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Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorial: Girls, Girls, Girls — 1962

Elvis’ eleventh film was released in time for the 1962 Christmas movie season, and it did fairly well in the box-office, considering it was frequently critiqued as a light-weight.  The title Girls, Girls, Girls telegraphed the new direction Elvis movies were going: lots of lovelies, lots of songs, and a simple plot.  As my friend Alan Hanson said on his Elvis-History-Blog, this movie “convinced studio execs that they had nailed down the blueprint for an Elvis Presley film. It was a formula they would see no need to tinker with in the future.”

Here’s a trivia fact you can try on your Elvis fan friends.  In what movie did Elvis dance the twist?  It was in Girls, Girls, Girls in the final scene where Elvis sings the title song.

But, Elvis pleased several groups of girls with his dancing.


Movie Posters:


Publicity Photos:

This is Elvis with his two female costars, Laurel Goodwin and Stella Stephens.  Goodwin got only fourth billing (see poster above), although she was his problematic love interest and had lots of screen time. Stevens got second billing, but she and Elvis had only a few conversations and no fireworks in the film.

Ah, yes, girls, girls, girls.  Lucky Elvis.

I found this shot on the internet.  I tried to screen capture it in color on the movie DVD, but Elvis’ hair never looks like this in any shot.  I guess the black and white picture is from an outtake.


Lobby Cards:

The guy in the white T-shirt in the left picture above in Red West.  Do you notice anything unusual about Elvis in the right picture above?  It’s kind of difficult to see because of the dark wood of the counter in chair.  Let’s look at the scene in the movie.

This is Laurel and Elvis doing a Flamenco dance to the song, “The Walls Have Ears.”  Must have been a pretty stimulating dance.

What Happened to Laurel?:


This is the DVD cover for Girls, Girls, Girls.  Where is Laurel Goodwin, Elvis’ love interest in the movie?  She is also not listed on the back cover as a cast member, and not in the brief plot description.

The girl she is replaced by is one of two twins who have a minor part in the movie.


Kissing his Leading Lady:

Stella Stevens prevailed on the DVD Cover and in publicity photos for the film, but Laurel Goodwin ended up with Elvis and kissed him in five different scenes.


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