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The Ultimate Movie for Elvis Allusions

For the past three years I have done an annual review of Elvis allusions in the movies.  Each time I explain that these allusions can be many different things:  like his name being used in dialog, or his image on video clips visible in a scene, or his songs playing in the background (or over the credits), or familiar Elvis trappings like jumpsuits and those famous sunglasses, or even his well-known moves and mannerisms.  But when it comes to Elvis images and memorabilia items used to decorate a room, there is one movie we must call the undisputed all-time champ.

It is Into the Night, which ran on one of the cable movie channels earlier this week.  This 1986 comedy/drama/romance stars Michelle Pheiffer and Jeff Goldblum.  They are sort-of on the run together, and she takes him to her brother’s apartment so they can hide out.  It turns out the brother is a successful Elvis impersonator, and his pad has wall-to-wall Elvis photos, albums, posters, and magazine covers.  Here are a few shots to give you an idea.

Then, the brother comes home – in costume.


Do you know who this actor is?  His name is Bruce McGill, and he has been in dozens of movies and TV shows over the past thirty-five years.  His break into the business was as “D-Day” in the cult classic Animal House.


He looks better in a jumpsuit and without the mustache, don’t you think?

So, add a white jumpsuit to the Elvis allusions in Into the Night.  But there is still one more.

As a famous Elvis impersonator, the brother travels around in a Cadillac convertible emblazoned with “The King Lives.”

Elvis never owned a 1959 Caddy convertible.  (He was in the Army over in Germany at the time.)  But this model seems so intrinsically Elvis, that Graceland has one in their Car Museum in spite of that little discrepancy.   Seriously, if I ever win the lottery, I want one of these.

And, if you want to watch a pretty good movie with lots of Elvis allusions, get Into the Night, and enjoy.


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