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Snoopy and the Presidential Election

Did you recently get an email from Graceland Insiders that gave you a link to this?

Vote for Elvis for President

In spite of what it says, they do not offer a way to do this vote. However, you can submit your email address and possibly be one of 60 winners of a prize. What would you win?

Elvis Presidential Campaign Kit

Graceland really goes all out for prizes, don’t they? This is a picture of the button.

Elvis for President 2016

And here’s the banner. I think we can imagine what the magnet will look like.

Elvis for Present Banner


The promotional release contained the familiar photo of Elvis and President Nixon, as well as this candid shot.

Elvis for President Cropped

I can’t figure out why they cropped down this photo that shows so much more.

Elvis Presley for President


ElvisBlog has run four posts over the years connecting Elvis and the presidency. Check these out for lots more photos.

Elvis for President?

Elvis and the 1992 Presidential Election


Elvis at the Clinton Presidential Library


I have added a few more Elvis/President photos to my files since the last of these was posted.

Elvis Presley shakes hands with President Nixon

This is my favorite Elvis/Nixon photo. Who but Elvis would wear sunglasses in the oval office? And look at the handful of goodies he got from Nixon. Elvis actually came around and looked in Nixon’s desk drawer containing the parting gifts for visiting dignataries and asked for more stuff. Only Elvis.


Don't Blame Me I Voted for Elvis

Elvis Running for President DVD

Roosevelt and Elvis Bust

Elvis Sworn in as President

Elvis for King

I like this slogan the best. I also liked it better when it was Elvis Insiders, not Graceland Insiders like it is now.


Do you remember the title of this post? It is Snoopy and the Presidential Election. However, there is no connection between the two. It just indicates that there are two topics for you to enjoy. The second was inspired by the release of the new Peanuts movie this past Friday.

Snoopy elvis in red


Jailhouse Rock Snoopy

Snoopy with Elvis heart


Snoopy and Elvis Cartoon

I Miss Elvis

We miss you, too, Elvis.



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