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Elvis Plus Guitars Make Interesting Collectibles

Every once in a while I check in at Elvis.Com and click on News.  I scroll down the list of items and read the ones that interest me — maybe, one out of five.  Paul McCartney popping in at Graceland is news.  A plug for Legends Elvis Bedding doesn’t make the cut.

Elvis Rock 'n Roll Tequilla - In box

So I went to the site today and found this on the first page.   Elvis Presley Rock ‘n Roll Tequila.  Put it in my basket and send me to checkout.  I want one of these, even if they cost $33.

Over the years, ElvisBlog has bemoaned some of the lame Elvis stuff on the market.  But, all that is forgiven, now that EPE has come through with a dynamite idea for us mature, male fans of Elvis.


Fortunately, there was a link to a site with a front shot of a bottle out of the box.  That’s what I really want.  My current whisky decanters are pretty stodgy.  I’d like to replace my Tequila one with this nifty guitar design (imagine the labels are off).

Then I noticed that nowhere on the label are the words Elvis Presley.  All it says is:



“One More Time, Twice


Plus some fine print about the proof and origin.

Hey, that’s not right.  Elvis’ face or name needs to be on any bottle claiming to be Elvis Presley Tequila.  Isn’t it kind of cheating to take a generic product and put it in some packaging with Elvis on it, and then call it an Elvis Gift Box Set.

I was getting worked up over this affront when I remembered I wanted to soak the label off, anyway.  Duhh.

Now, I suppose many fans who buy Elvis Presley Rock ‘n Roll Tequila will never take the bottle out of the box to preserve the collectible value.  Fine, but not me.  I’m going to have some fun with it.


Elvis Neon Guitar Wall Clock

While filing away these Elvis Tequila pictures in my “Elvis Products” file, I scrolled down to see what other type of Elvis/Guitar combinations might be in there.  Here’s a good one.   An Elvis, Neon Light, Guitar Wall Clock.  I’d like to have one of these, too, but it looks like it’d be hard to tell the time without any hour marks.


Blue Suede Shoes Beer Steins

I guess this lidded stein is clever, but it’s a little weird, too.

Elvis Beer Stein - Top

So, you press down on the guitar neck and the top opens up.  Think I’ll pass.

Wertheimer Collection Watch - Open

How about an Al Wertheimer Collection wrist watch inside a miniature guitar case?  I think this is really cool.  Maybe one of my family members would like this as a Christmas present idea for me.  Otherwise, she will just buy me the first dumb Elvis thing she runs into.


All the guitars in the next picture caught my eye, but it doesn’t really fit the theme of this article – a product combining Elvis and a guitar.  This is just images of Elvis holding a guitar.

Party Invitations

Then, I read the message.  How clever is a birthday party invitation that says, “You can knock me down, step on my cake.”


Elvis Blue Hawaii Guitar Bank

I actually own one of these Elvis guitar-shaped banks.  It came filled with popcorn.  I’ve never put any money in it, because my wife takes all my change and puts it in her Georgia Bulldog bank.


Metallic Pink Elvis Guitar Bag

What do you think, ladies?  Would you like a pink Elvis guitar-shaped purse?  It also comes in gold and silver models.


Elvis-Guitar Lamp

I’m not sure if I like this lamp with an Elvis shade and a guitar base.   Maybe it works well in a private Elvis Room.


Elvis Presley Sun Records Guitar Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

There is no doubt in my mind about the Elvis Sun Studios Salt and Pepper Set.  This is ridiculous.  Where does the salt or pepper come out – from the end of the neck?  When not in use, do you just lean the guitars against the Sun building?  If I tried to put this on our dining room table, my wife would go ballistic.


Elvis on Heavy Metal magazine

We’ll end with the most bizarre combination of Elvis and a guitar I have ever seen.  This 1980 Heavy Metal magazine cover morphs the guitar onto a nude female body.  How come the strings don’t stop at the end of the guitar?  Pretty strange.


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