted some articles about a few. One thing, I’ve noticed in that Elvis’ popularity (or his songs or albums) drops lower as the newer voters or selection committees are folks farther and farther removed from Elvis’ heyday. So, I was tickled when my neighbor sent me a link to a poll by AARP members selecting their Top 10 Favorite Rock ’n’ Roll Stars of All Time. I knew there would be no Lady Gaga or Foo Fighters in this poll.

Elvis Seated

I wish I could say that Elvis came in Number 1, but that honor went to the Beatles. It’s hard to see much in the little thumbnail strip above, but it shows the top eight (the first box shows screaming fans). The ten winners are:

Rolling Stones
Bill Haley and the Comets (obviously some real old-timers voted in this poll)
Little Richard
Chuck Berry
Jerry Lee Lewis
Buddy Holly
Everly Brothers

We can wonder what the list will look like when today’s twenty-somethings grow old and join AARP. I think maybe Elvis and the Beatles will still be on it.


I love discovering fun things about Elvis on the internet. Keep those links coming in.


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You have probably seen different types of Rock & Roll lists presented in the media. Over the years, I’ve been able to write a full ElvisBlog column about three of them.  They all had to be categories that interested me, of course; serious polls like “The 50 Most Awesomely Dead Rock Stars” and the “Sexiest Rock & Roll Artists of All Time,” and the “100 Most Outrageous Moments in Rock & Roll.”  There was lots of Elvis stuff in all three, so they were fun to write about.

However, the rest of the lists I’ve come across have been put in a file folder for extended languishing.  Now it is time to empty the contents of that list file and make a few comments as we go.

The results I am happiest with are on a list from Q Magazine: the “Top Ten Singers Ever”.  Elvis heads the list, just ahead of Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra.  Aretha was the only woman.  Number 4 was a big favorite of mine, Otis Redding.  I remember going to parties in the late 60s and dancing to Otis Redding songs for hours.  If your music horizon doesn’t go back far enough to include Otis Redding albums, you need to learn about this great performer.  Get some of his CDs; his live concert recordings are incredible.  Number 10 on the list is Tim Buckley, and I don’t think I’ve ever listened to his music.  I guess I need to follow my own advice and get a Tim Buckley CD and find out why he ranked so high.

Here is the award winner for the list with the longest name: “Best Ever Acting Performance By A Musician,” put out by Contact Music.  Elvis got nudged out by Frank Sinatra for his performance in From Here To Eternity.  We all know Frank did a superb job in that role, so I’ve got no problem with Elvis coming in second for his work in Jailhouse Rock.  But, look at who came in next: Eminem, in his only acting job, 8 Mile.  I haven’t seen it, so I really can’t say anything, but if he’s such a good actor, why hasn’t he made any more movies?  Even though I’m pleased that Elvis’ acting in Jailhouse Rock was so esteemed, I can’t imagine why Elvis in King Creole didn’t make the Top 10 on this list.  For my money, the best acting job Elvis ever did was in King Creole.

Billboard has done a number of lists, and they have some credibility when it comes to making their picks.  However, they won’t get me to accept Elvis as #4 on their list of “The 100 All-Time Top Artists.”  Maybe I won’t quibble with The Beatles being picked as #1, but Madonna and Elton John are not above Elvis. He wasn’t the only one given a bum rank.  The Rolling Stones came in #10 – behind Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey.  No way.

VH1 produced two of the lists in my file, and one of them just amazes me.  They selected the “50 Greatest Teen Idols,” and you’ve got to figure Elvis would do great in a poll like that, right?  Well, he did not.  In fact, he didn’t make the cut.  I read that list three times to make sure, but Elvis’ name was not to be found.  That’s ridiculous.  They had top winners Britney Spears (1), David Cassidy (2), and N’Sync (3).  All big teen idols for sure, but nothing compared to the idolatry Elvis received in the 50s.  How in the world did anyone think Rick Springfield, Scott Baio and Corey Feldman were bigger teen idols than Elvis?  To show you how skewed against older icons this stupid list was, it did not even include James Dean.

To their credit, VH1 partially made up for their omission by placing Elvis #3 in another list: “100 Greatest Pop Culture Icons.”  He was behind Oprah Winfrey and Superman, and ahead of Lucille Ball.  They sure must have had an older group of judges for this one.  There were older icons all over this list.  I’ll bet that when the judges picked Elvis, they were thinking about him in white jumpsuit and cape saying, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

I just noticed something interesting on one of the pages in my list file.  It shows that VH1 has also produced “The Greatest: 40 Hot Rock Star Girlfriends” and “The Greatest: 100 Most Wanted Bodies.”  Elvis had dynamite girlfriends and young Elvis has to rank pretty high in that bodies list.  I need to check out these two polls and see if there is enough there for another column.  They sure sound interesting.  Don’t know how I missed them before.


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