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Elvis, Shelly Fabares, and an Online Auction

From time to time ElvisBlog receives e-mails about charity events that include some Elvis-related item for sale.  They ask if their worthy cause could be mentioned on the blog.  Well, we don’t really do announcements, so, unless there is some way to turn it into a full length article, I’m not able to help.

This week I received an e-mail from the Gulf Regional Advocacy Center, which I never heard of.  The message explains that they provide high quality legal representation for poor prisoners facing the death penalty in Texas and Louisiana.  I thought, “this is a real long shot,” but I read on.  It turns out they are having an online auction, including a signed lobby card from Elvis’ movie Spinout.  The e-mail included a picture of the item which piqued my interest, because the film’s title on it is California Holiday, not Spinout.

I knew California Holiday was the name used for the movie in several foreign countries, including England and Australia.

As you have seen in numerous ElvisBlog articles, I like to follow auctions of Elvis memorabilia and note what prices the items bring.  So, now I’m kind of interested in this charity auction, because this is a pretty rare Elvis lobby card.  Plus, it also has an extra kicker – it will be signed by Shelly Fabares, Elvis’ costar in Spinout.  I have always been a big Shelly Fabares fan and figured someday I’d do a blog article about her.  So, now is a good time to do it.


The folks at the Gulf Regional Advocacy Center sent me a current photo of Shelly, who is now 68.  The hair kind of set me back, so I Googled to see if there were other fairly recent photos of her without the multi-colored hair.  Not really.

Here she is with Mike Farrell, her husband of 28 years.  You remember him from playing B.J. Hunnicutt in Mash from 1975 to 1983.  It appears they both have been involved in many environmental and social causes over the years.


Shelly’s hair was curly, but not multi-colored in this photo taken at the 1991 Emmy Awards.  She starred on TV’s Coach from 1989 to 1997.


I liked her in Coach, but I really liked her in Clambake (1967).


And in Girl Happy (1965).


And, of course, in Spinout (1966).  These last two photos are from the movie with the foreign lobby card that sparked this article.


Shelly Fabares is the only actress to co-star with Elvis in three movies.  He must have enjoyed working with her.  She’s never written a tell-all book about her experiences with Elvis, but I’ll bet they’d be pretty good.

So, back to the internet auction for the benefit of the Gulf Regional Advocacy Center.  Bidding starts on November 12 and ends on November 17.


The opening bid for the Spinout lobby card is just $35, so, if the bidding doesn’t run way up, this could be a good bargain for any Elvis collector.  The lobby card is a rare international version using a different title, and it is signed by Shelly Fabares.  Because it is the only Elvis-related item in an eclectic collection of offerings, there probably won’t an army of dedicated Elvis collectors bidding on it.

By the way, the silent auction will also include items donated by George Lopez, Martin Lawrence, Joan Baez, Melissa Gilbert, Robert Greenwald, and Salman Rushdie.  Check it out here.


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The Movie Theater: One Building Elvis Will Never Leave — Part 5

Thirty-five years after his death, Elvis’ connection with movies shows no sign of ending.  As a teenager, Elvis worked as an usher at Loew’s State Theater in downtown Memphis.  In the late 50s, he started his career in movies, and it continued until 1969 for a total of 31 films.  In the 70s, we had the Elvis theatrical documentaries “Elvis on Tour” and “Elvis: That’s the Way It Is.”  In the later years were had movies about Elvis like “Heartbreak Hotel.” “Bubba Ho-Tep,” and “Lonely Street.”

Scene from “Heartbreak Hotel”


However, Elvis’ name, image, songs, iconic accessories and famous quotes continue to be found in movies year after year.  These are called Elvis allusions, and John Beifuss, movie critic for the Memphis Commercial Appeal, has chronicled them for seventeen straight years.  He watches every movie that comes to town and makes notes on any allusion to Elvis.  He posts them on the newspaper’s website during Elvis Week each year.  Here are the most significant ones in John Beifuss’ 2012 Elvis Allusions in the Movies.


Men in Black lll

As this series gets into even more bizarre science fiction, Agent J (Will Smith) must take a trip into the past in order to save both the future and his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).  So how does Agent J describe the appearance of his missing partner?  He says K has, “sort of a surly Elvis thing happening with him…”


The Vow

Actually, the allusion in this movie is to Scotty Moore and Elvis’ first single.  Channing Tatum plays a music producer who dislikes computer-affected music and cites Elvis early Sun recordings as his ideal:  “The records I like have life and warmth and soul – like the slap-back on Scotty Moore’s guitar on ‘Mystery Train’… Come on, you can’t get the Sun Sessions on your laptop.”


The Guard


The title character is an Irish cop with a taste for alcohol, drugs, and hookers.  But, he turns out to be a good guy and an Elvis fan.  One line of dialog has him asking, “D’ya know where I’d like to be?  Tupelo.  Birthplace of the King.”


The Pirates: Band of Misfits

Aardman Animations, those talented folks who gave us Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run have come up with another stop-motion winner.  In the movie, there is a competition for the “Pirate of the Year” award.  An interesting group goes after it, including the Pirate King, who wears (what else?) a pirate jumpsuit.

The movie’s website says, “He’s Elvis and a hurricane rolled into one.


God Bless America


This movie went straight to video, so technically it doesn’t fit the movie theater analogy in this article’s title.  The poster above hints that it’s not a very pleasant story.  In it, the guy teaches the teenage girl to shoot guns by popping a bunch of teddy bears nailed to trees.  He says, “I think Elvis would be proud.”   Well, we know Elvis loved shooting his guns, but I think he would have drawn the line at teddy bears.


the Killer Elite


The first Elvis reference in this badass action thriller is rather gruesome.  After an assignment, an assassin confirms, “He’s dead.  He’s dead as Elvis.”  The second line is better: “Stop the car.  We gotta be sure Elvis has left the building.”


Arthur Christmas

Another Aardman Animations gem, but computer-generated this time.  And, it contains yet another variation of the famous line about Elvis.  On Christmas Eve, an announcement echoes through the North Pole toy factory: “Santa has left the building.”


Which brings us back to the theme of this article.  The movie theater is one building Elvis has never left.


Note:  If you would like to read more about all the Elvis allusions in the movies for the past five years, click here, here, here, and here.


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Variations on the Iconic Jailhouse Rock Image

Below are four images from Jailhouse Rock.  It appears that EPE has decided these are the definitive shots from the movie, and they have been used in various promotional efforts, especially the one on the right.



In last week’s article, we saw a popular T-shirt design that used a colorized version of this particular image.


In the article I mentioned I have a growing file of Photoshopped pictures that inserted this iconic Elvis pose into all sorts of different contexts.  Here are twelve good ones.


Elvis on a Horse 


This is pretty clever, but Elvis looks a little too big compared to the horse or the woman.


Elvis and the Peace Sign

Several of these new composite pictures have colorized the original black-and-white Elvis image.  Here, the coat and pants went from black to blue, and the stripes changed to red.  It all works very well with the American flag colors on the peace sign.  Good concept and good design.


Elvis Riding a Frog

This is really cute.  How do people come up with these ideas?


Elvis Spinning on a Turntable

Now this makes sense.  What would be more natural than Elvis on a 33 LP album?  The only thing wrong is that the record doesn’t look like one of his.


At the Door of a 50s Style Diner

This one is kind of weird.  Nothing looks right.  The only parts that look even close are the legs and shoes.  The arm positions have been changed, the jacket doesn’t hang like the original, and Elvis’ face has been changed.  Sorry, this doesn’t work for me.  I hope whoever made it, didn’t waste a whole lot of time on it.  Not worth the effort.


Donald Rumsfeld Elvis

The list of political figures morphed into Elvis images is very long – Reagan, Schwartzenegger, Bush, Nixon and more.  Here we have Donald Rumsfeld, but I have no idea why.


Tom Delay Elvis

Do you remember Tom Delay, the former Texas Congressman and House Majority Leader?  The Jailhouse Rock connection is a good one, because he was sentenced to three years in prison for illegally plotting to funnel corporate contributions to legislative candidates.


Blago Elvis

I’ve used this one before on ElvisBlog, maybe twice before.  But Rod Blagojevich was a genuine Elvis fan, and he is doing the jailhouse rock at this very moment.


Bill Clinton Elvis

It really isn’t fair to show Bill Clinton in front of a prison, because he never went to jail for impeachment.  I wonder why the Photoshop jockey decided to switch the Elvis image around and face the other direction.


J-Lo and Elvis

That’s enough politicians.  How about a hot young Jennifer Lopez dancing with Elvis?  He wouldn’t have minded that at all.  I just wish somebody had done one like this with an Ann-Margret image.


Elvis and Elvis

This is my favorite, so we will end here.  I like the colorized image that changes the shirt stripes to a solid red.  And I love the juxtaposition of dancing Elvis over a blow-up of his eyes transfixed in a serious stare.  Even the lighting effect is cool.  Just an excellent image.


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Elvis at the Clinton Presidential Library

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock has been opened for almost a decade.  It contains 76.8 million pages of paper documents, 1.85 million photographs, and 75,000 artifacts.

William J Clinton Presidential Library


Included with all that important stuff are some pieces of Elvis memorabilia Clinton accumulated during his two terms in office.  These items were mostly sent in by Clinton admirers who knew he was a lifetime fan of Elvis.  In a 2002 newspaper article, Skip Rutherford, president of the Clinton Library Foundation, said, “Clinton… amassed a collection of several hundred Elvis items.  We have [items] ranging from a dancing Elvis Telephone to CDs to salt and pepper shakers.  You name it, we’ve got it.”  He also said they had the famous Elvis swinging legs clock.

Elvis Phone / Elvis Clock Display


The Elvis factor at the Clinton Library took a big jump in the summer of 2011 when two new exhibits were presented.  The first was the “Elvis at 21,” the outstanding display of iconic photos of Elvis taken in 1956 by Al Wertheimer.

At the same time, the Clinton Library featured “Elvis,” a large exhibit of Elvis memorabilia, much of it on loan from Graceland.

Entrance with Huge Banner Announcing the “Elvis” Exhibit

Bill Clinton in Front of Elvis Memorabilia


Of course, no Elvis exhibit is complete without a jumpsuit or two, but the Clinton Library had at least three.

Cape from American Eagle Jumpsuit

Check out Photo of Jimmy and Roslyn Carter with Elvis next to Jumpsuit on Right


Bill Clinton must have wanted to note the Elvis connection with other presidents.  In addition to Jimmy Carter, the display also featured the famous Elvis and Nixon photo.

Below Photo is the Special DEA Badge Elvis got from Nixon


One of the more fun items on loan from Graceland is the red MG convertible Elvis drove in the movie Blue Hawaii.


Other movie items on display included lobby posters from Love Me Tender and Viva Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas was also represented by a red shirt from the movie and one of the original scripts.


Artwork of Elvis was abundant at the Clinton Library exhibit.

Painting Depicting both Elvis and Bill Clinton

Artist Peter Mars in front of his Elvis Silkscreens


A large plaque explains Bill Clinton’s love for Elvis.


In a bit of pay-back, one of the new 2012 exhibits at Graceland will feature a Bill Clinton item.  ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley opened on March 1, and it contains one of Bill Clinton’s saxophones from the Library display.



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