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Elvis Week’s Best Kept Secret — 2015

Elvis '56

Last year, ElvisBlog shined a little light on a wonderful Elvis Week event that didn’t seem to be getting much promotional push. It was the Fan Reception at the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center. Click here to read about that event and here to see what they have going on this year.

If you are going to Elvis Week 2015, there’s a good chance you’ll be there on the 14th. It’s a Friday night – party time. So, what are you going to do?

Elvis Week Main Stage

Well, you could take in the Elvis in Vegas Tribute Concert at the Graceland Main Stage Pavilion. It stars Terry Mike Jeffrey. I’ve seen him at three Elvis Week shows over the years, and he is great. But, if you’re interested, you better hurry up. All the VIP seating is sold out, but as of now there are still $45 seats available.


Beale St. Memphis

But perhaps you would like to head down to Beale Street. Lots of bars, shops, and restaurants.

And right in the middle of everything on Beale Street is the New Daisy Theater.

New Daisy Theater at Night

I took in the Midnight Blues Concert at the Daisy back at Elvis Week 2002. When I walked in, I said, “This place is a dive,” but when I walked out, I said, “I love this place.” Old, funky, intimate, it was such a fun venue for a concert. Well, this 1941 theater is still alive and well today, a down-and-dirty honky tonk of the first order.


Inside the New Daisy Theater

The New Daisy Theater has been under new ownership since last year, and they have sunk some money into the place. Here you can see that theater seats have been replaced by platforms to accommodate table seating.


Lighting System at the New Daisy Theater

Even more important, they put in new sound and light systems. Of course, there is an open bar. Are you starting to get the idea the Daisy might be a terrific place for an Elvis Week concert? Especially on Friday night. May I suggest:

World Premier -- Elvis'56

If your interest in Elvis is primarily the 70s jumpsuit period, this show isn’t for you. But if you like the young, raw and wild performer of the early years, Elvis ’56 is perfect for you. And ElvisFestival.com has picked the right tribute artist to headline the show.

Cody Slaughter Rocking Out

Cody Ray Slaughter has an impressive resumé. Although he is one of the youngest top-drawer Elvis Tribute Artists, he has been perfecting his act since he was thirteen. When Cody was just seventeen, he was the featured entertainer for a year at The Tennessee Shindig in Pigeon Forge, TN. In 2008, Cody won the People’s Choice Award at Elvis Week.

Three years later at Elvis Week, EPE named him the winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition.

Cody Slaughter Winning 2011 Ultimate Elvis Competition

In October 2011, Cody took on the roll of Elvis Presley in the road tour of the hit theatrical production The Million Dollar Quartet. It was here that Cody developed his acting chops to go with his uncanny ability to sing like Elvis. All of these talents will be on display in Elvis ’56. It’s a show, not just a concert, that tells the story of Elvis’ rise in 1956 from Hillbilly Cat to the King of Rock and Roll.

Million Dollar Quartet

As the poster above states, Cody will be backed by a period appropriate three-piece band called the Hillbilly Katz. You get a little bonus here, because the drummer is David Fontana, DJ’s son. I checked DJ’s touring schedule to see if he would be in town and might drop by to sit in and drum with David. Unfortunately, DJ won’t be at Elvis Week this year. What a shame.


Samantha Arrowood Chamblis

If you remember Elvis’ concerts in the 50s, they all opened with a comedian. So, Elvis ’56 will feature Samantha Arrowood Chambliss. She does a comedic song and dance routine reminiscent of the Louisiana Hayride days. She and David Fontana will share the MC duties.
If you are thinking this all sounds like a show you’d like to take in, here’s the seating arrangement and prices.

Daisy Seating and Ticket Prices for Elvis 56

These six-people tables come at three different price levels depending on location. I can assure you that you will feel close to the action even in the $49 gold area (including the rows of chairs in front of the bar). I never sat in the balcony, but I bet it’s a very satisfactory experience up there, too. Click here to go to the website for availability and purchasing of tickets.

Cody Slaughter

If I were going to Elvis Week this year, I would definitely get down to the New Daisy Theater and take in Cody Slaughter’s performance in Elvis ’56. His website say his fans have crowned him the new “Prince of Rock and Roll”. What a fine way to highlight your trip to Memphis to honor the “King of Rock and Roll.”



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ElvisFestival.com also has a whole week of interesting shows lined up at the New Daisy Theater. For five hours each afternoon, Monday the 10th and Wednesday the 12th, you can see the Images of the King competitions. For six hours on Friday, you can watch the finals plus a showcase of past champions. Other afternoon shows are Ben Portsmouth: Acoustic Elvis on Tuesday, and Jukebox LIVE: A tribute to Rock and Roll History on Thursday. If you remember how blistering hot it has been at past Elvis Weeks, a nice long show in air-conditioned comfort might be a good idea.

Sunday and Monday nights have concerts featuring outstanding ETAs Shawn Klush, Cody Slaughter, Dean Z, Ben Portsmouth, and Jay Dupuis. And Wednesday night, Elvis Meets the Beatles sounds like a really fun show. For ticket information, click here.


A Tribute to Bernard Lansky

On November 15, we lost another charter member of Elvis’ close circle of friends – Bernard Lansky.  All knowledgeable fans know that Elvis bought much of his 50s wardrobe from Lansky Brothers Clothing on Beale Street.  Most of the clothing was flashy and unconventional, perfect for a young singer making his mark.


Other Elvis websites have recounted details of the connection between Bernard Lansky and Elvis, so I wanted to do something different.  Let’s take a look at some of the clothing Elvis bought at Lansky Brothers and that has sold at auctions presented by Heritage Auctions and Gotta-Have-It Auctions the past few years.


“Super Fly” Style Leather Trench Coat Trimmed in Coyote Fur:

Sold for $4,608 at the Gotta-Have-It Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction in July 2012.

Elvis took to wearing this type of coat after viewing the cult film, “Shaft.”


Light Blue Shirt and Dark Blue Corduroy Vest:

Sold for $5,156 at the Heritage Elvis Memorabilia Signature Auction in Memphis on August 14, 2012.


Black Velvet Shirt with Silver-and-Onyx Buttons:

Sold for $2,270 at the Heritage Signature Entertainment/Music Memorabilia Auction in April 2007.

Note the initials “EP” monogrammed on the cuffs.


Shirt, Pants and Jacket Combo:

Sold for $25,725 at the Gotta-Have-It Rock & Roll Auction in July 2011

This picture of Elvis wearing the outfit is on the back of his first RCA album, Elvis Presley.


Brown Suede Jacket with Tie Belt:

Sold for $4,182 at the Heritage Signature Music & Entertainment Memorabilia Auction in October 2008.


Black Short Sleeved Shirt:

Sold for $4,719 at the Gotta-Have-It Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction in December 2011.


Light Brown Leather Jacket with Coyote Trim:

Sold for $3,808 at the Gotta-Have-It Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction in March 2011.


Tan Suede Jacket:

Sold for $16,500 at the Gotta-Have-it Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction in October 2010.

Elvis Presley wore this jacket in the famous December 4, 1956 photo of the “Million Dollar Quartet.”


Long Grey Trench Coat:

Sold for $6,283 at the Gotta-Have-It Rock & Roll Pop Art Auction in August 2009

Also sold for $12,187 at the Heritage Elvis Memorabilia Signature Auction in August 2012 in Memphis


Pink Shirt with Black Trim:

Sold for at the $2,662 at the Gotta-have-It Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction in October 2010.

Also sold for $14,340 at the Heritage Music & Entertainment Signature Auction In December 2011.

Amazingly, Vernon Presley donated the shirt to the Salvation Army in 1974.


Pink Shirt, Black Pants with Pink Accents, and Black and White Shoes:

Sold for $4,000 at the Gotta-Have-it Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction in October 2010.

Also sold for $19,717 at the Heritage Music & Entertainment Signature Auction in December 2011.

(Seems like if you have some cool Elvis clothes to sell, Heritage Auctions is the place to go.  On the other hand, if you’d like to buy some Elvis clothes at reasonable prices, check out Gotta-Have-It)


Custom Made Blue Leather Coat:

Currently at auction at the Heritage Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction.

Estimate: $5000 – $7000.  My bet is that it goes for lots more.


We’ll end with some more photos of Elvis and Bernard Lansky.

Hey, that’s not Elvis!


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